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Meffert’s Fisher Cube Unboxing and Review

Meffert’s Fisher Cube Unboxing and Review

All right guys, Kenneth here. Today I’m going
to do an unboxing of the new Fisher Cube from . It came in this box. It actually
came to my brother because it’s was a birthday present. He opened the box but I don’t think
he opened the actual puzzle. There’s some rapping here. Yeah. A Fisher Cube It’s a factory
made Fisher Cube. I’m really excited about it. If you’ve seen some of my other videos
you know I have my own Fisher Cube that I made. But you know it’s not perfect. You can
kind of see it’s not perfect. It’s actually very heavy because there’s so much Apoxie®
Sculpt in this thing. It’s like a rock. But this one it feels much lighter and It’s a
factory cube which is always nice. And wow. It turns really well. Oh yeah it turns great.
Oh and it cuts corners very well. O yeah look at that, that is nice. Wow that’s really loose.
It works well there’s no lubing needed at all. And wow, that’s really nice to know.
So this is the Fisher Cube from Mefferts. And there’s actually a lot of controversy
about this cube because I’m pretty sure Mefferts did not make this cube but there selling the
cube. The people who originally made it did not notify Tony Fisher about it at all. And
they weren’t giving him any royalties for his puzzle. But anyway Mefferts and Tony Fisher
somehow made a deal with this company and now Mefferts are selling them and Tony is
getting a royalty. If you want to read more about this there’s a big thread over at twistypuzles
talking about this and you can read exactly what happened. Anyway I’m glad to have one
I got to say. It turns great. You know I’m really happy with this puzzle. It’s really
cool. So yeah that’s it that’s the unboxing. I think now I’m going to scramble it up and
solve it but I won’t boar you guys with that. So. Anyway thanks guys for watching and have
a good day!

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