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Mexico City Market Tour | Eating Mole, Tacos Al Pastor & Bugs | Part #2

Mexico City Market Tour | Eating Mole, Tacos Al Pastor & Bugs | Part #2

we are headed to the so color because we are going to meet up with Mexico IPA again it’s a market food tour [Music] don’t throw my baby something don’t travel my baby throw my baby Romo a drama that you see in the market something that mama drama Oh drama is there something in the market I travel to you go to the next part okay I’m so traumatized in an outside way and is temporal it means that they arrive in the morning they put their stores and in the evening they will take everything and this place will turn empty at Eng youngest at Angus exactly that is the difference between see Angus and a market inside a building no Angus it’s an order changes thank you yes Yun Jie’s young yes okay so there’s food T Angus and then and then product product or you can’t have it mix it it depends of the area in a neighborhood you will always have at the Angus until day that young is appear in your neighborhood and that people move in Wednesday to another neighborhood different like in like Malaysia open market yeah I love those position when there’s tons of food and they’re cooking and exactly this everywhere I think I’m fine many independent speciality in someone know for example you get a specific and you know that they prepared better food or different kind of food and then you go to another one and they more like we call it carnage as it means quesadillas liqueurs and all these normal food okay let’s continue the same way here in the [Music] [Music] oh we do a little taco semester yes yes it is one of the best foods in the world and for me this one is one of the best professors that you can taste in Mexico City the name of the restaurant is called el wa kitto it means that small space there’s why look the space they have over there so it’s a small space I have the tacos we will eat only one heater because we will move to another place I need another okay and another you need to earn the space to it more fun okay around No all right I guess later on I can always go get more she’s like do you remember where you are I’m like you go so you don’t you don’t because she was daming off the I need to ring I’m like I’m like you don’t understand how it works here there is name on there is more Chilean kg ones oh yeah some some salsa yes well oh it’s got salsa on it already okay I’ll just try it oh all right yeah I’ll take some time here’s a napkin later disappeared guys yeah I mean I don’t think eating like five more be a problem right yeah I know that you want more oh my god I know that that is unbelie– we have to come back here Oh like that size eight Oh Joe look at so much more we need to wait a little bit because he’s full okay this place is one of the best places to eat morning in Mexico City is really famous that’s him what’s the name he said it all over I couldn’t even heard the word Fonda who said it’s the best do they do comedic arena here no no from Monday to University they do committee crater yes okay because the workers [Music] very nice here I like a spicy aioli yeah it’s just more and more like a male angel of that is pretty strong words it’s most like needy can’t let this male go to waste it’s too much mullet you got to soak it all up you’re letting your bread soup [Music] well me the taste is different but the love of goodness I like that this is uh a little bit more spice maybe more chili [Music] [Music] so you think that molar is better than the ones who tasted in puebla Wow geez I don’t know I think I can’t say that it’s better it was a it was a fantastic male I don’t know that I liked it better but man it was good maybe I had him side by side I could make a definitive decision maybe if I had somebody from Puebla serving me and somebody from here serving me I would say I don’t know let me have a little more and taste it I don’t know let me have a little more a bit maybe that’s what would happen yeah and then when I was full I’d be like oh no give me 24 hours yes I’ll say maybe I need a second try tomorrow the exotic place exotic like crazy meats and bugs and you know I hear what I hear Tiger I heard like predator meats and yeah come over here to buy French food we say it’s strange but it’s not really so I guess you’re more strange but so there’s scorpions and grasshoppers yes and another kind of also yeah we will use your stomach fine ready to eat more yeah I ever liked what and to measure it in chuckles up a store probably 7 yes maybe no seeks only maybe maybe six and a half yeah and now I’d force it in its [Music] [Music] [Music] right you will taste all the kind of insects [Music] in fact don’t worry about that this one one leg maybe no you’re here try this one that is the ant chick Athena that and have something special only appears in rainy season in the first phase of it the fact that it has wings makes it grosser to me I don’t know why but it just did I’m like Olli Tampa do you say yes wings are like no things you don’t know why that we’re okay you will taste it okay all right so what are these guys your new friend yeah okay this one is the answer that you katana okay okay so this is the aunt that is this is a grub yeah [Music] shrimp or little shrimpy scorpion another to listen and let’s start with it hands okay do it [Music] okay [Music] birthdays and like okay you think yeah it’s not bad it’s salty and crunchy okay all right Oh in this pushy [Music] [Music] that’s what I thought they were saying to so flip it onto your hand and put it on the grill [Music] gets pushed up in there hi good you did it that was fast now make 40 more all right took any you wanna do that goes through the grab next as a father I have to let you go first fatherly duty [Music] a bit of a crunch it’s not great you’re gonna pass okay everyone’s gonna not go with that this row yeah it’s a shrimp how was it now this little Gretchen that’s great that’s actually really tasty all right so how to eat this thing yeah I decided one part or you’ll tail or the other I’m not gonna eat this down take a leg well maybe nobody’s at they oh they already removed the part it has right there so you wanted to break this tail you’d have Aten yeah wait says no poison in it like a second see here not bad okay so the barb is wearable poisonous cricket cricket you have three cricket ball day long [Music] such a bet and the shrimp are obviously just tasty those are not so bad that I didn’t like it all the amp was okay all right so I’ll take the big one really the sex of them it just tastes like a bride it could be pride anything really riding salty it’s so light okay oh you have need like three of these I bet really good actually yeah but you said they’re like oh they’re like light Lay’s chips with a little of sour cream and onion flavor on there yeah probably healthiest [Music] this girlfriend knows I think it might I might have eaten it if I had part of the tail yeah I don’t live to it on the trip Oh what the heck y’all eat a leg [Music] better you want part of this main part I need to say that it is in a really funny way because normally keep on growing yeah he said he’s like ok I will do it so for you not that part that was really not very good I think the artists were the best tasting but yeah hey guys look looks like is that tapioca yeah you guys want one of those the bubble tea the bubble milk milk just a milk or you want one yeah [Music] he goes be missed oh the wafers we had some of these yesterday oh I loved it a little bit of honey a little bit of nuts oh it’s a noir Chuck uh-huh Oh Tomas yeah remember remember better that Oh that’s siliceous holy moly be man no wonder Ojeda let me try one bite of that – it wouldn’t give me a bite of his so I wanted to feel sorry for me so he’d give me more oh I thought at the molle restaurant what all the dishes do they serve at the Malay and normally rice with Molly inside with chicken or that piece of the chicken and they put the Molly okay so like a inch male mulatto con chicken yes okay con pollo m’lip mulatto apoyo yeah okay okay cuz I would love to have one of those yes but today is all about it’s on my mind I just I have to yeah all the tour’s over okay goodbye it’s America that they made in the Olympic Games of the 1968 they discovered that many people will arrive to Mexico to see that and they feel that a well they need to make someplace to see the different regions that we have over here I’m not talking only in Mexico City I am talking around the whole country when they made that a market they decide to put also on the top the houses of the people so they will come over here and reduce their artisans here and continue living in a safety place know what I will do here is to explain some fewer to says and then you are free to move to your tackle you can make your perfect tool that you need in any Mexican traditional cuisine do you need to have one now was there any big difference here this looks that shape to make it you know I work I want to pick up one of these because I do want to make the traditional hot chocolate and I want to do a taste test between Abuelita and I birra Ribeiro yeah I’m gonna do a taste test I think this is a good one this one’s got good frothing ability see right there see that that’s that’s froth Alicia’s oh you’re asking about the difference [Music] [Laughter] with this one also you can make with the potatoes yeah totally or the chocolate the moly we just want to compare any stuff tell her that we’re going to do a taste test between Abuelita e Ibarra what if you come over here they will make your Molly oh yeah ask her if she likes hot chocolate Kasey leg usted chocolata Caliente goose Tomas de Barra de agua leta hacer una Prada como una competencia Q cement a day Abuelita vara yellow van a prepper Archon Sol de la bola she say that is better d Abuelita because a at the moment you move it ya take out too much oh so she likes ever later because it gets worse for me then yeah me Barra now what about just the flavor en is about collaboost a mess upset Oh both also the both delicious in their own way and Tsukasa s MIT Taranto say in Mexico Monday but like I see it she said that’s going to make it you need to invite to your home ok ok let’s break down your numbers it will be the official taste tester yes okay that’s a deal she’s very wise yes but at the same time hurts a little more when you then make it in the correct way that used to be old toys with this one you get really really entertaining they have similar type everything Europe – but it’s it’s a little cup with a ball you ain’t hubble’s up with balls but this one is hardest yes I did it bro oh this one’s easy that was yeah I did on my first try it’s really easy once you get the pattern down I always like to just hold it oh well there you go yeah I’m such a big teacher yes I only use the computers or screens we just buy a couple of those you’d be happy and this place is the place I will say you well we will say you goodbye I hope you enjoyed that tour I want to give you a present oh it’s a magnet oh just like a luchador yeah no it’s a market serve all the colors now you discover the different kind of colors of Mexico okay perfect thank you see you bye all right into the tour that was no school you guys have fun time yeah cool yeah anyway as you heard we were headed to get some of those awesome tacos out past door that we had a little try earlier off and then we’re gonna call it a day hola mundo’ taquito yeah how many tacos we would like what do we want so this here’s a deer’s for now maybe more okay oh yeah everything you make it the way you make it is so good so you gotta give me some lime action of mine thank you oh it’s icy cold that’s it here I can be played honey I mean be man I gotta play here you go mean bmail sure happy now all that lime on these bad boys Oh Hey how many more 10 more Diaz we demolished in tacos in like 30 seconds an amazingly good copy oh this is so good with it here we might have a drink oh you’ll love it let’s take a drinker be like oh yeah I need some of that yeah so uh oh no mas Tomica yeah so you want to drink that and get you another one if I get dosed Moss at the same time one of us yeah whoo yeah I’ll probably take it let’s work it and then they fill it a little bit oh yeah that too that’s right yeah amy was saying there how they grill it a little bit it’s so so nice yeah probably I have no idea I didn’t even come be mine how much do you eat oh I’m a julienne yeah thanks so much yeah okay but with infinitely painting okay blesses thank you so we put down 20 tacos and six Aquacade and my kiss wow that’s pretty good and that was all for 25 bucks including a little tip Wow so what about you guys if I’m ready to hit home long day and I’m full I’m getting kind of hot – yeah it is getting out of here all right guys say later [Music] [Music] [Music] for us and feel free to whatever you want this Tomales pumpkin flower okay so you guys want to play throughs or each purse to customers and we can put it all the way and then you know we’ll still be yeah yeah so then we can play okay so we are live now I just wanted but I should have said 12 live hey guys that’s pretty cool this is the group hey honey I think it’s time for my weekly foot massage well foot massage that I get every week I’ve never given you a massage oh I know but I’m still getting it we will start a weekly foot massage now no but you still gonna cut those toenails

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