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Mexican Short Rib Tacos I Week 10 Taco Tuesday Cookbook Recipe!

Mexican Short Rib Tacos I Week 10 Taco Tuesday Cookbook Recipe!

– Fall off the bone tender beef, all wrapped up in a
warm tortilla and topped with fresh pico de gaillo and sour cream. Wait, it gets even better
because the slow cooker does all the hard work for you. If you don’t believe me,
check it out and see. Now you just have to watch
this video because I’m about to show you how good
Taco Tuesday really is. (lively music) (lively music) okay, guys, welcome back to Tuesday, where I’m cooking my way
through all 52 taco recipes from my cookbook, The
Taco Tuesday Cookbook, which is good for you and me, because that means more tacos for us. And if you love tacos
as delicious as this one and want to get a brand new
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button right below this video. And this week, we’re
making the bold and simple Mexican short rib tacos. If you’ve never really
cooked beef short ribs, you are in for a treat. Low and slow is definitely the way to go and seriously, everything
gets put in the slow cooker and cooked down to tender, smoky goodness. Let’s get to the meat of the
matter; beef in particular. I am using six pounds of
bone-in beef short ribs, which will feed eight
people, give or take. You may need to adjust the amount of meat that you cook based on how
many people you plan to serve. I like left-overs because, why not. So before we can place the
beef into the slow cooker, we need to brown it. So in this large skillet, I’m going to heat some
oil over medium-high heat, and I’ll make sure that
they’re browned on both sides, about three to four minutes per side. And then easily just transferred it into the bowl of my slow cooker. You’ll want to do this
in batches, super easy. While they’re browning, I’m
going to make the sauce, which doesn’t get any easier. In a blender, I’m going to combine a can of Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. You are gonna find these
in the Latin section of your grocery store. And don’t just buy one can. Buy a few because there
are a couple of recipes with these in the book
that are to die for. Then I’ll add some garlic,
cumin, tomato paste, lime juice, apple cider vinegar,
salt, and some beef stock. I just blend it until
smooth and that’s it. This last batch of beef
is browned and it’s ready to be put in the slow cooker. Then I just pour this secret
sauce right over the top. Well, not so secret if
you have the cookbook. And I have a whole onion here, but I’m just going to
toss half of it in there. And a couple of bay leaves. And before you ask, if you
don’t have any bay leaves, you can omit them, although
my grandmother would say, una tragedia, a tragedy,
because they do add flavor. So let’s give these
beautiful things a quick toss to distribute the sauce and then, we cover it and cook on high
for six hours or 10 on low. (lively music) Okay, I am back and it smells like it’s almost time to eat. Ah, tacos. Let’s make sure the meat is ready. You can tell it’s ready
when it easily separates between two forks and which,
as you can see, it does. All you have to do is bring
the ribs onto a cutting board and separate the meat from the bone, removing any excess fat
and discarding the bones. Now the meat goes back
into the slow cooker and the sauce and we’re
gonna give it a good toss, so all the meat gets coated. Here’s the thing. If you separate your meat
right, and my kids aren’t going, oh, there’s something weird in there, the preparation of food
is super important. They find the tiniest thing
in there and go, “it’s yucky.” I’m like, dude, this is the best thing
you’re gonna eat all week. All right, so we’re just gonna cover it, put it back in our slow
cooker to keep it warm, while I get the rest
of this party started. So now I’m just gonna
warm up these tortillas, which you can do in a skillet,
the oven, the microwave, or like me, right onto the flame. Okay, so for a topping, I’m just gonna slice up
some avocado because, if you don’t know this by now,
I love avocado on everything. And I’ll also have a little pico de gaillo which is just fresh salsa that I’ve made with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime and some of that
leftover white onion, and of course, sour cream. All that is left is the best part. Let’s place some of the
meat onto the tortilla, top it with some of that chopped onion, some avocado, some pico de gallo and a dab of sour cream. (lively music) Talk about good, surreal. The beef is super tender and that sauce is the perfect balance of the
smoky with savory goodness. I could eat these every day. Gosh, even for breakfast
with a fried egg or two. Let’s not get ahead of
ourselves, my friend. We have more tacos to make from The Taco Tuesday
Cookbook, every Tuesday. So make sure you hit
that red subscribe button and check out the Taco Tuesday playlist. Grab the recipe and a copy of the book in the description box below because we’re gonna make every Tuesday the best day of your week. (lively music)

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