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Mexican Steak Tacos | Tommi Miers

Mexican Steak Tacos | Tommi Miers

Hi Food Tube. My name’s Tommi Miers and I am passionate about spice and Mexican food. and today I am going to be cooking you the best ever steak tacos with my favourite roast salsa, and this one is a real corker, so let’s get cooking. So the first thing I’ve got to do is make a marinade for my steak the steak we are going to use today is skirt steak, and this marinade will just tenderise it, and really bring out the flavour. So I’ve got my garlic clove. I’m going to add a pinch of salt. And just mash it up. That’s salt. This garlic is ready for the
marinade. Got my skirt steak. Just going to throw that garlic in. You want the juice of half a lime Just gonna squeeze that lime in. And that acidity will really start breaking down Those sinues. There we are, a bit of pepper. A pinch more salt. and just a tiny bit of olive oil. And he can sit marinating for half an hour, an hour, four hours Really whatever you like. Now I’m gonna wash my hands ready to make the best ever salsa. So in Mexico, making the best salsa is a fiercely contested competition everyones got their own recipes, everyone makes them from fresh every day. This is my favourite one. I think it’s delicious. So first of all, I’ve got some garlic cloves
I’ve toasted in a dry frying pan and look at how
easily this skin is just flaking off and
toasting the garlic really, really softens the flavour, and makes it much more gentle and gives quite a nice charred edge. So both the tomatoes and the garlic I’ve dry roasted in the frying pan and this method of cooking is archetypally Mexican. It adds a wonderful charred flavour into your salsa. Totally delicious. Now some people might
think that looks burnt, but I swear, it gives the best, best flavour to your salsa. So, go with it and test it out yourself. So in they go. I’m just gonna gently work these tomatoes into a mush. Now of course you can use
a food processor here, but the texture just won’t be the same. So you can see that with a pestle and mortar you really get that texture. If I put this through a blitzer it would completely smooth puree. whereas here I’ve got lovely
rough textured and you can see someone that blackened skin which is going to taste delicious. So now that’s into a rough kinda mush, I’m going to add some onions and chopped coriander and in the rest of that goes. We’ve got some onion. So the onion is not only going to give this salsa a lovely freshness, the sharpness, the acidity of the onions are absolutely essential for the salsa, but also that lovely crunch will give you texture in the salsa. So what’s this salsa missing? Chile! You can’t have a salsa without chile. So this is chipotles en adobo. Chipotles are the smoked, dried, jalapeno. If you can’t get hold of any in the shops just use a jalapeno. A fresh one. A fresh
green chile. Roast it just the way I did with the tomatoes Shove it in. That’ll give some lovely heat to it. I’m going to add a great tablespoon and its gonna give
this salsa a bit of smokey wonderful heat. So I’m
just gonna stir this round gently. Now it needs some fresh lime. Acidity. You can always use vinegar. The Mexicans love vinegar for cutting through rich flavours. I’m going to use fresh lime here, half a lime should do it. In it goes and
that is my salsa made. Now all I need to do is cook my steak, and we’re ready t eat our tacos. So, my skirt steak is marinated, my pan is really hot. I’m just going to shake the access marinade off, and in it goes into the pan. Whilst that’s cooking another perfect accompaniment to a steak taco is spring onions, but we want them nice and charred. I’m just going to roll them in that lovely olive oily marinade and
pop them onto this pan. Perfect. And we want these spring onions to be really nice and charred, just like in the markets and they are so good in these steaks, we’re just going to season them with a bit of lime. And they’ll be delicious. There’s that steak. We’re gonna leave him to rest on that
board. Now all I need to do is heat up my tortillas. I’ve got some corn ones here, but you can
use flour wraps. You can kinda use anything really. I’m going to put them on my flat top here. Sprinke a little bit of water on, and oil So now I need to cut that steak. So the most important thing with skirt steak is that you cut it across the grain. Not with the grain. So I’m going to cut it across the grain. Ah, he’s looking gorgeous. The most delicious piece of meat. Right, lets make some tacos. Okay, got my tortillas, some steak. We’ve got that salsa, full of that smokey chipotle flavour. Those charred onions. This is going to be a mouthful delicious salsa. Smokey, fiery, full of flavour and completely fresh. Bit of avocado. Squeeze the fresh lime and those delicious spring onions which need all that lime
amity That’s going to be delicious. Time to tuck in. That steak, the creamy avocado, that smokey chipotle salsa. This is Mexican street food at its finest. Sensational. If you liked this, don’t forget to click on the thumbs up. Share it with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe.

85 comments on “Mexican Steak Tacos | Tommi Miers

  1. As a Californian, London has the worst Mexican food imaginable. I miss Tacos from San Diego/San Francisco.

  2. All these negative comments make no sense. The recipes are fantastic and if you don't like something, well that's the beauty of cooking things yourself. you can change them.

  3. All these negative comments make no sense. The recipes are fantastic and if you don't like something, well that's the beauty of cooking things yourself; you can change them.

  4. marinades do little to nothing (closer to nothing) for tenderizing meat. JO should get his food tube cooks to avoid spreading myths.

  5. Wow, those tacos are one of the most accurate I have seen made by a foreigner. Not the garbage tacos they made in US.

  6. Mexican here. Looks so good. Salsa done the right way. Maybe a drizzl of vinegar instead of the lime. I see what you mean with the rougher salsa texture, and I agree. I for one, like to blend half of the mixture, and mortar the remaining. Definitely burn and char the main salsa ingredients!!! Well done there!Perhaps, the only bits and bobs are…The beef cut is correct, but maybe try a fattier bit of the skirt steak and thinner, shorter slices. Also, be careful not to over-lime the flavours. This comes form an eager amateur cook, not a professional. I am Mexican, though, and this is just my take what we see, cook and eat pretty much every day over here. Awesome stuff!Cheers.

  7. I'm Mexican and when I saw her I really dought the was going to make good tacos, Boy I was wrong really surprised me, one of the best looking tacos i've seen! Congrats Tommi

  8. Why do people say "salsa" like that in english? Salsa means sauce in spanish, makes no sense.. that's not a sauce.

  9. You can skip the chipotle and just chop a small serrano or jalapeño chile, take out the seeds, and chop part or all of the Chile and added to the rest of the salsa ingredients before blending them

  10. Don't ever take tips from someone like this about Mexican food.

    Would you take advice from an Brit on how to make build an American muscle car?

  11. That steak is too rare for me, looks like you could just bite the cow and get the same interior texture

  12. Ur soooooooo damn bad… U made me so hungry n my mouth is just watering 😅
    M coming to Mexico one day for sure to try all these Mexican dishes

  13. Have some authentic food from the original countries and more South Americans. We have wonderful food and chefs .

  14. I'm Mexican an I am not offended, it's nice that interpretation of the salsa and the arrachera taco, however it must be said that in Mexico we only use salt and maybe oil when cooking the meat, we do not marinate it. Also that stuff you did to the tomato is called "tatemar" and we use the open flame to burn the tomato or peppers not an iron cast pan, I'll try this recipe I bet the marinated meat will taste awesome!. Pd, we dont toast garlic we use it raw.

  15. I understand the concept of implementing certain technologies but its just not the way it is. For taco the meet is always welldone or med-well at least. If you serve taco less than welldone the jus of the meet will be squeezed out when the guest is eating it and that would be disgusting. Too much lime. The only good point in this video is that he is not wearing fashion nails.

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