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Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Bird Walk / Max Goes Fishing / Ruby Tries Again – Ep.60

Max & Ruby: Ruby’s Bird Walk / Max Goes Fishing / Ruby Tries Again – Ep.60

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] Max and Ruby Ruby and her
little brother, Max [♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] [popping noise] Popcorn’s ready! Yay! Thanks Bunny Scout Leader! We’re going bird watching
with Mrs. Huffington, Max. Do you want to
come along, or stay here with
Bunny Scout Leader? [gasp]
Popcorn! Thanks. The popcorn is
coming with us, Max. We’re using it to attract
a Loon Lake Skylark. Everybody likes popcorn –
including birds! Well I hope the
Skylark does. If we see one, we can get
our Bird Watching Badge. [grunting] It won’t fit. Hmmm… Max, it would really
help if you came along: You could
be our official popcorn carrier. Popcorn! Thanks Max. But remember Max –
it’s not for eating –it’s for the birds.Who’s ready to go
on a bird walk? I am! Me too! We all are! Do we have bird
watching binoculars? I do! A bird watching log book? I do! And the Loon Lake
Skylark bird whistle? [bird call] I do! Bunny Scouts MARCH! Keep your eyes and ears open
for the Loon Lake Skylark. I’m looking. I’m listening. I’m looking and listening! [♪] Hilltops are great
for bird watching. Now, Let’s see if there’s
any sign of our Skylark. [bird call] Good idea Valerie.MAX: Popcorn!RUBY: Max!That popcorn is for
the birds, remember? I think it might be safer if
I take the popcorn instead. [sigh]
Popcorn.[bird call]Was that you,
Valerie? No, Mrs. H. Then it was… BOTH:
A real Loon Lake Skylark! It came from over there! Time to go off the beaten
path, Bunny Scouts! Just remember to keep
track of where we go. [♪] Keep those eyes and ears open! Shhhhhh.
I think I heard a bird! Do you see anything, Ruby? Not yet. [♪] It must have flown
farther into the forest. [sighs] Maybe it’s time for your
bird whistle again, Valerie. Good idea, Mrs. H. [bird call] Did you hear that? Yes! That was it! Wait!
I think I see something. Way up there! Popcorn! [laughs] Do you see it now, Ruby? No, but I’m sure it’s
there, way up in that tree! I think it’s time to
try my popcorn trick. Good idea, Ruby. Let’s go to the clearing. Huh? What are you doing
in there? Popcorn! Come on, we’re finally going
to spot the Loon Lake Skylark. Popcorn! That’s right. We’re going to lure him
down with the popcorn. [♪] This looks like
a perfect spot. [gasp]
Oh no! I lost all my popcorn. Now we have nothing
to feed the birds. It’s Ok. We can go back to
camp for more popcorn. Um …which way
is the campsite? I think it’s that way. Isn’t it that way? M-hmm. That’s the problem with
going off the beaten path. You have to keep track
of where you went. Oh no! Popcorn! There’s no popcorn, Max. It’s all on the ground. Popcorn! Huh? You mean? I get it! We can follow the popcorn
trail back to camp! I knew you’d figure it out! Follow that popcorn! [popping sounds] Welcome back bird walkers. Did you spot a
Loon Lake Skylark? We heard one,
but we didn’t see one! I guess we’ll have to wait
until next time to get our
bird watching badge. I don’t know. We may not have
spotted any birds, but that was the best
bit of tracking I’ve seen
in a long time. The kind that deserves
to be rewarded…? [gasp] ALL:
Bunny Scout Tracking Badges! Yay! Look Max.
I got a badge after all! And I couldn’t have done it
without your trail of … Popcorn! [bird singing] Watch your
step on the dock, Bunny Scouts! I can’t believe we’re going to
get our canoeing badge today. I’ve waited for this all year! Well we haven’t
got it yet, Ruby. I know. But we’ve practiced a lot, and I can’t think anything
that could get in our way! If you say so Ruby! Oh! Big One! Hi Max, we’ll be canoeing on
this side of the dock. So I think the
fishing will be better on that side
of the dock, okay? Thanks Max. Who’s ready to earn their
Bunny Scout Canoeing Badge? I am! Me too! We all are! To earn your canoeing badge, you’ll each get into
the canoe with me, one at a time,
paddle out, …turn the canoe around… and paddle back
to the dock. Then you get out and drop the mooring rope
over the mooring post so the canoe
doesn’t float away. Who wants to go first? I will![groaning]What’s the matter, Max? You’re not going
to catch anything if you can’t get your
ducky in the water. Something’s stopping
your fishing line. Here’s your problem – there’s a knot in your line. I’ll undo it and
then you can go fish. There you are Max. Now you can go
back to fishing and I can go try for
my canoeing badge. [gasp] Oh! Valerie’s already started! I know. She’s really good! She sure is! Big one! [grunting] BOTH:
Yay! Valerie! All she has to do
is paddle back and moor the canoe
to the post and she’ll
earn her badge. Mooring looks like
the hardest part. [grunting] [sigh] [chuckling] Let’s get you untangled. I can’t get you free if you
keep wiggling like a fish. Hmmm. Maybe I should
reel you in! [laughing] There you go,
you’re ready to fish again. And now, I have to go
earn my Canoeing Badge. [gasp] Look at Louise paddle! She’s a natural. [grunt] [gasp] Big one! [cheering] You’re doing great, Louise! Now all she has to do
is paddle back and moor the canoe
to the mooring post. Then it’s my turn!MAX:
Big one!
Big one! [grunting] You hooked something! I wonder what it is. [grunting] Here, I’ll help. [grunting] Wow!
It’s really heavy! Whoa! [laughing] It’s just an old boot! [anguished sigh] Keep trying, Max. I’m sure you’ll
catch a big one. I have to go see
Louise finish paddling. You did it, Louise! Yay! Thanks, Valerie. Now it’s your turn, Ruby. At last! Wish me luck! Good luck Ruby! Yay! You can do it! [♪] [sigh]Go Ruby!You’re doing great!Okay
Bunny Scout Ruby, time to turn this
canoe around. [♪] YAY RUBY! That’s perfect,
Bunny Scout Ruby! Thanks, Bunny Scout Leader. Just moor the canoe to
the mooring post,and then I’ll present
the canoeing badges
to all three of you.We did it! Yay! That was fun! Come on, Max! We’re going to get
our canoeing badges! [gasp] If I don’t moor the canoe,
I’ll be the only Bunny Scout who doesn’t get
a canoeing badge! [gasp] Huh? [cheering] I got it! [sigh]
Thanks Max! Well done,
Bunny Scout Valerie. Here’s your badge. [gasp] Thanks,
Bunny Scout Leader. Good job,
Bunny Scout Louise. [gasp] Thank you,
Bunny Scout Leader! And Bunny Scout Ruby… Nice teamwork! Thanks,
Bunny Scout Leader. I wouldn’t have
gotten this badge if Max hadn’t
caught the… Big One! [♪] [laughing] Again! Looks like Max
needs another spin. Okay I’ll spin
you again. Ready? Have fun! [laughing] All right Bunny Scouts, it’s time to earn
the last badge of your Loon Lake
Camping Trip: The Bunny Scout
Campfire Badge. I’ve built one in my
rock circle to show you. You start with a little
ball of dried grass. Then you lay twigs on top,
so it looks like a teepee. Next you get bigger pieces
of wood from the woodpile and carefully place them
on top of the kindling, like another teepee. ALL: Hmm… And last,
but most important, you have to get a
bucket-full of water. Safety is the most
important thing when you’re
building a campfire. Here’s some dry
grass to start with, and you’ve each got
your own rock circle. Your challenge is to build
your campfire before sunset. So… Off you go! Okay! Yay! Let’s go! [laughing] Have you found any
twigs for kindling? There aren’t very many around. We’ll just have
to look harder.MAX:
Okay Max.
I’m coming. Here we go. [laughing] See you around Max! Now, I need to
find some kindling! [laughing] Do you think this
is enough, Valerie? I hope so! There aren’t many
small twigs around. I guess I’ll just
have to look harder. Good luck Ruby! You can do it! I’ll find some,
I know I will. Hmmm… Aha! Just what I’m looking for. [♪] Again? Just one more twig on top, and I’ll have
the perfect little teepee. Again? Ah! Oh no! I told you, Max, I’m
trying to build a campfire. Okay, I’ll spin you again. But this is the
last time, right? I have to build my
kindling teepee. Hi Ruby. Aren’t you building
your campfire? We’re ready to make
our firewood teepee! I’ll be right behind you! [giggling] Okay, let’s get you
back into that tire. [grunt] One more spin and then
you’re on your own. [laughing] Once I get this firewood
to my rock circle, I’ll have my campfire
ready in no time! Oh oh… I’m running out of time! Now I just have to build the
kindling teepee again… Done! And now I’ll build my
firewood teepee over it.I’m finished my teepee!Me too! Don’t worry Ruby,
you’ll catch up. [sigh]There!Now I’m ready to get
my bucket of water! [grunting] This part is
really hard! I never knew water
was so heavy!MAX:
[laughs] It looks like you
need some help. But this is really
the last time. I’ll give you an
extra hard spin. [laughing] See you, Max. [grunting] [grunting] Whoa! There!
I did it! Again! [gasp]
Oh no! My fire will never light
with all that water on it! What are you
going to do, Ruby? Build another
campfire, of course! Come on Max. [laughter] [♪] [gasp] I better hurry,
it’s almost dark! All right,
Bunny Scouts. It’s time for our
badge ceremony. I hope I made my
campfire in time. Bunny Scout Louise,
here’s your campfire badge. Congratulations! Ooh!
Thank you, Bunny Scout Leader. Bunny Scout Valerie,
here’s your campfire badge. Well done. Ohhh…Thank you
Bunny Scout Leader! And Bunny Scout Ruby… Yes, Bunny Scout Leader? You know how important it is
to build a proper campfire. Yes, Bunny Scout Leader. But what’s even
more important is having the right
Bunny Scout spirit. Huh? So, along with getting
your Campfire Badge, I’ve decided to give you
the Good Sport award. Good sport award? Why? Because you learned what
every Bunny Scout should know: If at first you don’t
succeed, try, try…” Again! Oh, Max!

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