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Matt Barnes Opens Up About Derek Fisher — Wine Walk with Liz Gonzales

Matt Barnes Opens Up About Derek Fisher — Wine Walk with Liz Gonzales

Okay, you’re gonna get all that. Spicy food, I get eat anything, and I’m fine, but wine, like– I fucked my back up yesterday getting out of a car. Ooh. And I’m like, “Okay, I’m only 32, “and I’m already fucking myself up.” You need some weed in your life. That’s all you need. I’ve only smoked a handful of times, and I never got high, and it just hurt my lungs.
Oh, you just fuck the right one up. (Liz laughs) See, I’m gonna have to get a-smokin’ so, we need to merge the two.
So, together? (laughs) Two, we can cause some trouble. You can smoke, and I’ll drink, if you wanna roll that way. I didn’t even know I could bring any, like when I smoked with someone else while we were interviewing– Matt Barnes on Wine Walk, and he’s drinking champagne, and not the wine I selected because– I apologize.
Yeah, because you informed me a little late that you’re white drinker. I’m either a white wine, or a no wine. The distributor that created this wine, and revitalized the grape that was pretty much dead, and so, they do things naturally in their own way, and they don’t give a fuck how everybody else does it. Okay. They just do it their way, so– And it tastes good?
And it tastes good. Well, there you go.
So, I feel like this is you. You’re gonna do shit your way. That’s a win. (bright contemporary cello music) Welcome to the streets of New York! Let’s do it. Do your L.A. legs know how to walk? Yeah, I’m good. Did you forget? I had to walk everywhere when I was little. I’m ready. Get your feet to steppin’. Mm-hmm.
See, we couldn’t do this if we were in L.A., I think. No. I’m more of an actually old smoker than a drinker. I’ll smoke 10 out of 10 times. Like I socially drink, and I drank a lot in college, but I choose cannabis over alcohol now. Well, I mean, it’s your own fault for not bringing it. You could’ve brought it. People in New York don’t give a fuck. They don’t? No! I almost got caught smokin’ in a hotel one time here in the off-season, and like they brought like five cops in there, and luckily, I was able to hide everything and I was good. I thought they were gonna–
In New York?! Here, yeah! Here’s my question, with the whole Derek Fisher situation. ‘Kay. In a lot of media rounds, you were almost painted as the bad guy. ‘Cause I’m the “bad boy”, quote, unquote. Yeah. You know, people that knew the situation, were close to the situation, knew that he was… I just look at shit different.
A slimeball? You know, I think the only reason why that happened, why he and I got in a fight after that, was, first, because I didn’t know. I wasn’t trippin’ too much about him being with my ex-wife, like, I divorced her, she’s moved on, happy for you whatever, but you’re around my kids, and staying with my kids, and that’s where I had a problem at. You know, to me, you want to do whatever you do with my ex-wife, whatever, but once my kids are involved, I have to be informed, you know? You have to let me know, and it didn’t happen, and– Getting a phone call from your kid being like, “Guess who’s here?!”
Right, right. So, you know, we had a little altercation, but, to be honest with you, he and I are cool now. We squashed it. You know, I told him where I was coming from, he explained his side a little bit, and we were fine. Like, if he played this side– After you beat his ass? (laughs) It wasn’t really as much of an ass beating as I wanted it to be, because there were so many people at the house. There was like 15 people there, and every time I got on him, people were grabbing me, so I only got a couple good shots in, but he was lucky that was the case, ’cause it could’ve got ugly. As somebody that has always been in the media, and even when you chose to be on reality TV, are you a lunatic? Like, what is actually wrong with you? You had your chance to bow out a little bit. There was a story. So, I got out of it as soon as I got into it, from that standpoint, where it was the situation where I was playing with Shaq at the time, and Shaq’s ex-wife and my ex-wife, you know, we’re on the same team, so they were cool. And my ex had brought it to me, I’m like, “Hell no, hell no, “hell no.” And then, Shaq’s just like, “You know, it’s gonna be them “getting outside of our shadows, “and raising kids, “and doing foundation stuff, “and, kinda, just give them a little bit of light.” And I’m like, “Okay, well that doesn’t sound as bad,” but I was still hesitant. So I finally let her do it, and then it turned into a fuckin’ train wreck, so, I kinda realized then that, ’cause I used to, like you thought, that I, I basically opened my life up to the world to pass judgment, and like and dislike–
Critique, and think they know everything better than you know about your own life? It took me, maybe like, a year or two to understand, like I can’t get mad at people, because I let, we let, everybody in. (mid-tempo electronic music) It is what it is, because I think there’s a huge misconception about me to begin with, so what’s another misconception? Who gives a shit? Why is that? Why do people think you’re such a dickhead? I think because they saw me for two and a half hours a night, and really more than anything, if they would know that I was just loyal to my team, and down for my team. I was kind of like the protector, so to speak, so, you fuck with my teammates, you fuckin’ with all of us, you fuckin’ with me. You good? How you been doin’, dude?
All right, just chillin’. All right! Matt Barnes! (laughs) (laughing) You see? Like, the streets love me, because I really feel like I represent them from a standpoint of just no bullshit, no nonsense, keep it real, and then work hard. Oh, boy. I’m goin’ through some of your Instagram posts, and you’re a big quote publisher, which I’m a big fan of. All right so, one over here that you posted, “Shit I used to trip on I walk over now.” You know what I mean? I just think with life experience, comes maturity. Being mad about everyone having a fuckin’ opinion about my life. All right, what about this? “Never get mad at someone for being who they’ve always been, “be upset with yourself for not coming to terms “with it sooner.” Who is that about? Ooh. (both laughing) I can’t say who that was. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You know what I mean? Stop trying to make excuses, or fall for excuses, or making excuses for these people. Like, if people are fuckin’ stupid, they’re stupid, you know what I mean? Yeah, but everybody wants to believe– Right!
“Well, he didn’t mean it,” or “It was just this one time.” And I think that that’s what that meant. When people show you their true colors, believe them. “Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something,” Wait, no. Yeah, that’s right. (laughs) Too much wine!
Let me start over, (laughs) I just fucked this up. “Sometimes life doesn’t want to give you something you want, “not because you don’t deserve it, “but because you deserve more.” Oh, I go less for words, and more with actions, you know what I mean? I can tell you how much I love you, or this, this and that, but if I’m not showing you anything, it’s just words. So, to me, whatever the situation may be, it’s just more about your genuine actions, and how you portray them, more than what you’re actually sayin’. You know what? I like you, Matt Barnes. (laughing) I like you. (fast whooshing)

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