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Meeting CNBLUE Minhyuk’s Dad [Hwang’s Eel Restaurant + FNC WOW]

Hey everyone! I’m Ashley and I’ve come to FNCWOW to celebrate tomorrow’s fan meeting for CNBLUE. I didn’t get to do my hair this morning so… We’re going to get the CNBLUE cake. Friend: CNBLUE? Me: Yes, because we are loyal fans. Look! There is only one piece left. Look! Look! Lee Jungshin! Lee Jungshin! Friend: Woah!! He is so cute! The day they opened (the cafe) I bet you a lot of them (celebrities) came here. The day they opened they had an event where fans can see them come in. They added so much new stuff here than the last time I came. yeah now they added this section where you can buy FNC merchandise here and this is something they didn’t have when I first came. This is awesome! Sister: Look at it! Me: Oh! Let me see! Oh!! They’re so gorgeous!! Friend: Go sit down so we can take pictures! Me: I know. We’re going right now. Friend: This is so cute! Me: They give it to us with the order. Oh! So cute!!! Friend: This is Jungshin and this is Youngbin. I don’t know who that is. Friend: And this one’s Rowoon. Me: SF9. He’s from SF9 too. Me: We only got one from CNBLUE?!?! Friend: Yeah. Me: Amazing!!! You can get 10% off your order if you have a
membership card for any the fanclubs, which FNC has for AOA, N. Flying CNBLUE, and FTISLAND. So if you have any of those membership cards just show them your card and you get 10% off your order. Okay everyone! So now we are going to be heading to Hwang Eel’s Restaurant, so let’s go! Okay so we are here at Hwang Eel’s Restaurant and we’re about to go in, but this is how it looks from the outside. So first walking in I was really
surprised to see all the post-its. It was amazing! There were a bunch of
pictures of Minhyuk and some of the CNBLUE members, but most of them were of Minhyuk.
It’s understandable because, you know, it’s his dad’s restaurant. But yeah, we walked
in and we got seated and we ordered (food). It looks so cute! Friend: You can record us eating. And then record (the place) after eating. Me: Okay Oh yeah! Their images spell this! It’s nice! This looks like a shrine. Me: Hurry up and eat! Sister: I wasn’t done! Okay, I’m sorry! Friend: What is this stuff? Friend: Oh! It’s fish eggs! That’s pretty cool! It’s fish eggs. Me: Oh really?!? Friend: I love them! Friend: and then kimchi, and then– Me: Oh my God, hurry up girl! Friend: and then garlic~ It tastes good. It’s good. I was kind of sad because we had walked
in and his dad wasn’t there and I was really hoping to meet his dad, but then
as we were about to leave the venue right, so we have finished eating and
all that was left was for them to take out the charcoal that they had even us
to fry the food. All the sudden it’s Minhyuk’s dad that comes and does it for us and I didn’t even notice that he had came in. My friends had notice and I didn’t notice because I was too busy talking to them. So then when he comes in
I just literally stopped talking and then just go like this. I was like “oh my gosh! It’s him! It’s him!” in my mind. But I wouldn’t say anything. I was really quiet. And then my friend tells him, “oh, they’re CNBLUE fans” and he says “yes, I see” And then he just goes back to work because it was really busy because there was a bunch of people. His dad is here! He’s standing right there! Do you see him?!? And afterwards we paid for our food and
then, it’s kind of like I guess they expect it. They’re like, “oh, you can take a
picture with his dad if you want” because I guess they noticed that we had, you know,
wanted to take a picture. So my sister and I took a picture with me Minhyuk’s dad and he was asking us, you know, “where are you guys from?”
and we said “Oh, Los Angeles. and he kept saying “Hotel
California, Hotel California” (the song). So it was really amazing. We’re like, “Yeah! Hotel
California!” um so then he goes outside and he was like “Oh, let’s take one more
picture. Okay.” So we took another picture and then afterwards I asked him like “oh
can you say anything for the international, you know, CNBLUE fans. MH’s dad: Come over here. MH’s dad: Okay…together Together! Let’s say fighting! Friend: Okay…1, 2, 3! FIGHTING! okay, how about let’s say “CNBLUE fighting!” Friend: Okay. Yeah. CNBLUE fighting? Friend: One–wait, wait! Okay one, two, three! CNBLUE fighting! It was just an amazing! He was so nice! And I think he was just very thankful
about the fact that my sister and I had gone. You know, we are fans from the USA and
we’re supporting CNBLUE. So it was amazing. I loved it. It was amazing. She’s criticizing me because I was– Friend: I am criticizing you because you’re like “hehehe” literally!! And that’s the end to out food adventure here in Yeo– you know where we are at? Friend: Yeongdeungpo? ME:Yeongdopo? Friend: Yeong.Deung.Po ME: Yeo.Deung.Po! Friend: Ah!! Seriously!! Friend: YEONG. ME: YEONG. Friend: DEUNG. ME: DEUNG. Friend: PO! ME: PO–THAT’S WHAT I SAID!!! Friend: No. You were like “Yeodeungpo” Well okay! Yeah! That’s our end right here. Yeah, so we got to meet his dad and it was amazing. And my friend is making fun of me
because I’m fangirling so much but I don’t care. Friend: I really am… But if you guys can, if you’re a BOICE that can come to Korea make sure to come here at least once, It was amazing so hope you guys enjoyed the video and, I’m sorry for those who can’t
come here but I hope the video is enough for you. Bye!!

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