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Mancing Udang Galah di Sungai Riko PPU

Mancing Udang Galah di Sungai Riko PPU

Hallo boss I will go shrimp fishing with friends We will go to riko We will go to the location, estimated trip for 1 hour We will meet again there Now it’s arrived at the location We stopped by the friend’s pond While waiting, I’ll show you how the fishing line is I use a small tackle small fiber fishing rod, so that it is supple Like this Use perforated sinker At main line Terminated with swivel Added another line for the hook This is the bait Pumpun (kind of sea worm) Pumpun, chicken liver, And we brought bubu bubu to get small shrimp, to be used as bait This is the bubu This is the bait, ups it fell I heard that small shrimp like this are the best bait for fishing big shrimp That’s shrimp That’s the shrimp,boss This is the first strike, boss Not game fish The sukhoi fish We nicknamed the fish with the name Sukhoi, because it pulls fast like a Sukhoi jet The pull is like a fish Wow shrimp This is the big one I used pumpun Oh my God Sukhoi fish Only one claw Shrimp is still there, I already told you The last strike in this trip

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  1. klo dah jadi ibukota mungkin ikan dan udang di sungai ini pasti kena dampaknya juga om meskipun kecil atau pun besar

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