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MEXICO CITY – tacos, natural wine, coffee, CrossFit and more

MEXICO CITY – tacos, natural wine, coffee, CrossFit and more

We just landed in Mexico City and it is
70 degrees and sunny here We just left and it was snowing so it’s much better
yes first thing is to go check into our hotel and then?
get coffee. coffee. and then? tacos! yes, all the tacos can we just talk about how delicious
that lunch was? yeah that was insane those tuna tostadas were amazing yeah we’re on our way right now to go check
out the Chapultepec Castle but before we do that we’re gonna stop into a bakery
and try something called a “bollos de romero”…? and coffee. oh yeah, and coffee this is the one that we came for the
bollos de romero but there’s a lot of pastries we got one that came with custard
and a berry jam, then the waiter said that the best thing they have here is a guava roll it looks like there’s some cheese in there as well I’m not sure tangy at the same time as being sweet and super buttery it’s good this was what’s left of the bollos de romero. it’s kind of like a rosemary sweet roll so if you don’t like rosemary, which Ashley doesn’t, you won’t like it. but I like it we’ve been walking around all morning and now
it’s time for lunch. we researched this place and it’s supposed to be extremely well known for barbacoa. it’s only open on the weekends so we’re here on a Sunday It looks really good so we’re excited to go eat yeah we just sat down and deciphered the menu I think we ordered some barbacoa, some belly and some kind of cheese tostada? but I’m excited for the barbacoa would you say that lived up to your meat lovers dream? yes now I’m in food coma we’re hanging out this evening in the Zocalo, which is like the big city centre square big open plaza, and there’s a lot going
on here tonight and we kind of ended up getting like
hustled up into this weird terrace balcony bar kind of place. yeah it was up
on the 6th floor it was pretty sketchy getting up there we didn’t know where
they were taking us. no, and we wouldn’t really recommend it for food
definitely not for food no but it wasn’t bad if you just want to hang out up
there and have a quick beer and there are multiple ones along the way you can
see the one that we went to is right there and it was called Paco’s? Paco’s.
yeah so it’s definitely an option when you’re in the zocalo otherwise you can
stay out and walk around which is what we’re gonna keep doing now we were walking by this woman at her
stall and it smell like popcorn making like these little round things I tried to ask for two, you can’t buy two, you buy a whole roll of them so now, I don’t know what
it is I don’t know if we’re gonna like it oh it doesn’t taste like popcorn and it’s really, really dry probably two out of ten would not recommend we just stopped for a late-night snack
at El Morro for some churros. there’s a bunch of locations around the city and
they look really delicious it’s really cool you get to watch them to make them
right in front of you while you’re waiting in line that was super fresh
they smell really good we just finished our WOD, we dropped in
to Reebok CrossFit Plaza Condesa this morning yeah it was a good WOD, pretty long yeah, we’ll be sore later for sure we’re at Molino El Pujol I think I pronounced that right, I don’t know if you haven’t heard about Pujol then it is one of the top 50 restaurants in the world I think it’s ranked like 13th right now this is actually one of his second restaurants I guess you could call it a restaurant, it’s more of a tortilla factory we got a tamale with the corn fungus, I don’t remember how to huitlacoche we got this agua de mais which is just a corn water and then this is atole which is a traditional Mexican drink we got here right in between breakfast and lunch so we got with breakfast earlier and
waited about 15 minutes, now we ordered lunch so we got two tacos and elotes, which is like a Mexican street corn it tastes really good. I didn’t expect it to be so like, light and creamy it’s almost like fluffy the texture in your mouth is not the most appetizing thing I like that one better. it’s got a bit of spice in it already it’s got a good flavour we just came out to grab a drink, a
couple drinks maybe, we’ve got some places in mind we want to check out the first
one is yeah it’s a small Japanese bar that we found I think it’s a standing
room only holds like 10 to 12 people but I’ve read that it has good selection of
natural wines so we’re here to check that out so we just left Le Tachinomi Desu yeah hopefully. It was really good wits
really good wine there yeah the wine was excellent if you don’t know about
natural wine you should google it at least or go there check it out yeah so
we spoke to you the guy that was helping us Norman Norman and he recommended a
place for us to go eat so we’re gonna go check it out right now yeah tacos so we
try to go to dinner at Yuban, which was recommended to us but that was closed
for private event so we ended up here at Taqueria Orinoco which ended up being
really delicious I would recommend the pirata, which is this big steak taco and the chicharron tacos were also excellent this morning we’re up early, we’re at the
bakery here before it’s even open because we’re headed to the airport so
we’re leaving Mexico City we had a really good time here a lot of amazing food everywhere that we went in the video is listed on our website which is but if you have any questions for more information about the
places we went if you’re looking for any tips you can comment in the comment
section below the video and we will get back to you in the meantime stay tuned
for our next video because from here we’re flying to Oaxaca City and we got
some amazing recommendations from the locals here in Mexico City yup. had a lot of food here and gonna have a lot of food there too yeah so
stay tuned

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  1. Great video! Mexico City is so interesting and it doesn't cost a fortune to eat really good, fresh food. When you have time, you should go back to see some of the museums. So much history in this city!

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