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Mary Jo Buttafuoco Revisits The Infamous Case Of Amy Fisher 26 Years Later | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Mary Jo Buttafuoco Revisits The Infamous Case Of Amy Fisher 26 Years Later | Megyn Kelly TODAY

100 comments on “Mary Jo Buttafuoco Revisits The Infamous Case Of Amy Fisher 26 Years Later | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Mary Jo is a warrior and survivor! She looks and sounds so wonderful.
    Forgiving Amy really set her free.
    What a lovely lady. ❤️

  2. Mary has been through enough. Why be interviewed by Megyn. 🤮🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Men are not to be trusted. If after 50 years of marriage he remains faithful, then i think you can trust him and then again don't bet your life on it!!

  4. Good she survived but Unfortunately for Mary Jo, she will always be in denial that her no good husband put young Amy up to shooting her. He preyed on that young girl. He should have gone to prison however she herself was so in love with him that she wanted to spare him. Therefore, this was 2 females that admired this man so much that they would do anything for the love of him. I continue to feel sorry for Amy.

  5. This "LUCKY" lady after all these years, is STILL sticking up for that slime that she was married to… Some women will never wake up 😩

  6. Mary, you are so beautiful…..inside and out. God bless you. May you have a long, healthy, loving, happy and successful life.

  7. I love this woman Mary Jo. I love the sense of humor she’s managed to hold onto the tragedy she turned into an awakening. Love the hope she found (wish the Betty Ford Center was an option for All could get as healthy as you Mary Jo. I love the way you worked your butt off to let go. To eject this whole memory from your head. To no longer resent which only hurts the one who suffered enough. I admire you Mary Jo…I’m a native New Yorker – Flushing Queens. You can take the girl out of the borough but the borough remains and the sense of humor this woman has retained through all this pain and betrayal has saved her and a lot to learn from her for a lifetime. God Bless her.

  8. When I saw this first come up on my YouTube I wasn't even going to watch it because I don't care for you Megan Kelly I don't like lies that you've told people don't like to use the word lie but it's a lie you lied to the American people when you claim that Jesus was white that is factually alive Jesus was a Jewish person and he was brown at least the original Jewish Community where brown people as they were from that part of the world so I don't have a lot of faith in you and I also thought Mary buttafuco she's not very smart she took her husband's work for it but now I realize she just was a distraught woman trying to get through it and that no one should judge her I'm glad to see that she has realize that her husband played part in this maybe not actually having this woman shoot her but did she cheat on her with a child so I'm glad she has come around and after listening to her speak I am proud of her not that she needs my pride she has her own but none the less I'm proud of her you call Mary buttafuco

  9. The best tv movie about this was the one where Drew Barrymore played Amy. Excellent film and it's on YouTube. There were 2 or 3 other versions but they don't compare.

  10. Joey was behind this…..Amy was a child…just like Monica Lewinsky.. .Always the women blamed…..the monsters manipulated them…

  11. You shouldn't blame Amy more than your husband cause after all he did marry her after you divorced him Joey is a attention seeker that's just what he does

  12. Mary Jo loves being a victim. I’m convinced of this. I’ve been Fascinated by this story for years…watched the movies based on this story and seen countless interviews. Mary Jo has been on several shows for several years, talking about this incident. While what happened to her was truly horrible and disgusting, I believe she still loves the attention of it and is very addicted to being a sympathetic figure. She did a televised reunion on E, years ago, with Amy in which she confronted her, hugged her, and said she forgave her…but she’s back, once again.


  13. Amy definitely deserved to serve time for the crime but Joey got off too easy. I don’t believe a 19 year old girl would come up with that kind of plan on her own especially where Mary jo did nothing to her whatsoever.

  14. I feel so bad for Jess (her daughter) she has a podcast and talks about how the whole world hates her dad. But at the end of the day they’re both her parents

  15. Joe Buttafuocco is a slimeball. I believe that Amy told the truth. Mary Jo doesn't want to believe her husband knew about what Amy was going to do. Mary Jo you don't grow in prison

  16. What a classy woman ! Just watched again ! You are beautiful Mary Jo , an amazing woman sincere , beautiful and smart!!

  17. Mary Jo youre delusional and in denial if you think your freak husband didnt set this up. Wow… he got away with a lot didnt he??


  19. It still seems like this was all over the news just yesterday.

    After surviving a very abusive relationship myself, I read Mary Jo's book Getting It Through My Thick Skull: Why I Stayed, What I Learned, and What Millions of People Involved with Sociopaths Need to Know

    It was surprisingly well-written & a page turner. This woman tried SO hard to love Joey & keep her family together. In the end, she had to walk away to save her sanity.

    Great read! 📖

  20. Joey Buttafuoco was having an affair with women long before this little girl was born,Unfortunately his wife had to pay the terrible price of his cheating ways

  21. After all these years she still believes Joey Buttafuoco, was not responsible for what happened to her. Her husband has been lying for years about his role in this crime. There is still to this day like they said many unanswered questions regarding this case and nothing has ever been simple or obvious.

  22. I really don't understand Men who are interested in Young Girls. Regardless of whether they are married and cheating or even if they are not married.
    Don't get me wrong, I look at women who are attractive regardless of age. But if a Woman is more than 5 years younger than me I've no interest in getting involved with them other than friends, if they are 5 years older than me I don't have much interest in getting involved with them other than friends.
    When I became involved with the woman I am with now it made her feel uneasy that I would look and talk to so many other women. It didn't take long until She came to understand that I just like women and that She had nothing to worry about.
    We have been together for 15 years now and are perfectly happy, though I had to move away and don't get to see Her very often She comes up to visit me about once a month. During the Eclipse She and another woman who I have been friends with for 30 years got together and spent a week with me up here. I have always had many friends who are Female. The only time I get together with my few Guy friends is when we're working together on a Street Rod, Motorcycle or something along those lines.
    I guess I am some kind of an exception to the Normal Guys. Anyway I don't think I will ever understand Guys like this Joey Dude.

  23. God bless Mary Jo .. she's special, Amy was young dumb sociopathic and narcissistic and she was spoiled, used to having what she wanted. Joey was just plain stupid, but I don't think he engineered the attempted murder. Mary Jo was better than the both of them.

  24. Great attitude and strength of letting go and forgiving. Tragedies at times bring amazing results. Amazing woman

  25. Amazing she lived , she was shot point black in the head. Joey is a pig but I have a gut feeling he didnt put her up to it i doubt he wanted Mary jo out of the wat to be with a 16 yr old skank. I think he just wanted to bang her a few times.

  26. Mary Jo you are absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you survived this horrific ordeal. I hope you have a wonderful life.

  27. MaryJo your blessed to look as good as you do. I bet your husband knew. I'm glad your doing good and thanks for sharing.

  28. No mention at all of the underage prostitution Joe was getting girls into, including Amy. Of course she’s messed up.

  29. God Bless you Mary Jo for all you have been through in your life. You have an amazing personality, and look absolutely beautiful! I even love your outfit! You are a true survivor!

  30. I’ve taught my boys their professions of medicine and law. And taught them to never marry. Period. Just a country of gold digging whores. Crazy. And this woman should have never married this man. There are no benefits to it. Go ahead and tell me what the benefits are?

  31. Very sad to hear how women are so dismissive of younger women. I bet you that her warning to tell her was in hopes to break up the relationship and get her out of the picture and when that didn't happen, she shot her. Likely came up with the idea with Joey who also is like Amy, without remorse. Goes to show you the power of a manipulator and there are many like him. The truth is too hard for people to bare until it shoots them in the face.

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