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– Alright, check it out, guys. It’s Trevor James. We just got into Mexico City. We are going on a full-on street food tour and I’m so pumped. This is just gonna be the best time ever. Check it out. This is Mexico City and we’re
going for a deep street food tour that you’re gonna love. You can explore for days what feels like an unlimited amount of colorful and vibrant street cuisine here. All deep in the backstreets
and markets of your dreams. In this Mexico Street Food
Tour part one of three, we’re exploring with you
to try seven mouth-watering street foods so make sure to watch all the way until the
end because if you do, you’re gonna be rewarded
with some delicious brain, eye and tongue
tacos drizzled in the most spicy flavorful sauces from heaven. Let’s eat. It feels so good to be in Mexico City and I am just so excited
to try tons of street foods for the next month and
today we’re starting out, we’re gonna eat as much as we can. Check it out and first up we’re gonna start with a classic
breakfast in Mexico City. I think right up here is the
tamale and atole rice drink. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) First up we had to try Mexico
City’s most classic breakfast, the tamale corn flour
wrapped in a corn husk and stuffed with juicy
chicken and spicy green salsa. When you walk the lineup and
all the locals loving it, you’re gonna want to eat one
of these beauties for sure. Look at this, this is the corn husk. Gracias, senor. Awesome, it feels so good
to be in Mexico City. So we have a classic
breakfast here in Mexico City. You can see the locals are just lined up. Loving the scene here. This is the tamale, look at that. So this here is corn
flour stuffed with chicken and green salsa verde. Look at that, this is like a corn flour and oh look at all that green salsa verde and chicken in there. Let’s make that first bite count and this is the first bite of
street food in Mexico City. Let’s try it out. Ooh, oh wow. This definitely by local
standards is not spicy, but here, when you try it
out for the first time, you get a kick of joy and spice. Hmm, oh yeah. After enjoying a nice and smooth and sweet rice drink, we made our way
to try a special version of tacos found in Mexico
City, the carnitas, these meat-packed sloppy
tacos from heaven. With all different cuts of pork and organs all marinated in a special
rich stock of pig lard, burnt sugar for color,
butter milk and orange juice that brings out the
true flavor of the meat and from the recommendation from a friend, I ordered pork belly and it’s
a hardy to say, pork uterus. This was the first and probably a last. We got a ton more street
food up ahead today. It’s gonna be a great day. I wanna let you know that
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we got lots of street food to eat in this video. It is so great to be here and next up we’re gonna get classic classic
tacos here on the streets in Mexico City. Hola, Hola senor. Oh, hola senor. Oh, look at this. Carintas. Oh, this is all the cuts of meat that we can get with their carnitas. (men speak in Spanish) Look at this, we’re gonna get some of these cuts of meat in our tacos. Carnita joints like this are
truly sloppy taco heaven. Just watch the chop station magic. Oh yeah so he’s just
gonna chop up some organs. I ordered a couple organ tacos. One with pork belly and I believe this is actually the uterus here. Gracias, awesome. Oh yes, gracias. So we got two different
types of carnitas here. We got the uterus, oh man and pork belly with pork
skin and we can top it with a few different selections of salsa. I think I’m gonna go for this one here. This is a tomato, onion
cilantro, look at that. Doesn’t that look awesome? We’re just gonna top that. I can’t believe we’re going full on with a uterus taco to start the day. Okay, gracias, gracias. Let’s go try it out. We’re gonna put a little lime
on there after that salsa. Let’s try it out. That pork belly is incredibly soft, but I think it needs a little more salsa. There we go. We’re gonna try it out. They give you double layer
of corn flour tortilla there. Oh yeah. That pork belly is incredibly
soft and fatty and tender. With the lime green chili
salsa, double layer tortilla, it is like a soft sloppy
enjoyable carnita. That is nice. Now we’re gonna go in
for this uterus carnita. They really loaded that up. It’s okay. It’s a bit like intestines. Not sure if I like that one. I think I like the
classic pork belly more. First taco stall down. We got a lot more to try. Great start to the day here, but we’re gonna keep going. After those juice-packed carnitas, we made our way to a huge
popular indoor market full of delicious foods to try and one really, really famous meal that you’ll instantly fall in love with on your first bite, the tostadas. Here, with a huge
selection of fresh toppings like ceviche, shrimp and
chicken with dark mole sauce. This is a stall you could
visit everyday for weeks and try new things each
time, a true heaven. So right up here Coyoacan Market and we are gonna go in there
and try some delicious food. I hear there’s some beautiful tostadas. Let’s go check it out. Look, there’s so many tostada joints. Oh, look at this. Hola, senor. Hola. Look at this, look what we found. Tostada, look at all the
different flavor of tostada. This must be the ceviche. That is fresh fish. It’s actually raw until it’s
cooked in the lime juice and then it looks like
there’s also some octopus, fresh shrimp, oh we have
bigger, fresher shrimp covered in tomato sauce and
then there’s a ton over here but I think what we cam
here for is definitely the ceviche and the shrimp so we’re gonna sit down and try those out. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) That is the shrimp. It looks so fresh and there’s
the ceviche and he’s put guacamole there on the bottom there too. Gracias, senor. Wow, look at those. I have been looking forward
to this for so long. So we’ve got, look at
that beautiful tostada. So it’s on this crispy
tostada on the bottom. This is the ceviche. There’s tomato, there’s cilantro, lettuce and avocado on top and
then you can squeeze lime and I also got a shrimp one. This is what I dream of,
squeezing lime in Mexico and then we’re gonna try some salsa here. Oh yeah, look at these. Different type of salsa,
different type of chili packed with onion and garlic. Mmm, unbelievable. Take a couple different types,
get it juicy with salsa. Unbelievable. Okay there’s also some, I
believe this one is extra spicy. Looks like radish and
cucumber, fresh chili. We’re gonna load it up
and make it beautiful. Awesome. So the ceviche, raw white fish until it’s cooked with
lime, lots of cilantro, onion, let’s try it out. Wow. (men speak in Spanish) Oh yeah, that is unlike
anything you’ll ever experience. The lime, the cilantro,
the onion and that salsa is definitely a little
sour and a little spicy. So it’s got a freshness
to it from the cilantro and the onion, but it
also has a spicy kick and slight sourness and
the fish is so soft. Isn’t that beautiful? Look at all those nice shrimp. They look springy. They definitely look
springy and the tostada is definitely crispy. This is just honestly, this is like a food that you can dream about. The flavors, your mouth just comes alive. Oh yeah. The lime and the cliantro and the onion and the salsa combined
to give you an amazing fresh flavor spectrum. (men speak in Spanish) You can just order whatever you like. There’s so much here. (duo speak in Spanish) what an amazing flavor
that whole thing was and we’re gonna keep exploring. We got a ton of street food to eat today. After eating that delicious
lime, tomato and cilantro packed ceviche along with the
incredible shrimp tostadas, we explored deeper into the market and found a lady selling chapulines, a classic Mexican street
snack: grasshoppers. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) so check this out. There is some grasshopper here and we’re gonna try it out. Nice. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) That looks great. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) Awesome. We got the grasshoppers. Okay, let’s try them out. Awesome, guys. We got chapulines, grasshoppers. Take a look at that. Oh yeah. So I believe they fry
these in a bit of salt and a bit of chili as well. Oh, look at those. Tons of little grasshoppers. We’re gonna get a big bite to
get the full flavor profile. There we go. Oh yeah, look at those. You can see the body. You can see it’s a little red, probably from a bit of chili and salt when they fry them. We’re gonna have a big
mouthful of grasshoppers. Whoa. It was actually very salty. It has a bit of a sundried chili flavor. It’s not spicy at all. It just has this earthy
wholesome sundried aroma to it. Crispy, flavorful, salty. That’s a nice snack here
in the Coyoacan Market and she’s just making
nopales, which is I believe a prickly peared cactus in the back here and we’re gonna hopefully find that later to put onto some more tacos
we find on the street. Gracias, senora. Adios, adios. What an awesome market here. We’re gonna keep exploring. To finish the day, we’re gonna get a bunch of different type of tacos from a few different stalls. This is really an amazing
place here in Mexico City. After those beautiful
grasshoppers and tostadas, we made our way to find a true jackpat. Monster-sized quesadillas. These are machete-size quesadillas sent straight from heaven
right here to the table and as soon as you walk
up, you’ll see why. They’re stuffed so plumped
with meat and cheese from a huge selection of
toppings that entice you to keep coming back to try more and more and watching the cheese melt and the meat sizzle on the grill was worth coming alone
and when you taste them for the first time, you’ll
enter a new dimension. Whoa, look at these massive quesadilla. Huge. We just found a monster quesadilla. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) Wow, look at those huge quesadilla and you can get a ton
of different fillings. as you can see, they’re making them here and there’s a huge selection
of fillings over there you can choose from,
but they’re just frying these huge tortillas stuffed
with cheese and different meats all right here, incredible. Oh yeah, look at that filling full of different types
of meat and cheese. This is what dreams are made of here. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) We’re gonna go sit down and try it out. These are the monster. Wow, they’re huge. And look at the selection
here of different fillings you can have with your
machete knife-sized quesadilla and you can see she is just loading up those massive machete-sized
quesadillas of your dreams. Wow, gracias. Look at this monster. Oh, heavenly quesadilla from heaven. Oh you can see it’s full of
that chicharron fried pork, spiced so nicely and oh
and lots of cheese, bananas and it’s long and you can
see this whole restaurant is just full of locals
loving the scene here and we’re gonna cut
right into that monster. They give you three plates
for it and it’s nice and crispy on the outside. Oh yeah, look at that. This is enough for three guys. I’m just gonna take
some of this right here, some of this salsa verde. Oh yeah and just pour it on. That looks heavenly and also a bit of this red salsa as well. Nice. Life doesn’t get any better and we’re just gonna go in
for a nice big, big bite. Okay, that looks like a messy heaven. Oh yeah. What a flavor bomb there. Look what we’ve got here. Those bananas, those
bananas are very soft. Very very soft and sweet
and it’s quite spicy with the chicharron and the salsa and the cheese adds a lot
of nice texture and aroma. Maybe not a ton of flavor in the cheese, but it’s definitely gives
it a gooey satisfaction. This is worth coming to
Mexico for right here. That crispy, sweet spicy
chicharron with all that cheese. It’s like a gooey, sticky heavenly mess. Oh yeah, and I just chose one. There’s hundreds you can choose from and we got the chicharron, banana cheese off the hook right there. After those beautiful
machete-sized quesadilla we went food ranging in
the local neighborhood to find a classic Mexican street
food: the al pastor tacos. You can find these all
over the streets of Mexico. Stained red from achiote seed and spinning on a vertical spit and
covering it with salsa and lime will get you hungry for sure. I’ve been looking forward
to this moment for so long, right up here we found al pastor tacos. Oh, layered pork on a spit. So good. Achiote, vinegar and garlic. Oh yeah, here it is. Al pastor, al pastor taco. (men speak in Spanish) Look at this, guys. So this is the al pastor Taco. Layered pork on a stick. You can see there’s an onion on top and a pineapple way up here and you’re gonna shave
that off into a taco. It’s red from achiote seeds and it looks (speaks in Spanish) It looks (speaks in Spanish). (Trevor Speaks in Spanish) Oh yeah, look at this, guys. So he’s taking the tacos here. Oh (speaks in Spanish) and he just put that
flame on and then he is getting in the oil there and you can see he’s just putting it on
that flat grill right there. Oh it’s beautiful. Al pastor taco like these are worth flying into
Mexico City solely to eat. Watching the pork being slowly sliced while it’s spinning on the spit with the juices bursting out and then topped with a pineapple and covered in salsa is truly incredible. You really can’t stop eating these. Here we go. Gracias, senor. Awesome. Look at that beautiful selection. Fresh, freshly sliced al pastor taco meat covered in cilantro and onion and a little slice of pineapple on top and we’re gonna sit right
here and try it out. What a beautiful snack here and the al pastor is just,
that spit is rotating. Gracias, senor. Look at these beautiful al pastor tacos. Oh yeah. This is what dreams are made
of here all dya in Mexico. We have freshly sliced pork. It’s seasoned with that
achiote, which makes it red. I’m just going to squeeze
fresh lime on here, get some of that lime juice. Oh that is pure joy. Lime, onion, cilantro. That flavor combo is just to die for and then this here, I
think this is actually an avocado and salsa mix
so it should be spicy, kind of like the freshness
of avocado and the spice of green chili and then
we’re gonna put a bit of red chili salsa right on there as well. Look at that and we’re just
at a local neighborhood for beautiful al pastor tacos. We’re gonna take that bite. We’ll try it out. Mm, mm. Wow, oh yeah. Muy vico. That flavor is amazing. There’s a really nice sour hit to it. You can definitely taste the vinegar. It’s a little sour with
a little bit of sweetness from the pineapple and
it’s definitely a big chili kick from those two
salsas I put in there. It’s really full of spices, full of flavor and as you can see, super juicy. That was amazing and we’re
gonna go get some more food. (men speak in Spanish) After those beautiful al pastor tacos, we went to finish off the day at a classic evening
taco stall on the street. We wanted to try something special and since we can order
pretty much any organ here, I ordered brain, tongue,
eye and regular taco meat all to sample and to
me, these were the best sloppy, crispy and juicy tacos. With a bunch of different salsa and the spices in the air,
you really can’t go wrong. It’s been a wonderful day in Mexico City and we are gonna finish
off one more street food. We’re gonna have a mixture of tacos. We’re gonna try eye, tongue,
brain and classic suadero cut of the breast meat from the cow. Right up here I think there
is a beautiful taco stall. Let’s go try it out. Local taco joint. Oh yes, look at this. We just found taco heaven. This is just one of
thousands of taco stalls scattered throughout the
city that get busy at night full of locals hungry for meat. Meat is simmering in a rich bubbling sauce of its own juice and
the liquids from organs, onions and spicy chorizo sausage. All you have to do is walk
up and order what you’d like and they’re served to you within seconds. Ready to top with different
salsas and melt your mouth. Look at all these delicious tacos, all boiling in this oil here. (Trevor speaks in Spanish) So we’re gonna get it all. Look at all the selection in here. Wow. It’s a big pot of organs
and different cuts of meat so we’re gonna get the suadero cut from the breast bone of the cow. There’s chorizo sausage in here as well. Look at all the onions and these fresh tortillas for the tacos. Gracias. Look at that. Look under there. We have a huge selection. That is the cow brain and then
over here, this is suadero, the cut of cow from the front
of the chest bone, I believe. On top of here, this is the
eye and underneath there, that is the tongue. We’re just gonna squeeze a little lime on top of this whole thing. Oh yeah, a little lime and then a little bit of this spicy salsa. This is just like a dream in Mexico City and we’re gonna start out. This one is on the top so we’re gonna go right
in for that eyeball taco. Here we go. Oh, the sloppy delight. Wow. Oh yeah. Oh it’s just a sloppy juicy taco, really no flavor in that eyeball except juicy sloppy spicy goodness. All that cilantro and onion. Oh yeah. We’re going for the brain next. We’re gonna put a little salt on it. My mouth is just burning
from that green chili salsa. Spicy salsa, so flavorful. and now we’re gonna
have the cow brain taco. Look how it’s just bulging. Look at that bulging green there. It is actually very complex
flavors going on here. You’ve got that super
spicy salsa fresh cilantro and onion, all of the
sloppy juicy organs in here and it just makes your mouth come alive. Let’s try the brain. Wow. Oh, there is a definite
slight brain odor in there but it is very satisfying
like butter and the chili, the green spicy chili
overpowers a lot of that. It is very juicy and very enjoyable and then we’re gonna go for that tongue. This one, I’m really looking forward to. You can see soft beef tongue and that should be tender
and full of flavor. Oh yeah. Eating tacos here on the
street is a dream come true. So many different cuts of meat in here. You can see the sauce
that they’re boiling in has a rich tiny flavor and
it’s definitely a dense deep flavor in there as well. Gracias, adios, adios. Amazing flavors there. What an amazing day here in Mexico City. So many delicious street foods. If you love this video,
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