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Megalodon Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

Megalodon Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

It’s the largest shark you’ve never seen,
and it makes the Great White shark look like a shrimp…shark. I’m Jonathan Bird, and this
is Shark Academy! This is a tooth from a Great White shark,
but this is a tooth from a Megalodon shark, which makes the Great White shark look kind
of wimpy. The only problem is, the Megalodon shark is
extinct. In spite of the fact that Hollywood would
have you believe that the Megalodon lived way back in the Jurassic period with the dinosaurs,
it lived from 28 million years ago until about 1.5 million years ago during the Pleistocene
era, which is an era which is a lot more like the animated movie “Ice Age” with Saber-toothed
cats, and sloths, and Mammoths, and that squirrel. The squirrel. They lived then. If that squirrel
went in the ocean…eaten by a Megalodon. One of the problems with researching extinct
sharks is the fact that sharks don’t leave much of a fossil record. The problem is that
sharks have a cartilaginous skeleton that doesn’t really leave a fossil. The only thing
in a shark that leaves a fossil are the teeth. And the teeth of a Megalodon are the only
thing that scientists have to try to figure out how big they were, what they ate, what
they looked like. Paleontologists have come up with at least five different ways to try
to figure out how big the Megalodon was based on the enormous size of its teeth. All five different ways actually point to
the Megalodon being more then fifty feet long, which means that the Megalodon was essentially
a Great White shark that was as large as, or larger than a Whale shark—which is pretty
big! Well I hope you enjoyed the Megalodon shark.
I’m sorry to tell you that they’re extinct, but what are you going to do? They actually
are extinct, so if you enjoyed this video and you’re not too depressed, you could go
check out some videos about actual living sharks in our Shark Academy series. And also
check out Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, our other series, here on our YouTube channel.
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100 comments on “Megalodon Sharks | SHARK ACADEMY

  1. there not instinct cuz there have people that has spottet it on camera in the ocean and theres a megalodon tooth thats 10000 years old

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  3. Kinetic they are able to raise body temperatures like 12 to 15 degrees warmer than seawater. Thinking squid and who knows what else

  4. Hey Blue World TV I've been subscribed to your channel since you've had 30 000

    can you please do a video on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia

  5. Fron: We just discovered an extinct species of shark. I think we should call it Megalafron.
    Don: I have a better idea

  6. Tiger Shark:The White Shark looks puny compared to Megalodon.
    Great White Shark: Hey! I do have feelings you know!
    Tiger Shark: Oh no.
    Great White eats Tiger Shark
    Great White Shark: BURP!

  7. Yeah, they don't exist anymore…. but I wish they were still alive, cause if the were.. that would amazing! 😁

  8. Find the difference 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🐬🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈 you could definitely see that!

  9. Do you even know 100 percent of the ocean if yoi dont them dont expect megalodon is extinct until we know 100 percent of the ocean

  10. Megalodon lived before the ice age. This is important because megalodon may have been killed off by the first ice age or even before.

  11. People who sah megalodon is still alive and say 95% of the ocean is not explored or uhh made a map and meg hide on the deepest part of the oceans i dont think so megalodon hunt and lived on shallow waters it had babies on shallow waters so but i believe in megalodon i want to see 1 i believe there is still 1 or 2 megalodon living till this day but will go extinct because maybe they are both males? Sad

  12. I just wanted to say congrats on being inducted into the Scuba Diver’s Hall of Fame!!!!!! I don’t know much about it, but if anyone deserves to go in, it’d be you. Thank you for educating us on sharks and beyond!!!!!

  13. How fascinating to discover the era when they actually lived!!! That's something I hadn't yet learned about the megalodons!!!

  14. I'm sorry to tell you that they are extincg. What are you gonna do? They actually are extinct… Mr. Bird, you say the most amazing observations😂

  15. If I remember correctly scientists have found extinct shark teeth and jaws as well as vertebrae but I don't remember what shark species it was exactly.

  16. When you talk about a wheel shark you say they’re bigger than a school bus when you talk about a Megalodon you should say they’re bigger than the biggest steam locomotives

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