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Mexican Style Corn 🌽 Episode 1078

Mexican Style Corn 🌽 Episode 1078

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale. Today I’m going
to share with you how I like to make what I like to call Mexican style street corn,
Mexican style grilled corn, whatever you want to call it. By no means am I saying this recipe
is authentic, but I see this all over the restaurants, we love it. The first time I’ve
ever had it was at a carnival years and years ago and it’s very addictive. So I’m going to share with you how to make
it, or how I make it. It’s easy and simple, but it is just perfect! Okay, before we go through the list of ingredients,
we’re going to just start with the corn because I need to pre-cook this in some water. So what I have here are some ears of corn
and I trimmed them. So basically I get rid of any pieces of your husks that are a little
bit brown or that are too thin and I try to get rid of the top little frills here, whatever
you want to call them, just because I feel like I’m just trimming it a little bit, I’m
taking off the outer layers of the husks, so it makes it easier to cook, it makes the
water clear and I also trim them to fit the pan, but you don’t want to take off all the
husks, it’s important that you don’t do that. So we have that ready, you just need some
water with some salt which is right in there, and I just add my corn right in and all I’m
going to do is I’m going to turn the water on, I always like to start my corn in cold
water. We’re going to turn that on, I’m going to bring it to a boil, let the corn boil for
about ten to fifteen minutes then I’m going to let it cool slightly and then we’ll get
to mixing and grilling and doing all that fun stuff! So once my water came to a boil, I just cooked
these for ten minutes and I’ve just placed them on a baking sheet that I had lined with
some paper towels, because you want to dry them off a little bit and to absorb any excess
water so they’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes. Now what I like to do is I like to take a
piece of the husk from each one, so one, two. Trying to take a longer piece, but it doesn’t
really matter. This is fine. Because I’m going to use this in a little
bit. Now I have my grill, my outdoor grill pre-heated
to pretty high heat, you want this on pretty high heat. So I’m going to set these aside. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to place
my corn as-is, husk and all on my really hot grill, I”m going to give them a turn and grill
them until you’ve got some beautiful color developing, some charred color all around,
and then I’m going to let them rest for a little bit and then we’ll get going on smearing
them with the most delicious combination of stuff ever. And this is what you’re looking for, now what
I’ve done is I’ve prepped four of my ears of corn, I broke the tip off of this one.
I snacked on it, confession, it is what it is! Now it’s really easy to prep them, what you’re
doing is basically creating like a handle for your corn, and I just think that it looks
more festive. All you do is peel back the husk, but not all the way. And if some of it is really burned, it’s kind
of just going to break off and that’s fine but you peel it back like so, really easy. Really simple. The little hairs here, or whatever you want
to call them, they peel back with the husks really easily. Then whatever’s left, you can just peel those
right off. And then, remember we took some of these little
pieces of husk, and we just take one of those and you tie them like that! And they stay, so perfect, easy peasy, lovely
lovely. Okay, for the magic that goes on top of this,
you’ll need several things. What I have here is some mayo, Mexican creme
or sour creama, or sour cream, whichever you can find, I found sour cream today because
my grocery store didn’t have Mexican crema, but either will do. So I’ve got those there, this is some cotija
cheese, also you can use grated parmesan in it’s place if you can’t find it but I do love
this kind because it has more texture. Then I have lime wedges, scallions, cilantro,
chili powder and some salt. So, really easy and really simple but so good! To your mayo and crema, which by the way,
you can use all mayo or all crema if you want to, I prefer a mixture of the two so you can
do whichever your heart desires. Add a pinch of salt, and you want to do this
while the corn is still warm, you don’t want it to be piping hot otherwise you won’t be
able to handle it but you want to do this while the corn is still warm. I just use a pastry brush because I find it
to be much easier. And you just kind of brush this all over and
it almost becomes like glue, if you will, all over the ears of corn. Just brush it like so on each one. I like a little chili powder, not much but
a little bit of that heat, a little smokiness, really compliments the smokiness from the
grill. You can do it on a charcoal grill as well. Then you go in with your cheese. Now, what you want to do is really make sure
that your cheese sticks on there and it will because you’ve got that mayo mixture. Once you’re done making your mess then I just
transfer these to a clean platter. You can, of course top these with more cheese,
what I like to do is bring more cheese to the table. I’m going to leave that one behind because
you know that one’s going to be mine. I already dug into that one anyway! And then I just like a little bit of spring
onion action, a little bit of cilantro, you know it’s nice it’s fresh it’s a little bit
pungent but not so much that it competes with everything else. My hands are slightly wet so everything is
like sticking to my hands. Really lovely, really easy but such a showstopper
of a recipe. People love it whether it’s for a snack or you want to do it as an appetizer
or as a side dish, I mean whatever your heart desires, it’ll be perfect. Then, I like anyway, you may not like but
I like, a squeeze of lime. Like so. And that’s it! Surround your plate with some more limes,
I’m going to now sprinkle some cilantro on my personal one because I am ready to dive
right in, give me a little bit of lime juice. There we are! Pardon what’s about to go down, because it
ain’t going to be pretty! But it’s going to be good! Haha! Do I have anything on my face? I have no idea. The weird thing is, you wouldn’t think that
they all go together but it’s like magic on a new level. I can’t even describe it. You just have to try this recipe, if you have
a different version of this I would love for you to share down below. I keep staring at this like it’s going to
walk away. I would love for you to share down below – I have to go because I can only imagine
what I look like right now! Go to to get the written
recipe, hope you’ve enjoyed spending time with me. I want to look at it and be like ‘hello lover!’ I’ll see you next time! Bye!

100 comments on “Mexican Style Corn 🌽 Episode 1078

  1. It a fun little party food ,but down here in Tx a lot of the times it is served by removing the corn from the cob and put into a styro cup and the toppings are added and stirred around and then eaten with a spoon or fork ! Lot less messy and easier to handle !

  2. Lol! I love Mexican corn
    We have the "elote guy" couple blocks from my house and he boils the corn in some water w sugar- he uses mayo w crema mix plus chili powder Parmesan cheese
    Simple and delicious and he also gives you the option of if you want the corn in a cup vs on the cob
    Simply magic love this simple funky combo!!
    I'm gonna try it w cilantro and lime

  3. The version of this corn i use is just boiling the boiling the corn then adding mayo and Italian dressing seasoning and some parmesan. Definitely should try πŸ‘πŸ½

  4. I just had this for the first time today and loved it! I was thinking that I needed a recipe and of course you made one!!!! Love you and thisπŸ’•

  5. It's kinds similar to where the elotero "The corn man" does it. I'm not sure where you live but where i live there's tons of eloteros here, (there are people who walk around the neighborhood with their carts, honking by the sidewalk) Anyways, they make it with regular mayo, crumbled queso fresco (fresh cheese), and butter, (chili powder is optional) before pitting the corn with a stick. It is very yummy!! But yours looks good too πŸ˜€

  6. If it's possible, she has got more beautiful over the years. She is six years older than when she started and just as beautiful if not more than she was. I love this channel!!

  7. lol Laura you're so cute, I love how you said "crema" I love your twist on this. I'm from Chicago & here we use the corn on the cob or we slice it off & put it in the cup & we put
    Queso Fresco
    Tajin or Pico De Gallo chili powder
    I absolutely love your version as well

  8. Laura I love your videos!! I've just posted a Marshmallows video (without corn syrup!) on my new channel. I'd love to see what you think!

  9. nice laura!! love that u nailed it… im from Monterrey,Mx and we put on some nacho cheese and waaaaay much more chile… literally it is red but i understand u might not be so into chile… however try it as it is with nacho cheese and u can leave behind the cilantro and onion…. love ur vids and have made a bunch of them!!!

  10. oh wow! I did not know Corn can go with mayo and cheese, something worth trying πŸ˜€
    Hey Laura hope you have a recipe of how to make burger buns πŸ˜€

  11. in mexico the corn is first peeled then boiled. We rub the corn with lime and add salt, add mayonnaise, cheese (panela), chili powder at the end!!

  12. your making it harder and harder to choose from your recipes for dinners or events or even Holidays. Now, oh now this… not fair. Can I join you please. lol

  13. where i live we have the guys that walk around who sell elotes but they do the mayo, cheese, butter and chili powder lol

  14. Hey laura, your video comes at the tight time. It's corn season in india. Definitely gonna give this one a go.

  15. I'm just curious, why leave the husks on while boiling & grilling them ? I've always known to peel them completely before you do anything to them . Does it make a difference leaving them on or off?

  16. mmm, as a Mexican woman I kinda don't like this. I loveee elotes but my mom and I boil them until cooked and then you add mayo, butter, cheese, chili powder and some lime juice! no additional greens necessary!

  17. Love it Laura, but as a Mexican myself and an elote LOVER: I haver never seen it, much less eaten it, with cilantro. And of course I put a LOT more chili powder, and I put it last, it looks neat πŸ˜€

  18. Those look so yummy! They're called "Elotes." People in Mexico sell these on the streets, and use chili powder (called "Tajin") to give it that extra kick.
    Love your Videos Laura!

  19. Love your recipe never tried them with cilantro but it should be really good can't go wrong with cilantro. lol, You should try garbanzo beans with lime, salt and chilli powder so good they have those in Mexico too😊

  20. We gill the corn more to give it more flavor and we use butter the recipe was really close to the traditional recipe

  21. OMG!! My home town has snack bars that sell this same thing!!! The only difference is that they sell it in a cup!!! The take regular corn from a can, warm it up in a little bit of butter, add panela cheese or queso fresco ( casique brand sells it), mayo and crema or sour cream! That's it!!! They give you the Mexican sauce on the side! It's the San Luis sauce! I don't add any sauce to mine because it's a little intense for me! But corn-in-a-cup is very popular!! In fact, it kind of looks weird! I have a niece who lives in Amarillo, Tx and when she saw me mixing my delicious corn, proceeded to ask me if I was going to eat that weird looking stuff! Haha!! Living on the border of Texas and Mexico has its advantage! We get the best from both world! You guys should really try the corn in a cup! I'm thinking roasted corn will give it a more sophisticated flavor!! Mmmm!! Thank you, Laura for sharing! It is authentic corn!

  22. My mom usually boils it all the way, just use mayonnaise, dry cheese, chili in powder. Not cilantro at all but that still looks good

  23. I don't understand why so many Mexicans are being so rude about this. As a Mexican, I feel very happy that other cultures enjoy our food and give it their own twist to create something
    that might be as delicious. This was a great recipe Laura, thanks for sharing your version with us…love you❀

  24. If you are ever in Mexico, you have got to try these in the street. They are AMAZING (just as I imagine yours to be).

  25. I've made nachos like this before. Take the corn off the cob, mix it with the mayo and other goodies, and then put it on tortilla chips with whatever else you want.

  26. I remove the husks and smear a mixture of cilantro, butter, lime juice, tequila, and a tiny bit of minced habanero and of course salt an pepper all over and wrap in in foil. then I grill. then I indulge. Its the bomb diggity!

  27. you talked about the Brits couple of weeks ago…here you went with Lovely Lovely….yeah…sounded so great coming from you…
    one step closer…thanks Laura

  28. I steam the corn instead of boiling it. I don't grill it either but should try that! I use all mayo and Parmesan cheese! Oof! So good! Great videos Laura!

  29. We just leave the husks on and we do the same steps, boil or grill but we don't put no cilantro just the chili powder, mayo, cotija cheese and vegetable oil spread (Parkay) BOMB πŸ”₯

  30. this looks yummy! when I make mine I use sweet yellow corn and boil it with no husk. then I brush on melted butter and salt , mayo, queso fresco, chili powder, and lime juice​! everyone here where I live makes it pretty much the same πŸ™‚ we're a little town right by the border of Mexico.

  31. I'm Mexican and I know that a lot of ppl do it differently but what I do is only mayo, parmesan cheese (queso fresco or cotija) lime, chily powder or valentina and salt. we boil it (no husk) or grill it (w husk) depends on what we feel like doing πŸ™‚

  32. Some of my people are too serious about this. This is her version of Mexican corn. She made suggestions. You get the basic point. Also not every Mexican or person makes their food the same. Seriously people calm down. Laura I love you thanks for representing the Mexican culture.

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