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Mark Hamill Confessed He Cherished Fights with ‘Sibling’ Carrie Fisher

How are you? And welcome. This is your first time here. It’s my first time. And what a challenge it
is to be promoting a movie we’re not supposed
to talk about. Right. It really is. Because you really aren’t
allowed to talk about it. The burden of
keeping the secrets. Yeah. It’s terrible. For years, right? Cause when did you finish it? How long ago? A year ago summer. So you probably forgot
about it anyway. Pretty much. Probably don’t even know. Short term memory loss. Yeah. That’s what I had. Like your character
in “Finding Nemo.” Yeah. In fact, I have to
tell you a story. I was packing to go to
do “The Force Awakens.” And you know, the night
before a travel day, you stay up all night
and you’re trying to pack everything and
get rid of the things that you don’t need. So I’m going through my drawer. And a fan sent me this. Mm-hmm. Now, I love the movie. But I didn’t need to pack it. So I went to toss
it across the room. Wow, you were really
angry at that. You didn’t just
set it down saying, I don’t need to pack it. You actually threw it away. Not in anger. I was just trying
to hit the shelf. And I’m telling you, it went
swish, no backboard, right into my carry bag. And I said, that’s an omen. And I’ve never had it outside
of my travel bag since. And that was “Force Awakens.” Wow. So all during Episode
7, all during Episode 8, you share a little pocket
on the side of my travel bag with the guitar pick
George Harrison’s son Danny gave to me. Wow. That’s amazing. [APPLAUSE] That– OK. You want to know something? You, look what I–
no, I’m kidding. [LAUGHTER] What if I had like,
a Mark Hamill thing? That would be spooky. That would be really spooky. All right, so speaking
of “The Force Awakens,” that was the last one. And I understand, so
you read the script, you get ready for
the movie, and you’re in it for several seconds. Well and they sent me,
for a year and a half, to physical training
twice a week. I thought, with all
that preparation, I’m going to do something
really physical. I mean, aside from rotating
and removing a hood. So I was reading this thing. And everybody’s
talking about me. Actors love, in
stories, where they’re talking about your character. The sword of
Skywalker is powerful. We must rid the
galaxy of Skywalker. Everybody is talking about me. And I’m reading, reading,
reading, reading. I tell you, if you’ve
seen the movie– I don’t want to spoil
it– but I thought, when the light saber jiggles
in the snow and flies, I said, oh boy, baby! Here I am! And it goes to Rae. I said, she didn’t even
finish her training. Yeah. So I was so mad. But the truth of the
matter is, they really changed my lifestyle. I lost, gosh, almost 50 pounds. Wow. And I don’t– I’m on the
if-it-tastes-good-don’t-eat-it diet. You know, it’s funny. When you get out of the
habit of eating stuff that isn’t good
for you, your body recognizes that it’s
not good for you. Exactly. But it takes a while
to get past that. Carrie Fisher was one
of our favorite people. I loved her– I saw you out on the
street, flagging down– it was hilarious. She is hilarious. And you all were close. I know you were very close. Yeah. And– she’s like an
irreplaceable member of the family. And but the whole
world feels that way. We’re all sort of mourning her. And I’m sort of– I always think of her
in the present tense. I don’t think of
her in the past. Because anytime you were
with her, it was just fun. Yeah. That’s why it’s so great that
Billie Lourd’s in the movie. Because you have that
sort of continuity there. And she’s so similar
to her mother. Man, is she? I know. I mean, they asked
me, what about– how is she similar to Carrie? And I said, well for a start,
she was an hour and a half late to the airport. Oh well yeah. Because Carrie, she
used to drive me crazy. I mean, we were more like real
siblings than I really thought. Because we’d have
these huge fights. I’d say, you’re just so full of
yourself, and I can’t stand it. And you think you’re
Hollywood Royalty. And she’d say, well you
know, you’re such a loser. Whatever. So we’d have these big fights. And you wouldn’t see each
other for months or even years. And then you’d see each other
again and remind yourself how much fun it
was to be together. Because not only could
she make me laugh, but I could make her laugh. Yeah. And that was our goal. Yeah. I mean, she was like a
latter day Auntie Mame. She just looked at every day and
tried to maximize as much fun as she could had in
any given situation.

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