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88 comments on “Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher – Star Wars Celebration Europe | press conference 2013

  1. I love these two in the original Star Wars. But I the way there looking, I honestly can't see them in the New Disney release. They would need a Major make over.

  2. I'm the biggest fan of Star Wars but I take my hat off to the interviewer for not throwing Fischer off who was clearly disinterested in the intent. Too bad if you didn't strike a proper deal in EP 4-6 Carrie, but don't come on stage if you CBF – we loved the movies, not you.

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  4. Have a butchers at my star Wars Episode VII studio filmed audition for the part of "the 40 something Matt Damon military type" STAR WARS EPISODE VII (Studio filmed audition) Cole Dines. COLE DINES.

  5. Poor guys wish they were ANYWHERE but Germany, and looks like Carrie Fisher couln't care LESS about Star Wars lol

  6. Old farts in new star wars! Heresy i see there. If the new movies are based on what it seems like it will be, then Luke and Leia will be much older. Plus the studio has hired fitness trainers for all of them, including Harrison Ford.

  7. Am I the only one around here that sees old Mark Hamill only as the Joker? I mean when I look at a picture of his younger self I see Luke Skywalker, but here I think I'm watching the Joker.

  8. Im a huge star wars fan. I love the original trilogy and the prequil trilogy . I love the clone wars series and am anticipating the new star wars rebels series. However I dont understand the need to bring back the original big three. Its sad lucas waited this long. In doing so I just feel they should find a new trio to portray Luke Han n Lea


  10. Carrie Fisher was great Especially when you consider the fact that she was only 19 at the time! Talk about acting chops and maturity.

    She's got a great sense of humor too.

  11. Episode 7, pans down from Tatooine's double suns
    Luke sitting in a c3po gold plated looking recliner with steaks grilling on the light saber.

    Leia is Han's fat nagging wife with 7 kids

    Vader's helmet is flipped upside down used as Leia's ashtray

  12. It's amazing to see the people you grew up with such as both mark and Carrie and to see them age makes you think how much you've aged as an individual. Mark is my idol and he is old now it's interesting how time flys.

  13. Jesus Christ.  Carrie Fisher has huge tits.  I mean, I know she's weighty, and that usually adds a little volume, but damn.  That woman has a serious rack. 

  14. I like how the young crowd here is gawking at how old they got like they will never get old either, you might even get fat if your not already. Its been 30 years since we seen them in Return of the Jedi. Just remember as your having your laugh and making your jokes. In the next 30 years you will look just like them. Except not famous, maybe lonely, with kids, and diabetes. And you know what, you might even die.

  15. at the end the interviewer says (, well listen i know you guys have a lot to do, ) i just wished carry or mark interrupted and said no, we dont have a lot to do (with a serious look on their face) lol

  16. Just HOW is this movie going to work? Is Luke going to, what, trim the hedges with his lightsaber while Leah hoses off the front porch at the Jedi retirement village?

    "Hey! Get that hoverball off the grass!"

  17. Mark I'd argue that the word 'Revenge', rather than being proactive, is, nearly by definition a reactive word. Hence the prefix 're'

  18. Oh well, everyone gains at least 30 pounds between age 30 and 65, if you don't then you are abnormal.
     I am being sarcastic.

  19. Wow. You people are sooooo rude. They gained weight – so what ?!?! I'm sure most of you guys did too. It's still amazing to see the two of them together.

  20. the introduction of Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher was a shame: starship trooper puppets as if they are cartoons instead of persons.

  21. Yeah it's funny how everyone says when a person gets old wow does he look old lol. I have yet to see anyone get out of death it's coming for us all.

  22. Mark and Carrie are the best. They're so cool, they're a little meaty, yes. But hey, humans are made of human meat so if they weren'r meaty something would be pretty wrong. 

  23. God, I love these two but it's so depressing watching this. Mark just got heavy but poor Carrie…she's a shell of her old self. She's not that old but drugs, booze, cigarettes and plastic surgery completely changed her. Her mom actually looks younger the last I saw. Getting old fucking blows!! Thankfully I don't look in the mirror much or I'd realize I'm a bigger fucking train wreck than the two of them together.

  24. Holy crap! She looks terrible. PLEASE tell me she's not going to wear another skimpy outfit looking like that.

  25. I like that Mark just walked away from the glam of Hollywood so what if he looks old he should they both are old we all get old no one ever beat father time. He's just a regular guy who played a spectacular role as Luke Skywalker. It will be great to see Episode 7 I think it will be great because Disney took over after all if it wasn't for Walt Disney movies wouldn't be where they are today with the special effects and sound.

  26. I'm glad I wasn't there. Holy shit haven't seen anything more awkward in a long time!
    It's like the two actors didn't really wanna be there, the host didn't really have any new subject matter to talk about… and I think the audience was struck by a bit more reality than they wanted.

  27. I don't understand why so many people complain about the audience.
    This is a PRESS CONFERENCE, not a fan panel.

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