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Mancing Belut Dengan Umpan Ini Makannya Lahap Banget – Eel Fishing

Mancing Belut Dengan Umpan Ini Makannya Lahap Banget – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel This Time I Use Feed Shrimp Yes Guys Here is still the usual place for Rice Field Swamp Faporit It’s a decent hole It Has Been Fair There, Bro, Looks Guys? Caterpillars,, Viewers Big Caterpillar Die you Ouch Hope the Eel Is Not Fear Yes, Because To Step On Just Now Thank you for the likes, who have commented, who have already supported, thank you very much And Please Help For Our Support, So That We Are More Enthusiastic To Make The Next Video By Clicking on Subscribe and Turn on the Bell Now Here I am, Experiment Difficult Guys Turn Out to Use Shrimp Usually I Use Worms If I Don’t Worm Thousand Fish in a Rice Field, Suppose I Use the Pool Frog Boy Bait Yes Now Here I Try Using Shrimp Because Earlier You Can Get It in the Gutter Shrimp And this is around 3 o’clock Yes guys Around 3 o’clock, and I forgot to run out of feed See Guys Look no? Clear Here are a lot of caterpillars The Swamp is Ouch I Guys Still not guys He Still Doesn’t Eat Using Shrimp Guys See Guys Narik Guys Yeah, look at Guys Finally, Guys Uh, tense He chased me back See Guys Ordinary Twining He Guys Inside Many Roots, Look? Plants See Guys in Pulling Guys Uh, how come Let’s Come Out Guys See the Power Guys Still Available Steady Let’s get out Not bad ABG Guys Labil Guys Tuh Guys, Relax Mas Bro Looks like Guys? Yellow Guys For Eels Swamp Like This is NIH ,, Sawah Rawa So pseudo into ponds Now this can be seen Little Yellow-yellow Gitu Great Guys

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