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Mancing Belut Malam Hari Dapat Banyak (Ngobor Belut) – Eel Fishing

Mancing Belut Malam Hari Dapat Banyak (Ngobor Belut) – Eel Fishing

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Now Here I Am Accompanied By Ordinary Utruk Yes And Atho Tuh, Atho This Is Looking For First Feed, Create Ngobor Same Eel Fishing Yes Thank you for the likes, who have commented, who have shared, thank you That already subscribed, thank you And Please Help That Is Not Subscribed Please help to support by clicking Subscribe And turn on the bell Okay it’s already … Rain Earlier Now it’s gone So now you want to go further This is again the contents of the first feed Okay, just wait That’s one, the flashlight is out of sight De, De, De, Relax, Relax, Relax, Far away Why is Jdi Down Tho? Try to See Before Here! Where Does His Head De? Now this is the head From here, from here Come on, De Where? Invisible Where? Where? Not this one? Ouch not visible What’s in? Will Not If You Enter Inside Come on Viewers Fail, Fail to Move On Get More Viewers Atho Watch Out Failed, Aistt, Twice Failed again Just now? There is no Twice, Now This Is His Face Twice, big Come on, let’s look for viewers I am Curious, Nothing, Dark Better here only Come on, Ketchup Kunag-fireflies Face Watch out, watch out Definitely Skip Same Me ,, Same Me, Moment De Same Me, I Use This Bismillahirrohmanirrohim, This is Big De, It’s a shame if you leave Relax ,, Relax … Leave it first … Leave it first … Come on, where are you going? Don’t be on the flashlight and he’ll be scared later Far … A “” I’m not disappointed A “” I’m not disappointed Oh dear, this time … This Enter Inside … Ouch Enter Watch out for the river, watch out for the river … This Must Jump Again, It Will Not Be True Not Good Viewers Get We Search Again Viewers Go * lk Far … No … No … No … Relax Relax ,, Relax ,, Relax ,, That … That … That … Get there ,, there … there … Come here right away? True Kesani Where there is no? I’m dirty Hurry and run it … Hurry up To the side, to the edge, just now Tuh Kedalam Enter Just behind that bucket Ouch Failure Again Viewers, If You’re Going Home It’s Dark Please, if so, I’m Here With Utruk, Here I am Pegangi Black Eel Is All Right, Why Swamp Eel Yes? Can … Uh Lemas … I’m not worried … Watch out … I won’t … No … It’s Small, Ohh Will Not Release We Search Again One more time, I tried it … Look out for … Twisting … Yeah, it’s okay Both are like that? Now Viewers Get … Where’s the Head? Ey, little haha This is a worm No … No … No, that’s small No ,, Small, If Big New Skip Nyepot Viewers Mana Utruk What is the head He doesn’t want to stop To the Edge Again No, not before … Could,, Bring it … Willn’t Take Off? Not Not Relax ,, relax ,, relax ,, relax ,, relax ,, Will not skip Already Arrested Only Bismillahirrohmanirrohim ,, Steady This Is Closed Again, Not To The River How is it right now? What? Aduhh, complicated this time, Small bucket Complicated Come on, Ah again Okay Guys For This Night Are Enough Enough Because It’s Late at Night, It’s 2 PM Yes! Thank you for watching until it’s finished Here There is Utruk ,, Say Good Bye First Dong! Say Good Bye So the Audience Thank you, Assalamualaikum Wr.wb

5 comments on “Mancing Belut Malam Hari Dapat Banyak (Ngobor Belut) – Eel Fishing

  1. panen panen…duh jadi kainget keur budak tea geuning…balik ngaji diajakan ngobor belut …mantap kang…

  2. L k 3 hadir bang.duh eta ngobor blut ya.seeur blut na nha.awas kadut nu ka jepit ang.salm hobii fcinta

  3. Hadir kang. .
    Ajipp pisan eta mah duh. .
    Lumayan ker saur atw kangge buka puasa.😁😁
    Salam sahoby kang

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