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Massive Great White Shark While Diving Wreck in the Florida Keys!

Massive Great White Shark While Diving Wreck in the Florida Keys!

Welcome to That was awsome! holy cow that is a great white shark holy cow that is a great white shark we are departing captain hooks skeeter is free diving the ball there is a great white shark here great white shark holy cow there is a great white shark holy cow there is a great white shark it is a great white shark o no I forgot about my air there is a nice cobia on the back of it is that a great white shark? that is a great white shark holy cow guys say hi say hi great white shark this is insane that is a great white shark got to watch out for it great white shark man alright guys get on the boat, get on the boat yeah lets get on the boat big four foot cobia hanging off the back of it we almost got eaten for sure poitive it was a great white, 100 percent man we got the shark whisperer he said he dives with sharks out in san diego and they followed him here high five woot! high five high five on the great white, alrighty chad high five on the great white hive five man captain Michael got us on it skeeter was diving the ball and did not even know no idea Here I am in my seal suit!!!!

28 comments on “Massive Great White Shark While Diving Wreck in the Florida Keys!

  1. What a puss. If he's that afraid WTH is he doing underwater, in the ocean in the first place?? Idiot!!

  2. A group of worthless divers who have nothing better to do, but scream, "A shark- a great white shark". So juvenile, and I cannot stand it when people high-five. How retarded. Subscribe to your channel- Why would I? To watch you scream like a turd- "A great white shark- Holy Cow! A great white shark." Never!

  3. probably shouldn't have been yelling so much 🙂 kinda owe it to your diving mates not to draw the shark's attention. cool vid though!

  4. PADI first rule when you see a shark is signal shark hand on top frontal lobe like a fin decent to bottom if able and breathe to conserve air supply and keep an eye on the shark…. not exhaust air supply by screaming great freakin white shark!! Hahahaha, none the less that’s freaking awesome brother! She must have been curious of you all

  5. Sharks have been ruling the seas for decades. fun Fact: These sharks can only be found in two places on the planet. The Northern AND Southern hemispheres.

  6. Meh, did a shark dive in Marathon back before they outlawed them. Apparently feeding Nurse Sharks make the Bull Sharks more aggressive. I know it sounds nutty, but that's politics….

  7. Heya, this is amazing! Your reaction is priceless!! I'm a researcher for Newsflare a viral video company, we'd love the chance to work with you and this clip, please email me at [email protected] thanks!

  8. Hi there, do you own this video? If so, can MailOnline use your footage & screen grabs in the MailOnline and video player, apps and social accounts? We'll fully credit back to this video. Please find our terms here: Thank you.

  9. That's a good example of how not to behave underwater or above water, when in nature and in proximity with wildlife.

  10. What an amazing video. That's a big White Shark. Looks to be about a 10-12 footer. So majestic. Let me dive with you Cody.

  11. A bit too murky conditions for me. Give me finger coral diving off of Key Largo on a nice flat day. I like to be able to see what's around me from a considerable distance.

  12. This guy is a total pussy! That shark has been seen on this dive site 100 times. It’s not aggressive but I sure wish it would’ve bit the head off that dumbass!

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