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Maple Orange Hot Smoked Salmon – How To

What’s up guys it’s Susie from and I’m here to help you make better barbecue feed the people you love and be a backyard barbecue hero and be a backyard barbecue hero and the way that we’re gonna make that happen
today is with beautiful maple orange hot smoked salmon that’s right if you want
your salmon to look like this shiny beautiful flaky and delicious you better
stay tuned I’m gonna teach you the ins and outs of the perfect hot smoked
salmon let’s do it Now today we were doing a hot smoke this is a hot smoked
salmon so it is going to smoke and cook the salmon at the same time I’ve got my
pellet smoker set to 165 degrees that’s the setting I have on my Camp Chef if
you don’t have that temperature setting on your smoker the lowest you can get is
225 or 180 you can actually put some ice on the sheet pan underneath the salmon
and put the whole thing on the smoker it’ll keep the temperature low enough
that it won’t overcook the salmon or cook it too quickly before you get that
nice smoked flavor let’s go today we’re doing the salmon on
my Camp Chef SGX pellet smoker this allows me to drop the temperature on low
smoke down to 160 165 degrees which is
fantastic for hot smoking that’s our perfect target temperature we want to be
between 145 and 175 so that it cooks through and also takes on a lot of smoke if you have a smoker that won’t go this low in temperature what you can do is
actually put some ice on the cookie sheet under the salmon and then put the
whole thing on the smoker because my smoker gets a little bit lower in
temperature I’m just gonna go directly on the grill grate these are gonna take about three to four
hours to smoke we’re gonna be basting them every hour with a maple orange
glaze so let’s head inside make that real quick then we’ll glaze during the
cooking process one of the reasons the salmon is the best salmon ever is
because we candy it a little bit on the outside with a maple orange glaze this
reinforces the flavors in the brine adds a little sweetness to the dish and makes
it so so yummy and it’s incredibly simple it’s just a half a cup of maple
syrup and a quarter cup of orange juice that’s it stir to combine and then keep this next
to your smoker you’re gonna be brushing it on your salmon every hour all right
we’ve got our glaze we’re gonna baste our salmon like I said every hour during
the cooking process this is gonna candy on the outside give us a nice sticky
sweet glaze it’s also gonna help attract more smoke to the salmon now you want to
cook these until the internal temperature reads a hundred and
forty-five degrees that way they’ll be fully cooked but still tender and juicy
and absolutely delicious movie magic I have some that is done and
as you can see it’s taken on some nice golden brown color and it’s shrunk quite
a bit and it’s nice and shiny it’s got almost a lacquered glaze on the outside
from that orange and maple glaze that we’ve been putting on it every hour
looks absolutely gorgeous do you know what happiness smells like
I’m pretty sure it smells like hot smoked salmon with the maple orange
glaze because it smells so good this is shiny it’s beautiful I can tell
that it’s perfectly cooked it’s gonna be tender but still have a nice like smoked
salmon bite and texture to it what am I gonna go I think I need to
save like the Atlantic salmon for Todd I’m gonna go for the wild salmon
even I touched this one so that means I’m gonna eat this one look at that YUM
well oh that’s so good it’s salty but not too salty it’s perfectly sweet from
the orange and the maple mmm I’m a big fan if you want this recipe you can
check out the full printable version from my website in the video description
below if you want more recipes for your smoker to make you a backyard barbecue
hero click right here it’ll take you to a playlist of some of my favorite videos
we’ll see you next time!

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