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Mancing Ikan Baronang Pakai Umpan Lumut

Mancing Ikan Baronang Pakai Umpan Lumut

See me again boss I’m fishing rabbit fish with my friends from balikpapan garonger (rabbit fish angler) We still fish even though the sea conditions are not good Watch it boss. Don’t forget to subscribe, share, like and comment I miss it My body was pushed by the waves. Luckily behind me there was a stone, so I didn’t fall We moved locations Agus immediately strike at a new location, I try fishing next to him Agus moved position, only one fish I swept next to it, wishing me luck The fish comes back We moved locations again What eats the bait? This feels hard, because the body is always swaying Agus get the big one Oh it’s only that big The bait is eaten by rocks hahaha There is no fish boss Thank you for watching Wait for my next video

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