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Marc Fish – Bespoke Guild Mark holder

Marc Fish – Bespoke Guild Mark holder

– [Marc] There are certain
rules that you can break and there are certain rules you can’t and wood doesn’t take prisoners very well. Wood has an amazing
ability to move and expand and contract and change
shape, and if you forget that, and often contemporary
makers do forget that, they find that in two years’
time or even six months, the piece is falling to pieces. In our work, what you
don’t see is pretty wood. It’s not a case of oh, there’s a lovely shape and a pattern. What it’s about with our work
is that shape and that form and so the timber has been manipulated to become that shape or form. The grain and the colour of the timber is almost very much a secondary thing. If we weren’t on the edge of failure, then we wouldn’t get the
success that we want. We have to push ourselves constantly and we have to be trying
stuff that no one else knos how to do, we don’t know how to do, and if it fails and it goes in the bin, that’s how we learn. We probably only know
5% of what we could do with laminating veneers together. We probably know more than everyone else, but we still only know 5%, but
there’s no one else to ask. It’s not that that knowledge exists, that knowledge has to be found. We have to learn that ourselves, and the Bespoke Guild Mark
stands for excellence. I think if you are ambitious, then you want to get an award and I think the Guild Mark
is the best award to get. (mid-tempo music)

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