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Meta Mera – återblick 2019 och planerna för 2020

Meta Mera – återblick 2019 och planerna för 2020

Hi! Here I am having a look at one of my “childhood” waters just to make sure it is still possible to fish here. I’m going to do a new series next year called “Reliving my fishing diaries”, but it is about 30 years since I was at those places the last time, so I have to make sure they are still accessible. And this place is one of them. Even if it has changed a little it should still be able to fish here. While you are waiting for the first episode you can watch my recap of my fishing 2019. Some of these clips never appeared on the channel, and some of them you might have seen before, if you have been watching my videos. But everything that is filmed is not published. Hopefully I will start filming and editing in January and then publish one of those videos each month. So I will try to visit a new place from my old fishing diaries each month. 2019 was a good year for me. My Youtube channel went from about 500 subscribers to more than 2000. 7,9 kg (17lbs) and 85 cm long. My goal for 2020 will be to reach 3000 subscribers before the end of 2020. And to reach that goal I have a lot of plans for 2020, but as usual, time is always a limit. Sometimes when I watch Youtube, Facebook and Instagram I get the feeling that many begínners want to succeed and catch BIG fish from the beginning trying to take shortcuts by just fishing waters that contain really huge fish. They start out fishing only for big fish and nothing else is good enough. And I do blame social media for this, since most of the pictures published is of big fish. This can make you feel like you are the only one not catching. I sometimes feel that some beginners are trying to jump ahead of some steps in the evolution., by trying to catch a 7kg (14lb) bream before they have even caught a 3 kg (6lb) bream. I hope I will be able to take away some of that feeling (that only big fish count), by taking you to the places where I started to go fishing. It wasn’t in a super specimen water, because we fished waters close to where we lived. And this place is one of them., so one episode will be from here. Other plans are to make a series about fishing competitions, where I will film my preparations for the European Championship that will be held in Coruche, Portugal in July 2020. Hopefully I will also be able to capture the week we’ll stay in Portugal including the championship, which I can then share with you here. If time allows I will also go fishing for specimen fish in not so known waters trying to catch decent fish of various species. Not neccessarily monsterfish, but good fish, just to prove that you can catch nice fish just about anywhere in Sweden., and that you don’t have to travel far to catch some nice fish. Hopefully I can inspire some people to go out and try to find new waters. -“A real lump!”
(No it’s not) -“Is it too big?”
-“Yes it is. It has become rubbery.” I will also make some more episodes of where I try different methods and waters. I am going to rent a fishing guide to see if he can teach me new things about a fishing I am not familiar with. Start all over again… 145 cm 8340g (18lbs)
110 cm Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you find it interesting. I will start preparing to start filming as soon as 2020 begins. Thanks for watching.

9 comments on “Meta Mera – återblick 2019 och planerna för 2020

  1. Jag har en önskan om mer vertikalfiske, med kamera som filmar ekolodet. Sedan hade det varit roligt med streetfiske, god jul o gott nytt år.

  2. Bra idé. Jag började mitt undervattensfilmande för jag ville se hur det såg ut under ytan i vatten jag fiskade i förr! Ska bli kul att följa!👍👌

  3. Bra att du tar upp det med att verkligheten sällan ser ut som på film. Dvs man drar inte flertal superfiskar varje fiskepass som man kan få det att se ut på film som är redigerad. Är ju ingen som filmar och lägger upp ett bompass på youtube 🙂

  4. Grymt! Kommer med all säkerhet bli intressant att fortsätta följa dig. Uppskattar verkligen dina filmer och alla olika fisken du låter oss följa med på!

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