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Mancing Belut Di Lobang Ini Ternyata Isinya Belut Babon Kuning – Eel Fishing

Mancing Belut Di Lobang Ini Ternyata Isinya Belut Babon Kuning – Eel Fishing

Yo Yo Yo Yo Hatap Hatap Assalamualaikum wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel And Today Is Still the Same Place Rich Yesterday Well This Is Fair There Are Beautiful Guys Hole But this is like … Water Hole Yes But this Wiss, bro … Seen Just Guys? There are eels, guys Usually in the holes rich in Gini Tuh Usually Babon Yes, Hopefully We Can Get Today Anyway Thank You for Supporting, Who Has Like, What I Have Commented, That Has Been Subscribed. Thank you very much Yes! And Please Help Those Who Have Not Supported, To Support With How To Click Subscribe and Turn on the Bells, so that We Add Enthusiasm to Making Other Videos For Today Still Just Here Yes We haven’t been to the pools Because These Friends Don’t Know Where If it goes to the pools alone, it feels like that. Especially If Suppose Someone Has Have a Pool That Looks Right Fear We Are Suspected Of Fish Thief Or What Is It, It Is Not Delicious Also If it’s the same as your friends Euh … So it doesn’t look like that So They Know That Have A Pool That Knows Or People Around That Know If We Are Again Eel Fishing Oops, guys Old Guys This is also not eaten by guys Well Guys Eaten just now Guys Well Wis … Looks like just now Guys Wow Wis, the power of the Babies Guys Sure this must be the baboon guys Ais ,, Relax Bro Ah, let go Oh, there are still guys, still there Ah … Take it off again Great just now Guys The Hole Looks at the Guys, From the Top It’s Small But the Bottom It’s Uh … Great Big Guys Hole I give,, Feed First Guys Here I Use Frog Child Bait Because,, Abundant Stock Want To Be Eaten Again No Yes? Just Now Released For Languages ​​That Like Eel Fishing That’s a snapshot Usually when it’s released it doesn’t want to eat anymore, guys Hopefully the eel is hungry What is it? When the meal was so different Ouch ,, It’s hard to enter the guys Well Guys Were Guys Well Guys Ais, then See the Water Guys Guys Widih ,, Steady Oops Water Guys Babies Guys Wis Oops That Head Come on, come out, guys Steady A little bit more Ais ,, Steady Widih Widih Babon Guys … Yellow … See Guys Wow, Yellow Guys What do I say too? This must be Babon Very different Difference, Guys Steady Soul Okay Our Guys While Looking For More Others, Just Waiting Later I Will Look For And This We Will Close First Yes, So We Will Not Be Scolded By Those Who Have Rice Fields

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