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Meryl Streep – ‘Mary Fisher’s Story’ (She-Devil)

Meryl Streep – ‘Mary Fisher’s Story’ (She-Devil)

the reigning Royal Highness of romance
Her Majesty Barry Fisher at the tender age of 34
she has already penned over 30 novels I think that it’s important in a long-term
relationship and that’s what I think women find from my novels they they find
ways to make their man feel important and comfortable to let him know that he
is the man you know so there’s no confusion ever the faithful daughter
marries never too busy to visit with her mother who convalesce is in style at the
golden Twilight rest poem mrs. Francine Fisher is the proud man
tree art of the Fisher clan why don’t you go get some salt with some carriers
remove the stain hurry honey hurry Sultanpuri amen familiar with a woman’s
domain he was just that my wife’s always spilling things she’s a bit clumsy
that’s your wife too bad you know it’s too late that
stain is already set why don’t we just cover it up I insist that you send me
the bill for the dry cleaning that’s very gallant no what I need is another
drink of his tears I’m patted Bob all the little families mommies and
daddies and dear little children tucked away for the night hello luckily it’s so kind of you to take me out
absolutely no problem now Ruth be careful I’m gonna drop you
here okay turn her to the door oh that’s all right miss Fisher we just slip up
the block there’s no sense of making the u-turn right sweetie
don’t we still have a such a long way to go oh don’t be silly
75 miles is nothing bye sweetie it was very nice meeting you miss Fisher
bye hon drive carefully my god this is fantastic yeah you should
see my electric bill it wasn’t necessary Garcia you may go to bed now all right buenas noches you must lead a very glamorous life
night I suppose so Bob but sometimes sitting here day after day banging away
at my keyboard writing can be so Oh what are you doing yeah my parents are
coming over dinner sometime no no you don’t you don’t ever have to go back Bob
we fell in love it’s no one’s fault it’s not your fault it’s not my fault I know
when you married Ruth you you did it out of kindness an idiot I loved you for
that Bob now please please be kind to me be
with me stay with me Mary I want to it’s not that easy I’ve
got kids well they have their mother Ruth is blessed with those children
they’re her pride and joy step there what why don’t you say that you’ve got
me younger I want all of you I found daddy hold you in here goddamn
Ruth what the hell do you think you’re doing
Andy Nicolette this is your new home I’m sure you’ll be very happy here Ruth you
are really depraved someone get this deranged woman out of
here Garcia you take care of kids and remember no matter what I love you both
very much uh-huh Ruth Ruth this is your idea of a
joke it’s not funny do you have a satellite dish you her
body as he had for millennia one with an ease neither he reached for her think so loudly and your dad and I don’t
approve of you talking on that party line nothing else to do around here hello Mary hi what’s going on out there
you have no idea what I have to put up with around here the noise the Pickering
the constant interruptions I can barely even concentrate let alone create Andrew
what are you doing Andrew did you hear me
Andrew throw that stick away right now right now in this house we do not hate you in the
living room that’s my blouse you’re wearing my
flowers to do the laundry I’m sure your brother would be now go upstairs and
clearly tell the maids do it the children don’t seem to have any clean
clothes do you think that you could pass Fosse has just shit all over the carpet
perhaps miss Fisher would like to clean that up and it’ll do the laundry no no
that’s all right where’s Garcia in the swimming pool of
Ariel’s Garcia Garcia what the hell do you think you’re doing
I’m not really sure lately I haven’t been able to perform my usual services
well you’re still the butler so get in there and get to work I may be the
butler but I’m not the maid get away hello your royal highness you better pay
for the taxi what are you doing fancy-shmancy oh he’s cute
how much do you pay him huh I bet she makes you earn every penny yeah where
are the children they’re getting ready hey kids dinner’s
ready Bob we don’t imitate sorry here they are
oh don’t you look what’s the matter with your clothes you did the laundry
something wrong with that machine how is the chow line oh good evening
mrs. Fisher anyone should get out you know the chair patties don’t man it’s
Bob whatever why the hell didn’t anyone call me beginners will results that you
were having a little she’s great yeah here we all are together having a nice
family dinner certainly are you know mrs. Fisher I haven’t told you what a
wonderful daughter you’ve got you did a terrific job in raising him you’d never
know it the way she treats me miss famous writer over there you would think
a 41 year old woman would have learned to appreciate a mother you would think
would appreciate the very expensive nursing home her daughter pays poor very
nice I thought you were 34 ha she’s 41 I got the birth certificate to prove it
don’t listen to her she’s getting senile bullshit I remember everything I
remember when you were just a team laughs are interested in what you
remember that has shop oh how are you it’s crazy time out yeah
relax the usual please on me what what’s wrong in your hair oh the got me there
so tell me how much you love my new novel and how much money we’re going to
make I don’t know what to say Mary we extended deadline after deadline waiting
patiently for your manuscript then you give us something called love in the
rinse cycle I mean you don’t love it Mary the love scenes are wonderful but
your heroine has two children and a husband named Bob I don’t understand it
and darling what is this whole chapter on laundry that’s a metaphor a what a
metaphor women always get stuck with the laundry my readers will identify Mary in
the romance business you’re only as good as your last novel fans are fickle
you will lose don’t lecture me about my readers are you going to publish it or
not not as is you see Mary we’re only doing this be around I’m I’m exercising
my option I’m going to take it to another publisher Paul Mary why don’t
you take a day to think about this you look tired
go get a facial by the way I think that Bob yours a
beautiful name I’m going where were you sorry honey
that friggin jag blew a fan belt in the weigh-in oh I am so beat you know what
I’m thinking I’m thinking oh that drive from the city is so long you don’t might
be safer if I spent a few nights in the office what do you think I think Jesus
Christ the best hold on Mary who are you gonna sue your mother okay okay let’s
just look on the bright side even bad publicity is good publicity we’re gonna
need all the help we can get when loving the rinse cycle comes out yeah what man
ask do you mean by that I read the manuscript frankly Mary I’m worried first of all I refuse to publish it now
you tell me I don’t hate it I just don’t know why you straight from the formula you don’t know it artists you came to my
house with the children my life has changed and I must reflect that in my
writing Mary let’s let’s not exaggerate the significance of your writing okay
we’re not talking about art here we’re talking about a product literature art
or creativity after all you are merely yes well accounting can be very creative
yeah yeah if I didn’t keep my eye on the bottom line you and on your artsy
friends wouldn’t have a pot to piss him oh you are so proud how dare you insult
my beautiful friends because that is the real world Mary so wake up and smell the
cappuccino this reviewer wouldn’t shed a tear to
find his copy of love in the rinse cycle lost in the garbage disposal I hate to
say I told you so but it just did didn’t you here’s a
little something should cheer you up it’s like a fan letter you know what I’m
thinking I think we should go on a little
vacation just you and me have some fun go to the islands I don’t know have some
coco loco’s some pina coladas just relax recharge your batteries god I love that
what do you think Mary Mary Mary I took this job because I only have to cook and
clean for one person then I get the mother the lover his kids their dog he’s
up with his bullshit I will not put I quit hands up her party up you’re fired stairs young lady I’m take off my dress
it’s not my mother you young man I’m taking back control of my knife Bob
that’s why don’t you all are under my roof things remove it on my way
starting now knew you would come success honey
everybody is happy I just want you to know that as far as I’m concerned you’re
still on probation so just be nice enjoy yourself attention everybody I’d like to propose
a toast to the wonderful woman who put this fabulous party together Mary come
on up here hit it guys come on everybody give her a big hand Mary you were the absolute best and I’m
the luckiest guy in this room it’s a great life and things are only gonna get
better here’s to you hon Robert Koch I have a warrant for your arrest for what
for fraud and embezzlement you have to leave sorry to spoil your party 26
counts we’re looking at two to three hundred thousand dollars that’s a lot of
money that’s two to five years in prison that’s crazy
you’ve got to do something Mary a solution to your problem lies in two
words hey off no Bob judge Phillips I have learned that Judge Phillips will
be hearing your case and that is very good news for not only is he my father’s
old golf partner judge Phillips tends to be very mm considerate towards
white-collar criminals criminals who’s talking about criminals Larry I’m no
criminal of course you’re not Bob just relax but
we know that a considerable amount of your clients money was somehow
transferred into your personal account in Switzerland yes
our defense will claim a virus somehow into your computer causing a mistake and
transfer of money we can show that the largest transfer of money came from
Mary’s own account we all know that wasn’t a stake right absolutely so don’t
worry about a thing dad and I are gonna play a few rounds
with the judges weekend and I’ll start laying the groundwork you sure this will
work this computer Bob I don’t get paid $350 an hour to
give bad advice okay Mary you’ve been great how the hell did a bum like me
wind up with a wonderful woman like you hey hey what is the matter very hand
that feeds you you heard what Larry said it was the computer computers don’t have
Swiss bank accounts Bob I want you out of my life oh and you’re fired we are
here with Mary Fisher and she is the former romance novelist now Mary has
just written a new book and this is something that is very different it’s
called trust and betrayal and it’s subtitled a doc univille of love money
and skepticism thank you very much for joining us this morning thank you Thalia
it’s very nice to be here now let’s see this was about a year and a half ago
that your last novel was published and it was completed at a hop we may as well
be blunt but the new book has gotten fabulous reviews yes it has yes and from
the serious critics thank you miss Fisher pleasure could you make it out to Douglas Douglas
Thanks very efficient how shall I inscribe it would you sign
it – Ruth – Ruth with thanks Mary thank you between scrubbing – Alan
please yes yeah your grasp of the postmodern metaphor is
wonderful mrs. Fisher oh no no miss Fisher
please call me Mary

45 comments on “Meryl Streep – ‘Mary Fisher’s Story’ (She-Devil)

  1. I watched this movie and it really dragged on at parts. The thing that kept me going was Meryl. I think she’s amazing in this movie and, as you said, with the limited material she was given. Thanks for making this!

  2. Streep is incredibly funny in this film. She's got that rare sort of Bette Davis appeal that keeps you watching a film just to see her attention to detail in her characterization.

  3. This is definitely a lost gem, although a bit dingy. Also, I quite enjoyed Roseanne's performance almost as much as I enjoyed Meryl's.

  4. this movie is HYSTERICAL !! super underrated. I mean it ain't shakespeare, but it's A LOT of fun. i love it.

  5. Hi, Eric! I really enjoyed this and wondered if you ever thought of doing the same for some of ONJ's movies: Funny Things Happen Down Under, Toomorrow, Grease, etc.?

  6. I know Meryl is obviously one of our most talented and brilliant dramatic actresses of our time, but she's also one hell of a comedic one. The only reason I ever watch this movie is because of her! She's absolutely brilliant!

  7. love that movie and maryl streep really nail the character, I also like rosanne that was before the racist and trump thing, I really do not like her now, I think artists should not be so political or involve in social issues especially taking such a extreme views on public, is a shame…love that movie and rosanne

  8. Looking on how Mary looks disturbed by Ruth's excitement upon meeting her, Mary really deserved that karma given by a scorned Ruth…
    11:06: LOOOOOOOOOOL…
    28:35; Did Mary notice that Ruth was the wife of the man she stole?

  9. Of course the headline of the film was supposed to be Roseanne Barr, and truthfully, back then, that's what everybody focussed on even though Meryl pretty much carried the entire movie. She's the one that made the movie funny, but at that time, she wasn't yet the Hollywood gold that everyone sees her as today despite the awards she'd already received. The late 80s were sort of a down period for her.

  10. When Meryl walks down the stairs..I'm in…totally in… she is hysterical, funny, and totally over the top, she is awesome.

  11. Ute: Fuzzy has just shit all over the carpet. Perhaps Miss Fisher would like to clean that up, and Ute will do the laundry?
    Mary: No, no, no, that's alright. LOL!

  12. I always felt that Meryl's performance in this movie was sort of a "prototype" for her performance in Death Becomes Her.

  13. I LOVE this film and have seen it dozens of times. Meryl Streep is amazing, and as far as I'm concerned, the film was much more enjoyable than the grotesque TV series.

  14. This is an amazing movie!! both Meryl and Roseanne were great!! Hilarious and very on point!

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