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Mexican Food in Tulum! – PARADISE CEVICHE and Tacos! | Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexican Food in Tulum! – PARADISE CEVICHE and Tacos! | Riviera Maya, Mexico

– Pieces of fish, the shrimp in there. The shrimp is half raw. There are tomatoes in here, and cilantro. I’m gonna grab a chip and I
have to begin with the ceviche. (upbeat music) The food is all good here,
but their ceviche is just, it’s on the next level. Good morning, I hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I am in Tulum, which is in the
Quintana Roo state of Mexico. This is a gorgeous place. It’s the ancient Mayan port city. And today we’re just going
to have a lot of fun. We’re going to walk around Tulum. We’re going to explore Tulum. We’re going to visit some of the sites. We’re going to eat some amazing food. It’s about 8:00 a.m., we
are starting at a place for some legendary breakfast tacos. I can’t wait to try them. Breakfast tacos are the best way to start your day when you’re in Mexico. This place is called Taquería Honorio. They make all of their tortillas
right here immediately, so you’re eating fresh hot tortillas, and then they assemble
everything over here. They have some seating, they actually have some bar counter seating
where you can sit, and they have a bunch of red tables where you can sit as well. (Spanish pop music) – Gracias. (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (bell dinging) – Okay, so they have four main different types of tacos here. We got one of each, I got
one of each on a plate. This one is the relleno negro, which is a common Yucatan Peninsula dish. This one is Cochinita Pibil. This one is asada, carne
asada, with pork, though. And finally, one of their
most well known tacos is lechon al horno, which is,
this is a suckling pig, and you can see that crackling skin. It’s an absolute joy to watch them as they assemble the tacos. They put all the ingredients, they have all the different stewed meats and braised meats, and they just, they’re so incredibly juicy. They put them onto corn tortillas, and then they just quickly
heat them over a hot plate. There’s nothing I’m
happier to see at 8:00 a.m. in the morning than a plate of tacos. You can smell the
habanero chilies, and oh, you can see the seeds in there, too. So I’m gonna definitely
go under some of this, and you can see some
cilantro in there as well. That roast pig. That skin, it’s just irresistible. Add a little bit of this. Give it a squeeze of lime. Oh wow. It’s awesome. You’ve got the crunchy, but
ridiculously crispy skin. The pork is just fall apart tender. That is sort of like a guacamole, maybe with a little bit of chili in it. It’s not very spicy, but it tastes, it’s so fragrant. You can taste that cilantro in there. The onions. I’m gonna try some of the
other, it’s like a green salsa. Oh. Oh that’s the habanero I was looking for. Oh that’s awesome. And that pork, that just
melts in your mouth. It’s so juicy, it’s so tender. That first taco was insane. I gotta add on some of the pico de gallo. There’s some onions and tomatoes
in here, and some cilantro, and maybe a little bit of cabbage as well. I’m gonna need to load that
up with that habanero salsa. Oh that’s awesome. (upbeat music) You can taste the smokiness of that grilled pork in that one. So there’s some beans in that one, too. Okay next up is the relleno negro de pavo, and this is a Yucatan
Peninsula dish as well. It’s a black stew, black
chili stew with turkey. You can taste the, it’s like
a complex flavor in there. You can taste those blackened
chilies a little bit, but it’s still kind of mild. But the turkey is so tender,
it almost tastes like pork. Final taco is the Cochinita Pibil. This is another type of
a stewed or braised pork. I think I’m in love with
this habanero salsa. Excellent as well, and all four of them are totally different. Yeah, this one again is
just fall apart tender pork. (people chattering) I tried all four different kinds, and I’d have to say the
best one was the lechon, that roast pig with the crispy skin. Yeah, that’s a taco you can’t miss when you come here to Tulum. (upbeat music) That was an unbelievable stop. Tacos for breakfast, a huge success. We’re in the car now,
and we’re on our way to the ruins of Tulum,
which is one of the main things to see when you visit Tulum. And you pass through there, some salesmen that try to
sell tours at the front, but then you just keep coming back. They have a parking lot here. We paid 100 pesos for parking, and then we’re gonna walk into the ruins. I think it’s a little bit of a walk. How much did entrance cost, Carlos? We just made it into
the ruins, the complex. But in order to get
here from the car park, you can either choose to buy, we didn’t actually know
what we were doing, and we got the little bus
trolley tickets for 20 pesos, and that drives you into the entrance, or you could walk for it. I think it’s like a
kilometer and a half, or so. It’s not that long. Actually, I would’ve preferred to walk, but we didn’t even know. And then, after that, you get
to the entrance of the park, and we paid 70 pesos for tickets, and now we are walking into the
archeological zone of Tulum. The plant life here is
absolutely gorgeous. It’s a mix of tropical plants. I mean, it’s mostly tropical, but then all of a sudden,
you’ll seen Ming rose, you’ll see like some kind of
dry looking plants like cactus. It’s really lush. It’s really thick as well, the greenery. (laughing) Mika loves it. Whoa, Mika. There’s an iguana right overe there. He just blends right into that rock. (upbeat music) Oh, we walked in the
walls and it just open up. Quickly just to share with you
a little bit about the city, or the ruins of Tulum. This is an ancient walled
city of the Mayans, which was built and which was inhabited between the 13th and the 15th centuries, and it was a port city. It’s right along the Caribbean coast, the beautiful turquoise ocean. And the port served Coba, which is, I think it’s about 50
kilometers or so inland into the Yucatan Peninsula. We’re gonna go to the coastline first to see the castle, and hopefully
get a view of the ocean. And the castle was one
of the most well known of all the structures within
this entire complex. Something that I was just reading is that it used to be brightly painted. So if you can imagine the turquoise coast with the Mayan castle
here, and the entire city, and then brightly painted. It would have been incredible, I mean, it’s incredible to see
now in its ruined condition. But imagine if it was
just brightly painted. It would be, yeah. It’s a majestic site. It’s been cloudy the entire morning, but right as I step up here, the sun came out from out of the clouds, and you can see the water just sparkling. Yeah, it’s an insanely beautiful view. (upbeat music) The steps are a little bit slippery because of all the sand,
and there’s a lot of people, but oh man, those views are just gorgeous. (people chattering) Oh. Freezing cold. Oh yeah, that’s refreshing. Oh, but it’s crystal clear. It is turquoise. You’ve got the Mayan ruins
right above on these rocks. It’s yeah, it’s absolutely picture pretty. (upbeat music) I think the highlight for me is that they’re not only ruins, but they are right next
to the gorgeous ocean. And that’s what really makes it beautiful. From here, we’re just
gonna take a quick drive to Playa Paraiso, which is Paradise Beach, just down the coast from here. And then after that, it’s time for lunch. (upbeat music) We just pulled up to Playa Paraiso. There is some parking
on the street for free, but then you can come inside
and they charge 50 pesos. So we came inside. It’s pretty nice and
relaxed, so laid back here. (upbeat music) One thing you’ll notice here is that the sand is so powdery fine. It feels amazing on your feet, actually. It’s so fine. Well, my hair is starting to
look like the Caribbean coast, wind-swept. But we are so hungry right now. We’re on our way to go eat lunch. And this is gonna be a
really, really good spot. (upbeat music) (car honking) It was about a 20 minute drive from Tulum, but we drove down the highway, and then we got into this
really local neighborhood where there’s villas, and a
little off the beaten path. This is beautiful back here. I think this is the restaurant. I found it just searching
the map on Google Maps, and it looked like a place we have to eat. They’re known for their seafood. It’s just a real laid back
kind of beach restaurant, and it’s called Chamico’s. Oh. (people chattering) Yellow tables out here by the beach. Just, they kind of look like mango, kind of like a mango forest back here, but it’s breezy, it’s cool. You see you’re greeted by
just a pile of coconuts, and hammocks are laying
all randomly all around. I think they mostly
only serve seafood here. Oh, this is great. Okay, I’m extremely hungry. And fried fish, too. Ceviche chamicos. Ceviche chamicos. – Hold on, hold on, I’ll
be chilling back here. – I have to practice my Spanish? – Yeah. – Ceviche chamicos. (speaking in foreign language) – This is the type of
restaurant you can just walk around barefoot, and this
is an ultimate chill spot. (people chattering) (speaking in foreign language) – Yeah, we’re pretty hungry. (upbeat music) It feels good next to the fire. (sizzling) This is the open air,
Caribbean style kitchen. They have a fish, just one type of fish, and he said it’s similar to a red snapper. It’s a local fish. We got our fish. We got a big one. He cut clits into it
then he added some salt, and then straight into this giant cauldron of bubbling oil over fire. That’s a huge amount of oil. (sizzling) (upbeat music) (squeaking) Ah. The food has all arrived. We got a couple of different ceviches, including the ceviche chamico, which is a mix of seafood. It’s mostly fish, shrimp, raw
shrimp, and lobster in there. And it looks, it’s so juicy. You can see the lime juice in there. You can see some cilantro. We also got just a ceviche pescado, which is just fish ceviche. And then we got a giant fried fish, and then we also got a coctel de camaron, which is a shrimp cocktail. I’m gonna grab a chip and I
have to begin with the ceviche. And this is the ceviche chamico. So you can see pieces of
fish, the shrimp in there. The shrimp is half raw. There are tomatoes in here, and cilantro. Oh, and then I think the
whole lobster is like, still within here. So you can de-shell it yourself. There might be some
lobster mixed in as well. Oh, that is gorgeous. There’s a whole peppercorn
in there as well. Oh, that’s how I like it. (crunching) Mm. Oh. It took a few chews for all the flavors to come onto my tongue. You taste the black pepper,
you taste the citrus, the lime in there. Oh, the shrimp is fresh. It’s just saturated with that lime juice. Oh, it’s incredibly refreshing. Oh that’s insanely good. I’m gonna add on some of the salsa, which is, it just looks
like pure chilies in some, maybe in some salt water. Yeah, it doesn’t taste like
the ceviche itself, as spicy, but they do give you a
nice bowl of chilies. Wow. Oh. You immediately taste those chilies. Possibly habanero, but yeah, they’re a little bit spicy, but that just. Not too spicy, but perfectly spicy. That completely complements
the entire thing. Oh. Those shrimp in there, those raw shrimp. They have this amazing, slightly crisp, gooey texture to them. I don’t think it’s been
cooked with the whole ceviche. I think they just added it
to the ceviche at the end. Maybe, it tastes almost like it’s fried. Okay, next up, this is
the coctel de camaron, which is the shrimp cocktail. There’s avocado on top. There’s onion mixed in, and then it’s kind of a tomato-y sauce. It’s a little sweeter than other versions of cocktail that I’ve had. I think with a little bit of lime, it would be awesome. The shrimp tastes really good, and I love that creamy avocado, and those crunchy onions in there as well. It almost has a fruity flavor to it. Like a fruity tomato flavor. It almost tastes like mango in there. Like a pureed mango. Next up to try the fried fish, and this is a pretty good sized fish. They sliced it so it gets
extra deep fried-ness on those filets, and yeah,
that was a little bit of some brown oil, but it looks fantastic. I’m gonna squeeze on a little lime juice. And I just grab a chunk
from the side here. Oh yeah, you can feel how moist that is. Yeah, it’s really, really crispy. Yeah, it’s just fried
with a little bit of salt, maybe a little bit of pepper in there. But I know it will make it amazing. And then also another squeeze of lime. Oh, there’s some onions
on the side here, too, that I wanna eat it with as well. Maybe a few onions on there. Okay, I might need to. I’m gonna pick this up with
a spoon now, to get it all. Yeah, that salsa, it can
make everything better. It’s such a sharp spiciness. I mean, it’s not that incredibly spicy, but it’s really sharp. We ran out of chips, so I’m just gonna use my spoon
to eat some of this ceviche. And this is the last dish that we got. This is just ceviche de pescado, which is just a fish ceviche. There’s tomatoes in here, and onions, and cilantro again.
(upbeat music) This makes the ceviche just perfect. Okay, I love the ceviche
with the mix of everything and the shrimp, but I just love the fish. Just pure fish. The freshness of it. The fish is soft and tender. It’s so juicy because of that lime juice. It’s salty, it’s peppery. And yeah, with that
salsa with those chilies, that makes it perfect. It’s insanely good. (people chattering) The food is all good here. But their ceviche is just,
it’s on the next level. It’s so good. It’s so fresh. It’s so refreshing. The balance of flavor is perfect. Yeah, the food and the setting here is absolutely outstanding. What’s your favorite dish? – My favorite dish, I think it was a tie between that fish, the fried fish was good,
and the ceviche fish, which was good. Good choice, good. (upbeat music) – The ceviche here, it’s just, it’s so good, it’s so well balanced. Perfectly salty and peppery. Just with a little bit
of that chili salsa. Oh it was, I loved it,
absolutely loved it. The setting here, the relaxation, the laid back chillness of this place. This is absolutely great. It’s time for dessert. What a perfect dessert. Come on. We are just gonna relax here
for the rest of the day, hang out, lay in the hammock, and oh, this is, I am loving this. Oh Mika, you got the spoon now. Gonna have some more of the coconut. Look Mika. (speaking in foreign language) Mika is loving it here, too. Mika. Mika, okay Mika, let’s take a nap. Okay Mika, let’s take a nap. (laughing) I know quite a few people
who have visited Tulum, and every single person that
I know that’s been to Tulum absolutely loves it. It’s a place that you
can fall in love with. It’s beautiful, the culture is fantastic, the food is delicious. It’s a wonderful place
to visit in the world. And so, yeah, we were gonna do more, but I think we’re actually just gonna hang out here for the
rest of the afternoon. And oh man, just completely take it easy. This place just completely
relaxed us to the max, to the point where we just
decided to call it a day right here and just hang out here for the rest of the day. And that food, too. My buddy Carlos is in that hammock. I think he fell asleep already. So we are just relaxing,
ultimate relaxing here. But I’m gonna end the video now. This is, oh, this is the
ultimate relaxing place. Yeah, that’s all there is to it. Huge thank you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. And click subscribe. I’m gonna be publishing lots
more food and travel videos. And also click that little bell icon so that you get notified
of all future videos that I publish. Thanks again for watching, and I will see you on the next video. Goodbye from Tulum.

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