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Meet the Whale sharks in Oslab ! [Battle Trip/2018.09.02]

Meet the Whale sharks in Oslab ! [Battle Trip/2018.09.02]

(Conquering the nature in Oslob, Cebu) (Whale sharks) (We saw the whale sharks in Cancun, Mexico) – Taegon and Kangnam. / – Right. That’s Mexico. It startled me. (How will the whale sharks in Oslob look?) (5-minute walk from the restaurant) – 5-minute walk? / – Right. – But… / – It’s quite close. – We’ve arrived at last. / – We’re finally going, right? Yes. – Sookyung, let me explain. / – Yes? This place is managed by the government, so there’s a time limit. – Does it mean we must hurry? / – Yes. That’s why we came here in a hurry. – That’s right. / – But look at all these people. – There are so many people. / – It’s packed, right? It’s no joke. – I can’t believe this. / – It’s so crowded. (It’s packed even in the morning) Wow, no way. (In Mexico, they had to head out for 3 hours) That’s true. They had to go for 3 hours. There aren’t many places where you can see whale sharks. (In Cebu, it only takes 5 minutes) 5 minutes? (When the fisherman throws the food into the sea) (Whale sharks follow him around) (Yummy) – Goodness. / – It follows you. It follows him like a goldfish. – Is it a pet? / – The whale sharks… (A goldfish? A pet?) – Is it a pet? / – They come for shrimp. They’re so cute. – You have to go early. / – Yes, early in the morning. – Gosh. / – It’s really big. (Snorkeling with whale sharks) (Whale sharks can be seen from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.) If you go there on the weekend and swim with the whale sharks… – You’ll be really energized. / – Yes. That would keep me energized for a year. (They put on life vests) – I’m color coordinated. / – What? You really are! (Finally) (They head out) We’re finally going to see the whale shark. It’s nice. The ocean in the Philippines is so pretty. Yes. It’s really pretty. (The clear and pretty sea of Cebu) – The color is so nice. / – It’s so clear. – You’re going to a deeper place. / – Yes. (Around where the color changes to darker blue) Look. He’s throwing the food. – He’s throwing shrimp. / – Yes. He’s throwing them over there. They feed them. Yes. They follow you when you throw them food. Are they small? It’s quite shallow here… – Over there! / – Where? Look over there! – Hi! / – Can you see? Over there. Whale shark! – It’s so cute. / – Goodness. Goodness, it’s a whale shark. You can see them even if you aren’t in the water. (The whale shark’s spots are clearly visible) Sookyung, it’s a whale shark. – I want to see it. / – Did you see it? – No, I want to see it in the water. / – I see. It’s over there! He’s bringing it over here. “He’s bringing it.” – “He’s bringing it.” / – Goodness. (Bringing it over with food) – Unbelievable. / – Hi. Goodness. – It’s following him. / – It follows him. – Gosh, how is this possible? / – It’s like a puppy. You have to clean it with spit. It’s faster to clean it with spit. – Are you going in the water now? / – Yes. It’s here. Nami is in a hurry. Let’s go in quickly. – Water. / – Whale shark. – Where? / – There. (The whale shark is right in front of them) Whale shark. (Come in quick) – Wow. / – It’s right in front of you. It’s right in front of you. – Wow. / – Goodness. – Wow. / – It’s right in front of you. (Whale shark, Rhincodon typus) (They grow between 12 to 18m) – Goodness. / – It wants to eat salted shrimp. – It’s so cute. / – Gosh. – Goodness. / – It’s so cute. – It’s huge, but it’s so cute. / – Isn’t the tail 2m long? (A whale shark appeared suddenly in 2011) (Fishermen started feeding it and more of them came) (They are gentle in nature and do not attack people) (They only eat salted shrimp thrown to them) – It feels weird. / – Precautions. – You must not touch them. / – You can’t touch them. You have to stay calm so they don’t get scared. That’s right. You shouldn’t touch them. They were eating right in front of me. I felt like… – I was getting sucked in. / – They’re so close. – They know we’re coming. / – Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. My son loves whale sharks. I really want to go. (Whale sharks don’t shy away) Is that Sookyung? I was scared. (What is she doing?) – Who is it? Is that you? / – Are you having fun? – She’s hanging on dearly. / – It’s because… No way. – How is that possible? / – You’re that flexible? Are you hanging on? – No. / – You’re going backward. Sookyung! Why didn’t you just stay on the boat? – I wanted to see it. / – You’re so funny. – Because it’s so close. / – It was too close. – Look at your legs. / – You’re holding on so dearly. Help. Wait. I’m not ready to meet you. Don’t come near. (She is hanging on with her legs) Look at that. – In case it touches your legs? / – That’s too much. (But I’m cute, right?) – It’s so funny. / – Goodness. – Are you okay? / – Yes. There’s a baby shark next to it. Is it its baby? I don’t think so. It feeds on it’s… – It’s a suckerfish. / – Suckerfish. They clean the whale shark’s body. It sure is a shark. A suckerfish is stuck to it. It cleans the body. – Good? / – Good. (Thanks) Look. It’s really close to me. (They regroup and jump in for the second time) (She’s pointing at something) – What did you see? / – What did you see? That there are more? There were a lot of whale sharks. – Amazing. / – More came. There were two, and then three. Another one came because we were there. – Goodness. / – They’re standing. – My gosh. / – I was surprised to see them stand. (They keep opening and closing their mouths) – She’s saying there are 3 sharks. / – 3 sharks. – Three sharks. / – Amazing. (There are 3 sharks, not 2) Gosh, it’s huge. (One shark) It’s hard to see even one in an aquarium. – It’s lovely. / – It’s so cute. They’re hard to see, but there are three of them. – Yes. / – It’s so amazing that they’re so close. (There are three whale sharks) (From above, you can see four sharks) – Were there 4 sharks? / – Yes. There are more of them than the boats. Four sharks came. – They came to have breakfast. / – Yes, for breakfast. How can they look like that? They’re so cute. – They’re so cute. / – Their mouths are so cute. – It’s so cute. / – Their eyes. – It came. / – They’re… – It’s huge. / – It’s really big. (Finally, they enjoy snorkeling) Don’t you feel blissful when you’re next to them? – You get overwhelmed, don’t you? / – Yes, you do. – I know that feeling. / – It’s like a spaceship. Yes. Isn’t it so pretty? Everyone has fallen for the whale sharks. I think Yujin will go there soon. Me? I want to go. Whale sharks are so cool! I’m not scared. I can say hi to them again. When they are eating… They suck in everything. I felt like I was going to get sucked in too. The mouth is huge. – Really? / – Yes. (Is someone talking about my mouth?) How was it? – It was fun. / – Was it? Really? Why am I so tired? (Snorkeling with the whale sharks is over) Wasn’t that so much fun? – Seriously. / – I want to try that. – Awesome. / – Was it Alright? Yes. You were so tired just now. I was really tired earlier. – But now I feel so refreshed. / – Really? – Wasn’t it fun? / – Yes. Next up, I’ll take you to an even more amazing place. – More than this? / – Yes. You’ll love it. Everyone loves that place. We didn’t get to take pictures. Yeah. Let’s go take some photos. We were so busy looking at the whale sharks. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go quickly. Let’s take a quick shower first. (Conquering the nature in Oslob, Cebu) (Tumalog Falls) You can swim in Tumalog Falls. – Tumalog Falls. / – She studied really hard. Nami must’ve studied very hard. It was an inspiration for “Avatar.” – Did it inspire “Avatar?” / – Yes. (15 minutes by car to Tumalog Falls) We saw the sea… Now the waterfall. This is the entrance to Tumalog Falls. We can’t get in with a car. Then do we have to walk there? Do you see motorbikes here? We can get there with a motorbike. The motorbikes are the transportation to Tumalog Falls. – I was very popular there. / – Shall we ask for a ride… – And go to Tumalog Falls? / – Okay. – I’m nervous. / – Just trust me and follow me. – Okay. / – Hop on. (Motorbike ride, $1) Honey, let’s go. – It’s only $1. / – They’re available from 7 a.m… – To 4 p.m. / – Let’s go. It looks like Sookyung is experienced with motorbikes. She’s holding the grip with only one hand. – She’s experienced. / – That one-handed grip. Honey, let’s go! (3 minutes from the entrance to the falls) I’ve never heard of this. Many people don’t know about this place. Nami, it would’ve been horrible if we walked all the way. Are we already here? – 47. / – 47? – 47. / – Yes. – They’ll wait there. / – You remember the number. – See you. / – See you. I feel like I’m suddenly in a jungle. Right? Look at that. – Okay, go. / – Thank you. Isn’t this a ticket? – Thank you. / – The entrance fee is 40 cents. – Yes. / – I like that it’s so cheap. – Sookyung! / – It’s really amazing. – Sookyung! / – It’s really amazing. Hang on a second. This is insane. I told you it’ll be amazing. – Their reactions are great. / – Sookyung is excited to… Be outside of her home. – I know. / – Everything is fascinating to her. Sookyung is excited about everything. – She is. / – It was really nice. This makes the one who planned the trip so happy. – It’s amazing here. / – Hang on. Hold on. It’s amazing. Didn’t I tell you that? – Is it right there like that? / – Yes. (Tumalog Falls is the biggest waterfall in Cebu) (The falls is 100m high) – The water falls from up there. / – It looks so cool. – It’s 100m high. / – 100m? (There’s one more special thing about this waterfall) (The water is vivid emerald color) – You can go into the water? / – Yes. – That’s amazing. / – We were there in the rainy season. So there was quite a lot of water. You have to go to Tumalog Falls in the rainy season. – Sookyung, look at this. / – It looks awesome. It’s so cool, isn’t it? What is that? Look at that color. The color of the water is so beautiful. Sookyung, this is the place that inspired “Avatar.” – This is the place? / – Yes. – Really? / – It’s based on this waterfall. Even before Nami told me this, as soon as I saw the falls, I said it was just like in “Avatar.” – And it was actually related. / – Exactly. Shall we go in as well? I’m so cold. Are you cold? Then you stay here. I’ll go in. – You can go in. / – Okay. The water is ice cold. (Nami goes into the water first) (Excited) It’s so refreshing! (She gets a waterfalls massage) (Being under the waterfall reminds her of something) (Training) If you’re a comedian… That’s a must. Sookyung! It’s so refreshing here. Just trust me. Come here. (She refuses) But it’s a waste not to go into such a beautiful place. Sookyung, come on. Come here. – Friend. / – Friend. – Come down. / – Come down. I asked them to say it. (After much persuasion) My goodness. – My friend. / – She’s coming. – Friend. / – She’s coming. Friend, my friend. She’s cold. – Was it cold? / – The water was so cold. It was really cold. Sookyung, it’s refreshing, isn’t it? (Sookyung and Nami had a lot of fun at the waterfall) If it’s like this, I’d love to jump in there. It’d be amazing to be in cold water in such a hot country. It must be amazing. (Nami is the most excited person) I heard this is similar to Cenote in Mexico, a natural swimming pool. There’s no need to go to Cancun. – That’s right. / – This is nearer. – You can see whale sharks here too. / – Yes. It’s here! Don’t come to me! – Don’t come to me! / – They’re so cute. – You have never done this? / – No. – Really? / – Really. Aren’t they cute? I’ve never seen doctor fish in nature. There are so many. I must have so much dead skin. I don’t like being touched. – Really? / – Yes. I’ll take what I can since I never get touched. This is amazing. – They must’ve had a lot to feed on. / – They’re here. It tickles! Sookyung’s reaction is great. (Great in reaction) They were all firsts for me. (Is it because she hasn’t tried those things?) (Sookyung and Nami have a relaxing time) – They’re having a party here. / – I know. Now they’re full, shall we go eat something too? – Sounds good. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go eat something good. / – Okay. A proper meal.

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  1. you can go somewhere north to see whale shark in ethical way not giving food but it would take a whole day may be

  2. I too are selfish! We dont want philippines to turn up like thailand! Infested tourist trap esp. too much bars, beach discos and drinking in islands! We want to preserve whatever is left in our beautiful islands!

  3. Battle trip I hope u features Mindanao next time there's more hidden beautiful places here that u never imagine that exist..

  4. Hahah..!!! Don't stay closer they will eat you.!!! Hahahh…!!! Good job.!! Girls.. ths Korean are so funny the same filipino comedy.! Heheh..!!

  5. I love ths two korean or japanese.? heheh it's so funny even i did not understand her language hehe.! Hey.! Guy's i'm from Cebu City, philippines. Love you girls.!!!

  6. Tong mga tangang Korean audience di marunong tumingun ng maganda sa pangit mga obob amp.. Pero daming Korean s Philippines

  7. haaaa it feels so good watching this when we've been there and had a good time also!!!!! we love Cebu so much

  8. also in Tumalog falls, it looks like there's not much water but there is!!! i dont know how it's not captured well but it really is beautiful (and the water is freaking cold)

  9. just visit the amanpulo beach in Philippines where one of the most luxurious and beautiful beach in the wold even the most popular name in Hollywood has visited already like Mariah Carey, Angelina joli , Beyonce and other well-known artist… amanpulo resort offered private plane with a red carpet in the pathway, private assistant to your amanpulo vocation ,golf car and yatch for just ($2000 103,311 pesos 2,226,096 won -the cheapest-) ($8,000 -412,000 pesos 9,120,000won luxurious-)per night each person.

  10. While I'm glad the whale sharks of oslob has become a tourist spot BUT the way the sharks are fed distracts from their natural history (makes them dependent on humans for feeding) is wrong ecologically. To see the sharks stand just to feed is wrong in many ways.

  11. I think in battle trip no one visits siargao i hope tourists not just focus in visayas and luzon i think they should try to tour in mindanao to blow their mind about Philippines😅

  12. Philippines is beautiful country ❤️
    Ou Southeast Asian seriously have alots of character & charm. The landscape, the nature!! Yes, it not perfect but with some fix & help, it gonna be better day by days.
    SOUTHEAST ASIAN is like RAW DIAMONDS, when you take care it right it gonna be shine!!
    i hope each Southeast Asian country & our next next generation will improve it, keep it better, keep it clean.

  13. When we were there, we only saw 2 whale sharks. No life jackets was provided so we can easily swim with them even though I'm not confident on my swimming skills haha They're so cute but still it scares me when they get too near. I feel like they're going to suck me in with those big mouth. My cebu trip was one of the best because of the whale sharks but especially the CANYONEERING!! I hope battletrip will be back with Sandara or Ryan Bang and will feature Siargao. ❤❤❤

  14. I will always remember what my mom said about the whale sharks. That we shouldn't eat them because they saved our ancestors beforeeeeeee~ I am glad to see them always around in our country. 💖

  15. Pinas is expensive esp sa food..unlike sa Thailand na mejo mas affordable pa..pero good choice ang cebu..try din nila sa Guimaras during mango festival..ksi na notice k gusto nila pg me ga Gigantes island..

  16. KBS has reach my place beautiful Cebu, Philippines . This is in Oslob and you are promoting out Island as a tourist destination. 😍😇

  17. Why am i scared at whale sharks😅😅They are kind and cute 💖I thought they were going to eat me🤣 But no🤣 i'm a filipino though😊and feature baguio,Tagaytay,Palawan,Manila,Davao?If you want to? They were so many ?why don't you go there?

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  19. I literally went there since January and i did that because nobody will be with me in the house so i missed school for a week And when i came to the whale shark place there were alot of Aliens/foreigners but mostly koreans then after that i went to my aunts house which is a resort that was close to the whale shark place we went to

  20. why no one is talking about the title im from cebu and im sure that place is not oslab but oslob pleasee
    change the title for everyone not to mis interpret
    edit: don't ever swim very near the butanding specially at the tail part it's a policy/rules and please follow it,just a reminder…

  21. the number one reason why a place or a tourist spot gets polluted it's because of mostly all tourist who doesn't even know how to throw the trashes properly and I see it for my own two eyes when we go to malapascua(home of my grandma) an island in Cebu where u can find a tresher shark I see a tourist eat a snack and trow the wrapper on the sand

  22. Most of my photos when we went to see the whaleshark are showing my back because I was fascinated with how huge they are. Too bad I couldn't really swim coz I badly I wanted to swim with them.

  23. some time dont' like other country dont know much but try to do look like not hv know about nature it s so shit

  24. hi guys, thanks for featuring our Philippine Islands in your TV show, we enjoy it. Please keep coming…. We welcome you with our hearts and smiles

  25. im just so curiois who won in this Battle. that must be so beautiful it defeated our Islands PH. Please tell who won the show? Koreans must have likend it better than PH.

  26. Tbh, I don't want Philippines to win in these shows. There will be too much tourists in these places and preservations of nature will be disrupted because of it.

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  29. I have Galeophobia and Thalassophobia so Yeah… Even tho I want to see and go there I would probably just stay in the sand and watch. ;-;

  30. "swimming with whale shark would energize you in the morning"

    "It'd energize me for a year"

    Yeeess!!! Girl u r a mood 😩

  31. Philippines never won on Battle Trip because 2 or 3 days is not enough to show how majestic and breath taking our place is. But, at least they know that it's beautiful here even if it's just from the videos.

  32. I'm Filipino and I'm ashamed of this practice. Whale sharks shouldn't be fed. Feeding them makes them dependent on humans to get food and it harms them in the long run.

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