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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. Meet Me Again on the TV Big Eel Fishing Channel! Now I’m Again Around the Pool And the pool water is pretty low because it’s now dry season again … Looking for Eel Holes A Bit Easy. And for those of you who like eel fishing Don’t Forget My Channel SUBSCRIBE And Don’t Forget … Click the Bell Button So that you can update the latest videos from me Here I Have One Actually There Are Three But Not Know Emmm, from where, I see Holes That Must Be Charged We Try Only Don’t Forget Yes, For You Hobbies Eel Fishing Please SUBSCRIBE Please help Why Nothing Is Eaten For Feed? Well Look at Viewers Yesterday … Tuh hit So, if … What is it So, if … Bring Eel Anglers That Don’t Get On What Yes, In Pull-Pull Yes Later Stepped On And Can Stick In Hand Pretty Good Inside Yes Ordinary, if it’s in a pool, that’s the way it is In Anyway, keep pushing If Problems Can Or Not, See Later What Is Important Has Been Trying Because Eel Fishing Is In The Pool With Eel Fishing The Rice Field Is Different Dizzy… Now Weather Is Fairly Rather … Duh Steady Yes The Hole Looks No? There are two stones So This Hole Is Between the Stones This Strap Must Be Replaced Immediately Already Curly Audience Has it begun to be withdrawn Looks No? Look no? Bro Well see, yes Let it be clear It’s Pulled Now if it’s been withdrawn just leave it first So Leave It First Don’t Jump On Dance Yes He Is Still Silent, Try Pulling Yes Fear of Releasing If It’s Like This Let’s get out Steady…. Duh is his mouth Head Well there he is Steady Soul Steady

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