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this is heavenly amazing I can see how i can eat this without a fork or a spoon just chuck it your down gob Hola! Buenas! and welcome back to Mexico City today is quite a rainy wet and cloudy Thursday afternoon I have walked from Doctores where I’m staying to Parque Espana which is one of the two parks in the Condesa area which I featured in another video now one of the great things about doing YouTube particularly in Mexico is the fact that so many people recommend things to me places to go things to do and places to eat which is what this video is about basically there’s two places in Condesa and Roma that I’m going to go to in this video because basically I’m starving so on that note let’s go so as you can see you walking around Condesa there’s lots of cafes have lots of bars and lots of restaurants or some of that kind of thing we won’t understand the place I’m going to can get quite busy it’s very popular I’ve read that if you get there before 2:30 that’s an ideal time but it’s not so busy it’s about one o’clock at the moment I believe it’s just down there who’s hungry so we’re gonna have some tacos okay there’s a place over there called El Pescadito which roughly translates to the little fish so the thing about Mexican food is that largely it will be meat vegetables that sort of thing I haven’t seen seafood and tacos yet so I’m quite interested I haven’t always been the greatest fan of seafood but when I went to a traditional authentic seafood market in jimbaran Indonesia which I’ll show you over the top now I literally fell in love with seafood and it’s I must admit it’s become my guilty pleasure since then I’ve got to say this place is really cool so you walk in there’s the bit over there like the deep fat fryer bit where they’re frying the shrimps etc and you basically order your food there the staff are really nice they’ll come up to you and played you on a drink you know things like that I am being an absolute beast okay I’m starving and this food just looks amazing which I’ll show you in a second and once you’ve got your food there’s a bit just over there like a salad bar thing so it’s great for me because I don’t particularly like a lot of vegetables SIN ENSALADA on everything so I can be quite minimalist there’s things like limes there’s the picante sauces coleslaw onions things like that it’s exceptional I have ordered okay I’ve wanted the tacos de camaron the shrimp tacos I’ve ordered the tacos de Marlin the fish that I said about and I’ve also got quesadillas coming what a beast that’s on its way okay I think it takes a bit longer it’s beautiful let’s tuck in okay eating while filming is not my forte but just look the shrimp in some kind of batter amazing I put some picante on the top a tool for some kind of sauce underneath there look around that is beautiful succulent it’s go a bit of crunch one thing about shrimps and prawns that I don’t really like is the crunchiness factor so the fact that is quite succulent is fantastic picante heaven let’s put a bit of lime on it’s lovely and actually eat the taco how you’re meant to eat tacos there’s a reason this place is popular and by the way I say it’s popular what quiet right now because it is like I said about one o’clock Oh my god I’m so glad that I have become a seafood fan because it is just beautiful so let’s move on to the Marlin taco look at that there is onion in it those of you that know me well know that I’m not fan of onion but I’m gonna go with anyway I’m just going to wrap this one up as you do so much meat well seafood. oh my god I’ve never had Marlin before I’ve got the same kind of consistency as I’m tuna that is beautiful I think I’ve gone overboard on the picante beautiful my favourite so far beautiful who knew? Marlin, love it! okay if you thought those two really good the piece de resistance has arrived and I must apologize because I was impatient and I couldn’t resist eating it this is a quesadilla basically cheese obviously and some kind of fish inside I thought it was shrimp initially but it’s not it’s some kind of other regular fish I try find out what it is and put it in the bottom to scream but it’s exceptional cheese, fish what could go wrong you know it’s so it’s really different from other tacos I’ve had in Mexico because like I said he told me in vegetables things like that but this is something different okay I’m very happy now I must admit this unlike me what’s going on food makes me happy yes it does that place is exceptional I cannot even put it into words absolutely come here EL PESCADITO when you’re in Mexico City and the food oh my god I can’t even but there’s no words brilliant but if you think my food journey for today is over you are on we’re going to somewhere else who fancies some dessert I know I do so I’m now heading to Roma which is an area that’s very close to Condesa is equally as popular I mean Parque Mexico which is the other big Park in condesa I had to take a bit of a break because I had my mother’s voice echoing in my brain from around 1987 saying David let your food go down before you have your dessert well sorry mum sorry to let you down but it’s time to have some pudding right forget Roma because I’ve just walked out at the other side of the park and I found possibly another branch of the place that I am going to it’s called Churreria el Moro apologies for the pronunciation but CHURROS okay are one of my guilty pleasures in Mexico if you don’t know what that is basically I would describe it as kind of the Mexican version of a doughnut kind of except it in like a long sort of stick form with sugar on it you can have things like Nutella other things sometimes you you get places where they inserts like a tube thing inside and fill the Churro with the filling this place is on another level it’s monumental I’m gonna have a look lovely there are multiple options at this place you can have the normal tools like four of them it’s 72 pesos and you get like the chocolate with it but I have got Consuelo ice cream look at that awesome another youtuber does will pass me by the way and yeah so it’s like in a coil kind of thing full of ice cream the weird thing here is that they won’t give me any cutlery which is strange something about plastic I’m thinking saving plastic which is great but you know I’m going ice cream without Oh beautiful classic I think I might have just had a food orgasm beautiful sugary chocolate ice cream have him oh the chocolate ice cream it’s beautiful hmm this is heavenly amazing I can see how I can eat it without a fork or a spoon, just chuck it down your gob! I’m enjoying this food overload today music behind me homeless men asking me for money ice cream perfecto fantastico excelente yeah condesa is growing on me I didn’t like it the last time but if the food is like this in condesa I’m moving here and one thing I forgot to mention is that this is only cincuenta pesos 50 pesos for this piece of mexican magic Comida! necesito comida! not anymore okay I’m heading back home now through roma Centro medico Hospital general back to Doctores back home I’ve only had a good day today this just shows that even on days that are particularly fantastic weather-wise you know it’s cloudy, grey that sort of thing you can still go out by yourself have a good time and fill your stomach with a absolute ton of Mexican food in terms of how much I spent today basically about two hundred pesos which for the amount of food that I had today I’m not gonna have to eat again for another week a bit like a hamster you know I can store my food so yeah if you’re new to this channel welcome as well and I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at some food that is on offer in Mexico City if you want to have a look at my other Mexico seat videos check out the playlist it’s in the description below thank you for watching don’t forget to leave a comment what’s your thoughts on the food I’ve had in this video could you recommend me any other places to go to you that’d be great thanks for watching and I will catch you later


  1. Seafood Tacos and Churros!! Thanks for the recommendations amigos! Where else would you like to see me eat? Let me know! Translation coming soon!🇲🇽❤🇲🇽

    Tacos de mariscos y churros !! Gracias por las recomendaciones amigos! ¿Dónde más te gustaría verme comer? ¡Házmelo saber! Traducción próximamente! 🇲🇽❤🇲🇽

  2. David, if you find yourself in parque Alameda Central you should try the food at La Azotea which is in the little market called Barrio Alameda on the west end of the park. The food is great but the view is even better. You get a view of all the tree tops and the skyline behind it – its great.

    Also for the best view of Palacio de Bellas Artes go eat a snack at Finca Don Porfirio which is on the 8th floor of the Sears building directly in front of Bellas Artes. The food is okay – nothing out of this world – but the view is simply amazing.

    That food at Condesa looked heavenly – so jealous lol

  3. Nice to see you doing a food video, job well done too👍🏼
    That churro looks🤤
    I love seafood, I think if you have a bad experience with seafood that isn’t fresh it can certainly put one off for sure.

  4. "The aztecs invented tortillas in 1325 and 2 seconds later tacos were invented" jajaja you look so happy! Hope México make you happier

  5. Those places are quite popular, El Pescadito is relatively new but El Moro is a tradition here, first location is just outside of metro San Juan de Letran but that is really packed

  6. That kind of churro is new for me!!, I am going to try it next time when I go to CDMX!
    I recommend you to go for a walk to "Los viveros de coyoacan!
    Check also some restaurants in Insurgentes sur!
    Have a good independence day weekend! ☺

  7. i was born in Mexico city but I live in the U.S. and don't quite know about my own city but im loving the way you're showing it. please please keep on. love from Michigan❤

  8. Se necesitaría tener una vista a la velocidad de la luz para poder leer tus subtitulos, se quitan demasiado rápido o estar pausando el video

  9. Eating churros with chocolate is a beautiful custom we inherited from the Spaniards. We gave them chocolate and they gave us churros. Perfect match. Nothing better for a cloudy rainy afternoon than eating churros.

  10. Great Videos David, people like you tear down the lies of the western Media about Mexico
    Have you met up with other Brit Vlogers in CDMX like TrueMexico?

    Also can you do a video from the posh Sante Fe CDMX and Parque Mexicana

    Also can you discuss more your ideas on why the western Media attacks Mexico in such a bad way.

    Once again great Videos!! Hola from California…

  11. Hey tocayo (look this up if u don't know what it means :p ) I recomended u visit Taxco last time. Hopefully u will visit soon! Nice video Dave! Keep them coming 😉

  12. watching this video was a huge mistake. currently home after my double jaw surgery and all I can eat is liquid food. so why the hell am I watching you video showing all the amazing Mexican food??! because I am stupid. anyway, take care and make more of these,because I clearly love to torture myself 🙂 <3 love,take care

  13. Awesome video David! We just spent a week in Condesa, on Amsterdam, about 30 seconds from the oft-packed El Moro and Parque Mexico. So watching your video was a sweet reminder of hanging out in the neighbourhood. 😀

  14. That was absolutely torturous! I'm definitely going there when I finally go back to el DF for a long awaited visit! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  15. hi David, i just discover your channel and your videos are amazing. That kind of tacos are from the north/west of México, from states like Baja California or Culiacán, if you love the sea food you should travel to those states and have a lot of sea food orgasms hahaha. Enjoy México as well as we enjoy your videos. Saludos.

  16. I've been watching your videos for a couple of months and I must say I enjoy your comments and sense of humour. Mexico City was my hometown back in the late 80s and now I want to go back and visit. Cheers, mate!

  17. Yum! The white sauce looks like, Crema Mexicana. It's a cross between Creme Fraiche and Sour Cream. You food video isn't half bad. 🙂

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