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It’s the perfect day for a taco crawl in Mexico City we’ve gotten some tips from locals and we’ve done a bit of research so we’re going to spend the day eating. Finding the best tacos hopefully. I just got pooed on ohhhh come on it only just got me so this vlog’s going to be a bit different to normal let us know in the comments if you like this style or not, let’s find some tacos. Let’s eat! we’ve rocked up to Rica’s Carnitas and they serve tacos tacos de carnitas. Carnitas means little meats and basically all parts of a pig are stewed in a huge vat of lard so we’ve ordered a pork leg taco basically you just add all the condiments that you want so we’ve added some salsa they’ve popped on cebolla which is onion and also some coriander or cilantro and then they’ve got this huge tub of guacamole and you just pop it on your taco. it’s so so delicious the pork is really tender and just the zing from the lime and the spice from the chili. It is just the perfect snack. We’re not going to talk about where these taco stands or restaurants are but we’ll pop all the details below in the description we’re El Pescadito these guys specialize in seafood tacos in particular this one which is called ta-cocote and it comes with a pepper or a chilli that is stuffed with marlin the fish and then they add more marlin on top then battered and fried prawns and then you can add obviously your own salsas so we’ve added pico de gallo and some red onion and like mayonnaise based sauces a red one and a green one. It’s so, so tasty the marlin is quite meaty but it’s all shredded a little bit salty but it works perfectly with all the salsas These guys do a range of other tacos as well so you can get battered white fish tacos plain prawn ones we’ve also got another one which is called que-sotote which is a chilli stuffed with cheese and then it’s got battered prawns on top you have to come here they are really really worth eating We’re at Los Parados these guys do tacos where the meat has been prepared on the grill so we have ordered beef rib and it’s had a quick sear on the hot grill straight onto the tortilla and then we’ve loaded on pico de gallo and limes and all sorts. Very simple but the meat has so much flavour, definitely worth a go. If you’re liking this video, chuck a comment down below we’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to hit subscribe. We’re at El Vilsito for their famous tacos al pastor, these have got to be some of my favourite tacos. So they’re done in the style of a shawarma and they were developed by the Lebanese immigrants who first came to Mexico So the meat is piled on top of the spit and it’s roasted and they have a pineapple on top they have a pineapple on top which roasts as well and then the juice drips down onto the meat. they shave off the pork, chuck it on a tortilla add onion cilantro or coriander and then you add all your condiments I can’t tell you how good it is. It’s almost like a Hawaiian pizza. The pineapple is super, super sweet and the shaved meat is so tender. You have to come here Remember we’re popping all these taco spots down below in the description so you can find them yourself We’re at a taco stand which is in the middle of nowhere well we don’t actually know where we are but we’ll mark it on the map and they are famous for their barracuda tacos so there’s like whole fish on the grill and they’ve covered it in mayonnaise and pico de gallo and it’s just roasting away. They go through about 10 to 15 barracudas a day and then it’s just flaked off popped onto a tortilla. Wow the fish is super moist the mayo, the jalapenos, the tomatoes so so good. Tacos complete so that is our five picks for the top tacos we could find. What was your favorite? My favorite was dos, so number two so that was the marlin taco unbelievable and remember like we said earlier all details of where these places are prices all that sort of thing we’ll put down below so you can go to these places yourself all of them were easily accessible by either Metro some like the last one we did Uber to – just because it was a little bit out of the way unbelievably worth doing though but for me it was number two the one with the marlin it is it was the most expensive one we had 35 pesos, at 35 pesos, about $2 US dollars but they’re huge unbelievable What was your favorite? My favorite would have to be the al pastor tacos at El Vilsito so that place was a garage by day and a taco joint by night and they that was taco quatro. They did the shwarma style tacos or the Lebanese style tacos so the shaved pork and with the pineapple oh my god like so amazing. If you know any other places we should have tried yeah pop them down below so other people can see we would like to hear about them too for whenever we’re back in Mexico City it has been so fun trying all these tacos we have loved it we hope that we have inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, don’t forget to subscribe. Adios!

35 comments on “MEXICAN STREET FOOD- Delicious TACO CRAWL to find the BEST tacos in MEXICO CITY

  1. Another great video! I liked that you picked different types of tacos. In the states I've only had chorizo, carne asada, al pastor and fish tacos. So yummy.

  2. ooo good but I Muslim if I go I can't eat it. hahahaha next trip I think you present about Muslim food will good for me. like you guy

  3. this is what makes chasing a plate chasing a plate! food! i cannot WAIT to get to Mexico city! i like the style. lots of info (which I like), and good to see Sheena going solo!

  4. The best fish tacos you find them in the Baja California, penisula in my opinion That's where I'm at driving from the states all the way to the tip to Los Cabos An absolute desert paradise

  5. I too have love for El Pescadito. Delicious tacos indeed; some of my very favorites in CDMX. I also loved the tacos Arabes (Arab tacos originally from Puebla) at Taqueria El Greco in Condessa. In my top five for sure is cochinita pibil (stewed pork) at Taqueria El Turex in Polanco. Too many tacos to rank. Excellent video! ๐Ÿ‘

  6. El pastor! I think that's what I couldn't remember before. I have to stop watching this series guys, it's making me miss Mexican street food too much!

  7. To answer your question about liking the format… YES! Love it, however I dont like that you have made me hungry! Also, really loved the plate transitions! One last thought, all the getting in shape you did while hiking around South America is going to be quickly undone if you stay too long in Mexico with all those delicious tacos!

  8. UGHH now I want tacos! I barely have them, but your shots and editing were too good. I'd probably agree with Thomas, #2 looked the most amazing to me. You do such an amazing job describing how the food tastes! I could definitely learn a thing or two ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. LOVE this style guys, and those transitions were awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Still love your full day vlogs but this new style is awesome too. You have just made me SO hungry, ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Amazing idea for a video! I actually thought of something similar, but I never got around to it!! I could do al pastor all day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Bird poop = good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ … or so we're told! That second taco was heaping, what a monster! Now.. we just need to get to Mexico

  12. Really enjoyed watching you guys try different tacos. Definitely okay by me if you do taste comparison videos from time to time. The only place we've been to in Mexico so far was Isla Holbox, but eating tacos was one of my favorite activities while there.

  13. Hello guys!!! I'm a new sub!! Love your videos!!! Keep tasting all our amazing mexican food!! Tacos al pastor are 100% my favorite!!!

  14. Yeah! So happy I found this food series on Mexico by you guys. Traveling to Baja, Mexico in January 2019 and this just gets my tastebuds rolling.

  15. Enjoyed your transitions between spots here! Also cool to see some of your earlier videos and your progress to now

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