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8 comments on “Master of the (Fishing) Nets Garden

  1. Interesting! Was there one direction that the designers intended visitors to walk through the garden, or are there multiple designed ways? I'd imagine that a different order elements are revealed in to the viewer would give an entirely different sensory experience

  2. every modern tall building should have a garden similar to this,,,,some green,some h20 or fountain, & a little view of sky,,,,,100% of times it gives
    psychological relief or balances the monstrosity of skyscrapers? 2:40 – a video on the rocks which started from 826 to Huizong (1100)…would be lovely,,,thanks!!

  3. Like so many ancient beautiful things in China, this is in disrepair, the temples, art and other places are falling apart due to neglect and the resultant antipathy towards Ancient Chinese traditions engendered by Mao's despicable Cultural Revolution.

  4. I love and watch Smarthistory cnonverastions. However, in my view, this particular conversation is a bit too loaded with words and facts…

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