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Meal Prep – Easy Low-Carb Coconut Fish

Meal Prep – Easy Low-Carb Coconut Fish

what up guys and welcome back to the pitman cook kitchen before we jump into today’s recipe as you can see we are still here in the studio but with a brand new backdrop this is still a work in progress we’re still adding some things here and there because I don’t know anything about design but I just think it’s dope that now you have something a lot more visually pleasing than a brick wall behind me so we’re gonna do one quick round of applause with a new backdrop a slow clap and the fast clap Hey all right everyone’s happy even max is happy he’s not even here he’s so happy um so today’s recipe is inspired by a recent travel trip that I had I just got back from this amazing exploration in Madagascar and Madagascar is known for a lot of things for the baobab trees for the vanilla but they’re also known for their great tasty food it’s really robust and one of the things that struck me while visiting was just the simplicity yet the complexity of the dishes that’s where the beauty comes in because the the simplicity often times it just creates it just lends itself to these wonderful creative dishes so today we are gonna be making a dish that I had there and this is this amazing buttery coconut fish so we’re gonna whip that up just for the halibut [Music] that was fine smooth way let John know we’re gonna be using Halloween today but I will you in with the story and then say that okay you probably do anyway we’re gonna be whipping up a beautiful buttery coconut fish dish using halibut and then pairing that with some brown rice and grilled asparagus this is a really simple recipe that is inspired by my travels it is not at all traditional Malagasy food but it’s inspired by the flavors and one thing that makes this video extra special for me is that I’m making this dish all from memory based off the taste that I had the coconut fish so alright if you are ready to roll up your sleeves for this amazing Malagasy inspired meal then let’s get started okay so the first thing we’re going to do is prep our fish so I’ve got some halibut center-cut fillets here I’m gonna sprinkle on just a little bit of sea salt and pepper I’m gonna keep it really simple because there’s gonna be a lot of flavor in the sauce so there’s no need to over season here just sea salt and pepper fire up a skillet on medium-high heat spray with a little bit of avocado oil or another high smoke point oil and then just add in the PAL of a place now in Madagascar they cook with the skin so it’s up to you and cook with your skin on or off I’m going to add and what we want here is just a beautiful night sphere we don’t need to really cook the fish in this and it’s instant because it’s gonna cook inside of the sauce – right here we just want a really nice rich to see it and once it’s Pierce for about it over and spear the other side and again it doesn’t have to be cooked all the way through we just want to get the spear now drop the heat to medium low add in just a little bit of oil we’ve got the flavor from the fish already here and now we’re gonna add in some fresh garlic and we want the heat logan’s we don’t want to burn it and then we also want some ginger and we also point onion get this together in the skillet make sure it’s on low and all we’re gonna do right now just caramelize the onions and the garlic and ginger now there was a lady on the beach that was showing me how she likes to add in tomatoes for her recipe and so what she does is show take that tomato this is a roma tomato so cut off the top and then she’ll squeeze out all the seeds and I said what are you doing you’re gonna lose all the flavor and they’re at Madagascar she said the seeds can disrupt your stomach and so they always squeeze them out and then she’ll slice the tomato that way and add it to the recipe so that’s what I’m gonna do right now I’m gonna do it the exact same way so I’m building this again by memory this is almost ready it’s getting super fragrant now in Madagascar she was a little heavy-handed with the oil so it caramelized really quickly in turn and in turn brown when I gonna use quite as much we’re gonna make this calorie-conscious we’re gonna make this inspired by that recipe so it may take a bit for your onions to soften up so about three minutes or so now I’m gonna add in our chopped tomatoes mash everything together and you’re gonna increase the heat a little bit and now we want the tomatoes to soften under the heat I’m gonna mix it in very well with our onion ginger and garlic mix so after about three minutes this is what you get it’s okay if this begin is still in some pieces we just want the majority of the tomatoes and they have exploded to create this paste now one last thing to really boost up the flavor we’re gonna add infant curry powder sprinkle this in it’s gonna get super fragrant in the kitchen whole house is gonna smell a little good it’s gonna give this one quick stir I’m gonna balloon this I’m gonna squeeze in this a little bit of lemon just a little bit of this now we’re gonna add in some full fat coconut milk or some light coconut milk you add it whichever one your macros can afford stir it up and I’m gonna bring this to a simmer and then we’re gonna cover and cook this just for a few minutes I’d say for about ten minutes by itself so that way the flavors really meld together before we add back in the fish to finish it off and after about 10 minutes yeah we’re left with this beautiful creamy red goodness look at it just looks amazing time to add in the fish just Nestle that right there in the sauce and since we just steered the fish we’re gonna allow this to finish cooking inside of the sauce so everything is gonna melt together and flavor itself so I’m gonna cover and cook for another five minutes or so make sure the temperature is on a low heat so that way it’s just simmering just a little bit everything to come together after about five minutes Wow you now smokes a little bit of the halibut and the coconut and it’s just smells oh wow guys this is amazing this really smooth great and remember that as the sauce falls down kind of thicken up some drizzle all on top of the fish but it’s cooked all the way through now for sure I’m gonna finish this off with a little bit of cilantro it’s the final thing just to bring this dish together little freshness from the cilantro and there it is we’ve got my Lagasse inspired coconut fish now what I learned from my traveling over there is that no meal is complete without rice it is the me the world’s food and I’ve got some brown rice here and paired it with some grilled asparagus so if you are on the keto plan are you doing a low carb then just swap out the brown rice for some cauliflower rice but this is just a full flavored meal and don’t forget the sauce drizzle in that sauce and now the part that I’m really excited about cuz I want to see if it just comes close it reminds me all of my travels this place apart really easily that’s what you want a little bit of rice in there this is really really good guys this is very close to what I had this is a fragment of a ministry memory complex yet simple and how to make it’s complex in flavor but very simple and what we put into this and this is why I really enjoyed traveling over there and why I had such admiration for the dishes that they presented me because they were all really simple even cooking there on the beach with the lady they had like four or five ingredients for those four or five ingredients it felt like they may be used like fifteen or twenty just because of the complexity of the flavors it was sweet it was savory it was spicy it was hot it was cold it was all of these things together meld into one recipe and this is what we have right here today so I’m gonna do my own I’m gonna spoon in that one because can’t keV you did that man you did the darn thing I love it I love it alright guys that is it for today’s recipe if you like stuff like this and I invite you to smash that like button below and remember the most important thing about cooking anything is just to customize the recipes for your diet for your own preferences so if you aren’t a fan of fish then just use something else you can use some shrimp you can use tofu in this recipe you can even use some marinated so tempeh you can use chicken you could even use very lean beef as well so again make this for you so that way you can enjoy this richness as well and before you leave guys don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to ring that Bell see you and then apply to every time I post hot new content and go and check out my travel Madagascar blog I think you’re really gonna like it alright guys until next time I want to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring boo bye y’all [Music]

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