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Mancing Belut Sawah Sampai Belutnya Berputar – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Thank you for your support, who already commented, who already likes, thank you very much And please help Support by subscribing and turning on the bell At the moment I am on the edge of the rice field There is a Small One Hole But because it’s hard to be me … Slightly Opened a Little Hole It’s easy Here it is Transporting Here It Was Transported And Release Again Ordinary Mocel And Hopefully We Get Yes Guys Today For Today We Are Still Around the Rice Field and Not Yet Into the Pool This Pad is Still the Area Yesterday Still Not Planted And what yesterday did Nanyain use? Usual For the Field We Use Bait,, Endol or Thousand Fish For example, if we use a frog child bait in the pond And Good Guys Today Just Already Got Two, But Because … I Forgot to Take a Tripod So No I What is that, Kevideo This Hole Is Deep enough We Must Unload A Bit Let the Feed Enter Continue,,, Steady Come on Finally Let’s get out Why is that? This Ah Spins Inside the Audience Come on, Coy Aiittss ,, Rotating Viewers

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