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Mancing BELUT dalam Kondisi Alam Yang Tidak Terduga – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Here We Are the Spott Still Rice Field Thank you for subscribing, which has been like, commented, and shared. Thank you so much And Request the Help to Those Who Have Not Share Yes! To share And those who haven’t supported Please help for support by clicking Subscribe and turn on the bell We are the same friends there This Is Again Rain Conditions Yes Hopefully we can get a lot today This Spott is still in the fields but the others are Oke That Is So I Will Shoot When You Get The Eel Oke This Guys I Have Got One, Ouch ,, Hopefully big It’s Now Raining Again I urge while rain And friends already there, look? And where else? Ohh there Here I am Pulled Again, Hopefully Big We just pull it out. Ouch ,, Still Taken Viewers Still Bringing the Great Eels to the Viewers Uuh ,, Steady While Rainy Come on, let’s just try it, Bismillahirohmannirrohim Aish, Guys, Mocel Ouch I Love Feeding First Yes! Oke my feed is fed again But Still Pulled Wiss, Very Deep, Like the Eels Are Big Viewers Not bad Tuh … Ouch … Looks not? Widihh ,, Here it’s almost gone ,, Widih … Still Bringing Viewers But not yet eaten Look at viewers? We Try to Pull Wow, great Still available Ouch ,, Well ,, Mocel Audience, Ouch … Damn it, Big Viewers But Mocel And this may not want to be eaten again Out of stock We are looking for others only Guys Eating Again Guys, the strings are taken Look? Let It First Where You Want To Be Taken Widih ,, Straws Guys This is Great Guys Let Him Eat First Yes! Later, I’m Afraid of Mocel Again ,, Tuh, Still Bringing Viewers Still Carrying Guys Not Eaten Still Bringing Guys This is Urek I Almost Run Out Nearly gone But not yet eaten Still Bringing Let it be brought first Tuh … We Try Only Yes! It’s Stopped Try Bismillahirrohmannirrohim Mocel again Release the Audience Bummer It’s finished again … Look? Pardon Taken-Taken Not in the Viewer’s Audience, Here I Have Been Again Now it’s been eaten We Try Pulling Ouch ,, Falling Got Me We Try to Pull Bissmillahirrohmanirrohim Looks like Guys? Steady Steady Soul An ** g Take off Haha Not bad It’s hard ,, Not bad Coy Just Leave It Like It! Okay We Are Looking For More Others Oke Guys, it’s raining Rain is the viewer This Is the Result of Today’s Catch Here, viewers Not bad Many Ari Results Here I am, I am less fortunate today Only get 3 Viewers See Ki Ki Open Ki This Audience Is the Result of Bandung People Now this is the person whose name is Egis Bandung people Want to Join Ngurek He said Can Be Much Good Beating My Results This is the big one from the big one Rich Swimming Eel Where is yours? How Much Can You Get? Not bad, too, why with Ki mud? Crazy If there are friends at Pos Kamling, don’t come? Rain Viewers Utruk and Atho are still there Tuh Ijul Rain-rain Where? Oh, Ijul Utruk Don’t Know Where That’s the Way It Was Today! Thank you

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