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Matthew McConaughey’s Hilarious Nickname For Isla Fisher Will Have You LOL-ing! | Access

Matthew McConaughey’s Hilarious Nickname For Isla Fisher Will Have You LOL-ing! | Access

>>Welcome back to “Access our producer would say this is absolutely wild.>>Crazy.>>Isla fisher is starring alongside Matthew mcconaughey.>>This is so — this movie is you have to agree. You’re reading the script, and you were like, I can’t believe we’re going to do half of this stuff?>>She said, I can’t believe you found something to air.>>I was looking at the trailer impressed. It was decadent and wildff camera as it appears on camera. I mean, non-traditional director, not working in a linear way. You shoot the scene one place. We’d shoot the scene and move locations and shoot the same scene. He’s so creative and an interesting guy. It was fun to work with him. Definitely, it was crazy. I had kissing scenes with snoop Dogg and Matthew and.>>Wait a minute. When you say kissing scenes with Matthew and snoop.>>The greatest pairing of all time.>>Talking about a relationship situation, right?>>Right.>>The three of you?>>Snoop Dogg is about 6’6″. I mean, I don’t know. He is so tall. I mean, I have a back injury almost from that scene. Matthew is, you know, mcconick. It was my nickname for him.>>Did he have a nickname for you?>>Little ginger goat.>>Sounded like you said goat.>>I said goat.>>Little ginger goat.>>Yes. Meh. I did the pig noise, and now you get a goat. That’s what I come on for, the animal noise.>>Did you talk with your husband about the scenes with Matthew and snoop? That’s funny to me.>>He’s done funny scenes, too, my husband, mainly with men in most of his movies.>>True, true.>>It is always surreal, doing it. Everybody on the movie, there’s a lot of marijuana smoked. I felt like everybody was like — I was just like, I’m getting a contact high by being near anyone. I was terrified of that.>>Could you just talk to us a little bit about like the toad scene?>>Everybody is talking about it in the office.>>Yeah, this is a scene — I’ve never seen anything like it before.>>Explain what is going on.>>Matthew has been away. His character has been away for a period of time. He is an artist, a very free spirit. My character has a bohemian relationship. He comes back and begins to suck my toes. I did think, I said, Matthew, I’ve been walking around set with no shoes on. It’s late in the afternoon. You really want to — it was too late. They were in his mouth.>>When you say improv, like that’s, oh, we’re going? You don’t dip your toe in a Listerine or mint it up or anything?>>No, I did not have a foot facial for the moment. No, you kind of work on things and play around in rehearsal. What is great with working with someone like Matthew, he is a pro. Once in character, I don’t know, he is a really talented performer.>>Let’s be clear, he is not acting. This is the true Matthew mcconaughey that I know right there, right? This is him.>>No. This is him acting, believe me. You know, he’s a really good actor.>>Oh, great.>>We had you — you came on the stage for us on the red carpet for the golden globes, you and your husband.>>Yeah.>>We were talking about limo loving at the golden globes. People showing up after getting frisky in the limo on the way.>>Here’s what you said.>>Actually a little limo love.>>It’s what?>>Limo love?>>Making love inside the limo.>>Really?>>That’s happening. Did you know that?>>I did not.>>Did that happen in.>>It did. I’m glad you brought this up. It did.>>Oh, my goodness.>>It was pretty good. Not often you get to be with a golden globe nominee.>>In a limo.>>You look this good when it is done.>>That’s the benefit of a big, puffy dress.>>Oh, my god.>>As a busy mother, I like this concept. G>>Getting into a limo?>>Car loving.>>I don’t know if it is legal.>>What?>>I don’t think you’re allowed to fraternize.>>I’d never do that with others.>>Yes.>>What time did you get up this morning?>>Others do that. Shame on them.>>>Let’s talk about a children’s book.>>Very natural transition.>>Segwue.>>This is an orangutan, fourth book in the series. It is so much fun, creating this character and getting to connect with kids and to sort of, you know, be part of story telling in a different way, not as an actor. I’m proud of it. I hope to make a TV show of the book.>>You want to make a TV show?>>It seems like it is ready for licensing deals, for sure.>>Yes.>>Movie.>>It’s such a cute world. I would love to do that. I’m sort of looking at my options now.>>Would your kids — are they into acting or no?>>I mean, no. Listen, I mean, my kids — I started the voice of Marge at bedtime. There’s only so long you can do impressions of their friends’ parents before they want new material. Yeah, so she was just a voice that everybody loved. It sort of evolved into these short stories and, eventually, into long form. I’m sure they’d love to see the show.>>Isla, you are the bomb. Come back any time and hang out.>>Let’s get you coffee. She has the premiere tonight. We scared her with our enthusiasm.>>”Beach bum” is in theaters

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