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METERHECHT-CHALLENGE! 🎣❤️ Freiwasserangeln & Spinnfischen am Traunsee

METERHECHT-CHALLENGE! 🎣❤️ Freiwasserangeln & Spinnfischen am Traunsee

Hi guys, welcome to lake Traunsee! Danny has finally arrived And Marius From the Youtube channel ”Realfishing” We made a Video some time ago Zander fishing on river danube We have fished for some hours now Danny was a bit late About his birthday party yesterday We have caught a nice fish already Let’s see if we get another one One caught, one another bite, let’s see Marius got his pike after three days fishing Pikeslime on your shoulder After your first Traunsee pike But that had to be So let’s go fishing Petri Heil! Yes, fish on! Big fish i think! Strong fish! Good one! Meterpike! Yess!!!! Got it! Very nice pike after 30min fishing Not the Meterpike but a 90cm fish Nice, Petri Heil! Let’s take a look Here it is, 94cm I’m here since 2,5 days here And i don’t had a strike But now it has worked! Good fight! Nice fish to start the day! Petri Heil! Petri Dank! Short statement It’s 10:30 now Marius caught a nice pike On a Shadteez I’m trying the hypoteez Let’s start with smaller lures now to get contacts faster There was a moon phase in the morning From 6:30 to 7:30am You got your pike at 8:15 And he was quite fat from eating So i think he has eaten in this phase So i think it is really difficult now But it could be better in the noon And then we fish for some open water pikes Let’s see You already know the ”nabeer” snack Mhmmm yummy (not), danny loves it And this is for you Marius! A little present For our fishing guest And please eat it On the camera But take a mouth of water before eating it The link for buying the snack is in the description Let’s catch some fish! Hy guys! I fish for pike in the evening And now for some perch I fish fish a shad now, the 6,5cm hypoteez In the colour ”dirty harbour” Awesome colour! I’ve got 3 or 4 perch already The strike are soo awesome But a lot of small ones at the time But it’s a lot of fun The hypoteez in 6,5cm in the colour ”dirty harbour” Love this small shad! Looks awesome in the water I fish it on a 7,5g jighead Perfekt for here There are dephs between 2,5 and 7m Perfect for today, because there is not much wind The leader is a fluorocarbon in 0,22mm The rod is a Westin W6 finesse t&c, 5-15g I also take it for troutfishing And for topwater lures A 2500 ci4 reel fits perfect A very light combo The perfect match! For fishing the whole day, 0,10mm braided line So let’s catch a few more! Yes, fish on A little pike No, a big perch, no gone Or not? Yes it’s gone, ?§%%&$ This was a big perch! !§$%&/() No, I haven’t seen it Thats fishing Sooo bad… Shit! That was no pike It was definetly a perch I had to tell you something I’ve lost so many fish just reel it in, the perch here are so strong Just reel it in It was a big one It was a strong one, i’ve seen it I’ve seen your rod man! It was desinetly a big perch Yes man! They are here! Small pike Next cast Next cast after the lost perch Nice little pike And again, the hypoteez in dirty harbour Nice shad, nice colour One of my favourites on perch Nice! Next perch This colour The fin!! Nice one! Let’s measure it quickly Because i got 3 or 4 of them Very cool this scale sticker And it it 26cm Nice, let’s put him back So it’s more windy now So we will fish for pike now Do a nice drift over a shallow area And i will fish a bigger lure for pike here If it’s a bit cloudy or foggy one of my favourites is the 22cm shadteez In the colour ”official roach” It’s yellow, black, very nice And i want to show you how to rig it This is the flourocarbon from my rod It is knotted on my braided line It is 2-2,5m long This a a ready titan leader from Westin It is 50cm long And it’s ready to fish With a staylok snap And a swivel above And i knot my fluorocarbon on this swivel With a normal clinch-knot (clinch-knot) The braided line is a 0,28mm power pro For bigbaits Then the 0,40mm flouro and the titan leader Then i have my staylok snap And now i will rig my shad This is the 22cm Shadteez in ”official roach” A slim version I take a 25g Screwjig And you have to rig it clean So screw it in carefully and in the center of the nose So the rolling action is not so good But if it’s screwed straight then you don’t have any problems So very nice This is the Westin Stinger system There are 2 types of them One with 12cm one with 15cm And for the 19cm and 22cm Shadteez We will take the 12cm system Because the longer one Is for lures with 22cm + Like the 25cm hypoteez Or the 27cm Shadteez I like the stingers with the shallow screw So if i don’t need it i put it off, but i if i need one i have one in reserve So i take my Shad Almost ready And take my Stingersystem on the scewjig There is a little eyelet in the westin screws And you just have to rig it in And it’s almost ready now The lenght of the system is perfekt The treble hooks are perfekt And there are little pins on it And the last part is to put the stinger system on the shad with these pins And the second one And now it it ready rigged Ready to fish Another small tip I you cast your shad the whole day It is better to take the trebles and put one hook into the shad Because there is no trouble after the cast with tangles Let’s catch some pike So guys little Statement We fished the other side of the lake In the open water And i have fished the 27cm Shadteez in this awesome colour And after 3 casts i caught a 87cm pike Nice! Second pike today And it’s great! 27cm shadteez rigged now Brutal strike Nice one yes!! On the 27cm shadteez A open water pike Really cool strike, nice fight What a day 87cm Now it worked for me as well Nice fish! 87cm A thick one! Petri Heil! Let’s release it! A very fit pike! And the pikeslime? Right, in your beard! I will show you my tackle what i am using Shadteez 27cm In the colour blue glamour I rig it with two treblehooks And for this you need the right rod Because the rigged shad has about 150g I fish the Westin W8 Powercast-T Up to 180g casting weight A sensitive but also a really strong rod With a Shimano Tranx in the size 301 The hyper gear (hg) model 0,28mm braided line 0,40mm fluorocarbon And a titan leader About 50cm long, holding 20kg And it is knotted With a leaderring I connect the fluoro and the titan And the last thing is the staylok snap And this is it, casting out reel it in and catch a fish So we are on the other side of the lake again And we will see.. It is more wind now Weather is perfect! We have a prize game for you today Some Strikelovers stickers Two or more A Shadteez in 22cm In the colour ”REAL DEAL” And a Realfishing cap A new one 😉 Or the worn one.. let us know! What is to do? You have to watch the Traunsee video from Realfishing And write a comment under this video with which lure i have caught my first Traunsee pike And if you have made that, you could win the prizes! Lenght and colour of the lure! Yes! Perfect! One week after the lauch of this video, we will tell you who the winner is Good Luck! Soo awesome!! Look at my boat! Like a dog! Searching his bone! Fine! Perch! Nice fish Nice fish! Second drift on this spot On dirty harbour again! Nice looking perch Super strike, super fish And Adnan also have a good one Well, a very nice day comes to an end Like every trip here Awesome day! 2 good pikes, nice weather 94cm, 87cm Nice! I’ve caught a few perch Marius and i fish tomorrow again Awesome Day! We have a small challange, right? If Danny doesn’t catch a pike over 1 meter 4 weeks left! He had to fish the Whole next year with the 27cm Shadteez But if i get my meterpike.. Andreas will be crying Andreas had to fish the Westin Swim the whole next year! All sizes, all colours, but the Swim! A Jerkbait in this lake… Cool challenge, i will do it! Petri Heil guys! Thanks for this awesome day!

25 comments on “METERHECHT-CHALLENGE! 🎣❤️ Freiwasserangeln & Spinnfischen am Traunsee

  1. Shad Teez Motoroil in 7 cm gefangen vor dem Dampfer Steeg. Immer wieder geile Videos i kau ned genug bekommen 🎣❤️

  2. Geiles Video :-)) und ich brauch diese Aufkleber !!!
    Köder war der Shad Teez in Motoroil , 7 cm von Westin
    Weiter so !!! Petri

  3. Mega nices video wie mann es von euch gewohnt ist 🐟🎣 Er hat den ersten Hecht mit einem shad teez in 7 cm in der farbe motoroil gefangen! 😜 Würde mich freuen wenn ich was gewinnen würde😉
    Petri zu den schönen Hechten! 🎣😜

  4. Erstens: Ein absolutes Lob an eichan Kammeramann, de Videos wern imma besser💪💪💪💪echt stoak!! Zweitens: was macht da IKEA Spöka aufn MinKota ( as Nachtliacht fia mei Tochter) Drittens: warum zahts es a Stoffschöffi aufs Wossa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️und Viertens: wiso vasteht da sympatische Preiss so guat Mundoat (Rehschpeckt💪) und Fünftens!!!: villeicht zahts eich am 4.11 am Attersee vorbeischaun, do zoagt ma da Herr Bierbaumer wias wirklich geht😅🤷‍♂️🤣

  5. Jo des san scho geile Gummibraker :-D. Petri zu den Hechten und Barschen und natürlich war der Köder von Marius der Shad Teez Motoroil in 7 cm für seinen ersten Traunseehecht! Petri auch dazu! Ich bin fürs werfen der 22er und 30g Kopf. Don gibts Mukies und an Tennisorm hehe. Der Meterhecht in 4 Wochen wird schwa wern….

  6. Also der Marius hat ja lt. seinen Video seinen ersten Hecht mit einen 7cm shad teez motoroil gefangen. ABER: er meinte auch das dieser am Wolfgangsee gefangen worden ist.
    Und den 94er war ja lt Video sein erster aufn traunsee, da ja nach 2,5 Tagen entschneidert, und Köder: shad teez schätz mal so an die 17cm und naturfarben…….bin mal auf Feedback gespannt…
    Zum allgemeinen Video: wie immer Hammer Aufnahmen…auch auf Marius seinen Kanal….weiter so jungs…Grüße vom NeusiedlerSee

  7. eure Videos sind einfach mega Cool Leute 🖒 man sieht dass ihr Spaß am angeln habt, mit Fisch und ohne Fisch und so muss das sein 😉 .und nächste mal wenn ihr in Düsseldorf landet dann sagt Bescheid , Holland ist auch nicht weit 😉

  8. Danke für den geilen Tag Jungs! Bekomme jetzt noch weiche Knie wenn ich an den Biss denke… Bin jetzt wohl auch ein voller Strikelover;-) Eins muss ich aber noch festhalten. Auch wenn es nicht im Video ist, die Schwarzmaulgrundel ist zumindest zu Teilen verzehrt worden. Falls sich hier der ein oder andere fragt! Viel Glück an alle Gewinnspielteilnehmer und allzeit Tight Lines. Auf eine baldige Wiederholung:-)

  9. Shad teez in motoroil mit einer länge 7 cm eure videos werden immer besser und hochwertiger weiter so saz keiwonde hawara💪🏻

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