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Mark Fisher on why Modern Life causes Depression

Mark Fisher on why Modern Life causes Depression

A lot of what I would call work in my job
and I’ve seen the things I don’t like doing is simple simulation of
productivity Bureaucratic simulation created my kind of managerialists who
you know whose job that they do kind of parasite of institutions a real parasite
not kind of not immigrants not um you know not not people claiming
unemployment benefit, the real parasites of our society the very high earners who
do you know who’s who propagate all this stuff to keep us in a state of panic
anxiety so and and radical competitive individualism such the weak so we can’t
act together and gain a collective agency you know and so you know the big
lie Dustin the big liar has been sold to us by neoliberalism is that if you would
withdraw security from people we draw a kind of social security and suddenly
that we is creative that this this wellspring of creativity will just
emerge okay what all happens if you remove security from people if they get
like I was when I was self-employed all of that creative energy goes into how
can I make money that’s the energy of the society does a stupid thing for
people to have to think about a lot of time you know and look at all these
great people were supposed to admire now and it’s not only invented anything
Steve Jobs even Bonin seems to parasite you know Simon Cowell it doesn’t have
done anything is it’s a parasite what are these people got out just good
at making money and that should be enough reward right if you want to make
successful you want to devote your life to and this is just fucking do it but
don’t expect us also admiring you and just you know and and the you be the
model for everybody else at a time you know we shouldn’t have to worry about
making money all every waking hour there days that’s the depressing kind of
reality burger has been an artificially imposed on us I mean if we can break out
this privatization of stress its normalized like you know filer young
people depressed who gives a shit you know like that’s the fact that this is
the idea you know people depressed such as part of life it wasn’t part of life
like it was not part of life increases the depression amongst young people is
shocking and you know there is that would be the
biggest possible indicator and condemnation of the world in which we’re
now living it wasn’t normal for young people to be depressed in the 70s let’s
say sort of start off from that heroic conditions in which young people live in
terrible conditions just really really terrible conditions and you know you see
– a silent process you’ve enterprises things you’ve been deprived of things
understand is the thing that you’ve been deprived of are being sold to you as
benefit it’s a great new world you’ve got obviously you’ve got all this stuff
you’ve got all the capacity to do you think it isn’t it doesn’t like that
anything for Bharati argument why did 19th of the decade of the emergence of
cyberspace and a Prozac and for him that two things are totally relate together
how did people cope with these new levels demands of a placed upon them
they decide to take antidepressants which are now very common particularly
amongst young people antidepressants as a hazing thing which it can hear it’s
like it’s down a haze that’s why Drake is really interesting the new Drake
record full of this kind of electrode down a haze everyone’s on Downer’s now
to cope with that and vm just cyber blitz whether it’s a sort of
antidepressants for other forms of kind of self medication and all to cope with
this and the thing is that that there’s a breakdown on the end of the 90s
according to variety those you know that there will be a breakdown
we cannot cope with this we cannot cope with

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