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Meal Prep – World’s Best Vegan Street Tacos

Meal Prep – World’s Best Vegan Street Tacos

what up guys and welcome back to the fit
men cook kitchen today we are bringing all the flavor all the heat everything
style but also in all of Texas is gonna be right here in this video we are
making the best darn street tacos that you have ever ever ever tasted or at
least ever made in your own kitchen now there is a slight twist to this video
that you are gonna find out and about five four three two one
but trust me and bear with me that these tacos will not only nourish your body
but they’re also gonna nurse your mind she’s gonna be like where they’re from
ha ha all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get those hands
dirty for some flavor let’s get started I got that I forgot about the joke today
I did not forget about the joke so here it is it’s trivia question what do you
call a cold taco a burrito now let’s get our hands dirty
first thing we’re gonna make is the meat so we’re gonna add in some raw
cauliflower florets just chop the stems off the cauliflower leaves these
beautiful florets and you can use a high-powered blender but we use a food
processor is much easier as much wider as you can see then some walnuts and a
whole lot of personality so we’ve got some garlic some onion powder some chili
powder some cumin and some oregano a little bit of fresh pepper would our
tacos without a little bit of hot sauce adding a little bit of Tapatio just be
disrespectful with it and when you add in the Tapatio you don’t need a whole
bunch of salt so pop the top and you may need to start and stop your
food processor just to mash down the ingredients to make sure that everything
is getting blended together so no worries it’s all by design this is just
the texture that we want looks like paste but there’s a lot of
texture and a lot of good color to it as well you scrape down the sides one last
time and they’re really cool thing about vegan cooking too is that you can always
taste it taste the recipe as you make it you don’t have to worry about raw
ingredients and getting sick so mmm smells so good
ma’am you could even add in what you think is missing it’s spicy enough to me
I’m gonna add in just a little bit sea salt and a pinch of it grab a baking
tray lined with some parchment paper and then take our mixture and we’re gonna
bake this and the cool thing is that whenever we bake it it’s going to end up
resembling a lot like brown meat then we’re gonna bake this in the oven for
about 3035 minutes at 375 and we’re going to stir it up half way through
now while the tacos are baked it in the oven why not make some fresh avocado
mash now I know there are lot of recipes out there for guac I like to just keep
mine super simple please in just a little bit of lime freshly chopped onion
you could use some red onion too salt oh look at the flakes go oh my god
that’s beautiful and some cilantro if you don’t like cilantro then you can
keep that but cilantro makes everything better I’m telling you some pepper mix
everything together with your fork and they can look how right the up colors
are just naturally disgrace this beautiful almost tastes like but with a
whole bunch of texture perfect and beautiful and ready for whatever mmm
this is exactly how your counter should look if you are making some fresh
avocado mash I don’t want to walk it to anyone’s kitchen this is all i mean
first off don’t be dirty but I want it to just look obscene with the guacamole
like you just been in there just mashing it up and you want from labor flavor
flavor so I see that onion man I see the cilantro right away it’s telling me like
keV you want this come get it wait like I’m all you got a big lovely Boozer that
there you go all right this is about halfway through the baking so gently
chop it up and mix it up some here in the tray just to make sure that all
sides of the meat mixture get and then put this back in the oven for the
remaining time and after about thirty minutes while I look at that beautiful
taco meat and a little bit of color to it some cilantro y’all know I love to
make it rain cilantro quick taste test look at that
it looks just like down turkey baby season now my sugar get a crunch little
bit to the best part this up right here it slightly burned slightly Brown that’s
what you want because you want this to be a dry mixture
don’t miss right here I’m telling you it’s life build your taco grab your
favorite tortilla I’ve got some white corn tortillas they’re street taco style
add in a little bit of onion chop some cilantro and don’t forget the line and
for the strict keto warriors in your household we’re gonna top off our
avocado mash with some of our walnut cauliflower meat stop by the store get
you a little bit of some fresh pico de gallo right there on top and you’ve got
an amazing dip you’re probably thinking like what Gabe what about the chips well
instead of chips we’ve got some beautiful sweet bell peppers load it up
and just mmm this is one of these cool recipes that you can go in fool your
family and friends and to eating something that is plant strong and it’s
gonna be good for them but also just show them a different interpretation of
food and I think that’s the beauty now this helped them on a journey that world
constantly trying to challenge ourselves with different foods with different
diets with different techniques so that way we can live a long buried and
flavorful life so that is it for today’s video guys I hope that y’all really
enjoyed it I guarantee that these are some of the best darn tacos that you
will ever make your kitchen will thank you your taste buds will thank you
everybody around you will thank you for this so whether you are a keto warrior
or you love some carbs like me hey this recipe is for you if you like videos
like this and I invite you all to smash that like button below and remember to
ring that Bell and subscribe to the channel so that way you can be notified
every time we post new content here on the channel alright
guys until next time I want y’all to keep it healthy but of course never ever

61 comments on “Meal Prep – World’s Best Vegan Street Tacos

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