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Marathon Man Fishing 2018

Marathon Man Fishing 2018

This September 11th I’m gonna try to break a Guinness Book of World Records from most fish caught in 24 hours and it’s to benefit an incredible group of people that are serving our country. The group at Fishing for Life has a Next-Gen program where they assign mentors to serve families who’ve lost loved ones in battle and for families who just need some help. Jeff has been a partner of Fishing for Life for years and when we started the next-gen program he said I’m gonna get back on board and I’m gonna go fishing again I’m gonna break my own record and we’re gonna raise funds for not only Fishing for Life but specifically the Next-Gen program. It’s a passion of mine of fishing and people and I can unite those. I would ask you to join me on September 11th where I fish for 24 hours. Come and watch this and help support Fishing for Life’s Next-Gen program. We’d love you to stop by and even make a donation. it’ll be filled with action and lots of fun and a ton of laughs because I can tell you if I’m there I’ll make some funny stuff. “There’s a mix of maggot guts and bluegill slime but hopefully that keeps a sunburn away.” September 11th from the Giant Goose Ranch in southern Illinois. Make sure you watch us then!

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  1. Sorry guy but anyone who has to wear sponsor names to go fishing then you need an ego check. You spoil the natural peaceful time of fishing by sprinting and yanking and rushing at everything you do. Get off the boat grab a lawn chair grab a ride and just sit down and enjoy it

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