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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb Meet Again with Me Here I Use Shrimp Bait We Try Using Shrimp Because Thousand Fish Are Difficult Have not got it yet Okay For You Who Like Eel Fishing Or Ngurek Please help to subscribe Do not forget Please support to subscribe And Don’t Forget to Click the Bell Button Here Weather Not Bad For Now Not too Hot and now entering the rainy season Here I am Around the Pool Oops the Audience Hopefully The Big Problem Is It Is Eaten It Is Different While Waiting Eaten Thanks To Friends Who Are One Hobby, Greetings From Me Greetings to Bang Candra Istiawan Frequent Comments and Candra Suhendi Gegere Mania Sholeh Pakot Ngurek this eel and chili-cabean eel from Bandung Continue to have Ari Naskar Blide Fishing New PWF Channel is coming Then Anna Synta Gegere Mania Then Who Else Likes To Comment That, I Forgot Again Oh yeah for Rizky Art and Traces of Cikalang and Sunda Metot Thank You Present on this channel For Ngurek Mania Continue Reto Sindian Uus, Bulbul, Mr Bulbul, then Rudi 88 Anto And Juanda Faisal Eaten Viewers see It looks like it’s a big audience To Everything I Want To Name Later Please Comment Comment Wisely Because It’s Just Entertainment And for those of you who want to be promoted Please comment below Steady Power … See Audience Appears That Appears Look very hard Come on, come out sore. This is the waist That’s What Viewers Look Not That’s the Audience’s Oar Tail, Big Big Power Njir Come Out Njir Great Viewers Steady Audience Tuh Once Again Thank You To Those Who Like Comments Who likes to thank you very much Now there are 2 viewers here But the one I have tried but no eels Here Is What It Turns Out Soon I Love You First Removing the Detachable Switch Now this is the viewer Shortly Yes I Love Seeing the Hole One More Tried It’s visible Now that’s the viewer’s hole

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