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MEXICO CITY’S ICONIC street food | Street food in Mexico | DORILOCOS, Tortas + Tacos!

MEXICO CITY’S ICONIC street food | Street food in Mexico | DORILOCOS, Tortas + Tacos!

today we’re in Mexico City and we’re
here to eat this Mexico City series is all about sharing with you the city’s best food Mexico City’s food
culture is dynamic varied and delicious if you love to eat you won’t want to
leave this place this is our third video from Mexico City and we’re zipping all
around town to hunt down the city’s most iconic street food watch out for the
king of sandwiches, melt in your mouth tacos and one of the craziest snacks
ever invented in this massive Mexico series were hunting down the country’s
tastiest food and eating where the locals eat you don’t want to miss this series
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat if you’re new to our channel I want to
give you a little bit of information about what we do and who we are we’re
all about going to the heart of the food in the places we visit so really finding
where the locals are eating the heart and soul of the local food today is
going to be no different we’re starting at a place that is really full of heart
and so we’ve walked past it a number of times and it’s for a torta which is a
thing that I love and this is a really cool-looking stall and it is all about
what we’re trying to do we’re just trying to find the best food the local
stuff the stuff that the people are really eating but the best versions of that
food so we’ll travel all over the cities and the countries we’re in to find you
guys the best local food we’re starting this video in the neighborhood of
Condesa now Condesa is a really popular area for travelers to stay in there are
loads of fancy restaurants bars and cafes but what is great about this area
is that there are also a lot of traditional old gems just like this
first place that we’re gonna eat at and we are here for a torta which is a
Mexican sandwich now this place has been around for 30 years it’s really really
nondescript it doesn’t even have signage out the front saying what the name of
the stall is or the little sandwich shop is but locals say that this place does a
really good torta and it’s very popular so let’s go and grab one this torta is visually incredible we’ve
been in Mexico City for about ten days and we’ve had a few tortas in our
preparation for filming this one so we’ve built ourselves up with tortas at
other places already just visually I can see this thing is gonna knock them out
of the water I mean check it out how could this not taste good so we’ve got
pork down here so they roast a fresh leg of pork every morning for the shop
and we saw them slicing that off the beautiful piece of pork really nice
chunky bits of pork a ton of string cheese which he put on the hot plate
and it’s now got all these beautiful little crispy bits and then all these
soft gooey bits and we asked for it with everything so with everything means
avocado got some fresh onion chopped up through there got some tomato and the
jalapeno so all those chilies you can see some green and red chilies he had a
huge tub of that that he dumped all over the torta I love the little shop as well
so like Sheena said very nondescript there is no signage at all it’s got a really
neat little old menu up there on the wall it’s got a lot of heart and soul in
it it feels really neat to be in you can tell it’s a locals favourite it was
packed when we got here and it’s actually been here thirty years which is
not as long as I thought looking at it it looks like it’s been here for a long
long time but let’s dive in to this torta let’s grab it
oh look at that cross-section that huge piece of avocado all that pork
underneath and look how thick that piece of cheese is there in the middle oh my god hmm all over me wow hmm oh the flavors that is incredible I got a lot of that pork in
that mouthful and super juicy really well cooked really well seasoned but I
want to go again because I actually got mainly pork and a little bit of cheese
so I want to go with that next bite with a bit of everything oh my gosh Wow mmm so I
said that we’d had a lot of torta building up to this one this one just
absolutely knocked them out of the park they are all gone off the list and they
were good as well this is incredibly good it’s so well balanced I got a nice
bit of avocado which is obviously really creamy it’s perfectly balanced so you’ve
got spice and salt from the pork being roasted
you’ve got sweetness and acidity from the tomato the bread is just really soft
and subtle it’s not overly chewy it’s not overly crispy so it doesn’t get in
the way sometimes a sandwich like this I find the bread just it’s great but
it gets in the way a bit you’re sort of struggling to get it out not the case
here at all so torta are a very common food here you’ll
find them all over the place and I’m so glad we came to this spot to film this
one it is unbelievably good we’re in Chapultepec Park for our next
street food but before we hunt down the food stall we just want to say thanks to
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Dorilocos Chapultapec Park is an awesome place
to spend some time in Mexico City it is massive and it is perfect for people
watching and there are tons of snacks to sample we are going to hunt down a bag
of Dorilocos this is a crazy snack it’s a quintessential Mexico City
experience I suppose it’s something that you have to eat when you’re here and I
can see the stall right up ahead there’s all sorts of things going into
this bag of Dorilocos so it starts with a packet of Dorito chips and then there’s carrot, there’s jicama, there’s chilli there’s what else can I see?
peanuts I can’t stop laughing
because this bag of Dorilocos is so crazy so it starts with a bag of Doritos
so corn chips I went with the nacho cheese and then he chucked a ton of
different ingredients inside so what have we got we’ve got some shredded
carrot there’s some shredded jicama as well which is like a Mexican
turnip these here are pickled pork rinds there’s some peanuts in there the kind
which have got like a crunchy shell on the outside he put I think two
different types of hot sauces a ton of like spice on top what else just it’s
just a riot of crazy ingredients all mixed together so I think what I’m gonna
do well the best thing to do is just give it all a big old mix oh the really
red sauce I believe is chamoy so chamoy is this sauce made out of pickled fruit
so it’s gonna be a riot of texture and flavor okay so I’ve got some of the
carrot and stuff in there oh how do you even eat this thing I think I’m gonna go
in with my hand so I can use the corn chip to sort of pick up some of those
ingredients all right so I’ve got a pickled pork rind and some of the fresh
vege on there that’s really really good so it
is salty it is spicy it is crunchy it is sweet it’s tangy it’s got all of the
flavor profiles that you could possibly want it’s sweet and it’s really fresh
actually from the carrot and the jicama I ate some of the pickled pork rind and
it had a great texture it was a little bit gelatinous but a bit crunchy as well I’m
just digging into this bag of Dorilocos with a huge smile on my face it
is this crazy combination of different textures and flavors and it
all just works it’s really fun to eat it’s what people eat after school it’s
what people eat to get a sense of nostalgia to recreate their childhood
and I can see why it is really really delicious We’re at Taqueria Los Cocuyos and these
guys specialise in all things cow or beef they’ve got this huge menu
and you can literally get every type of part of the cow that you could possibly
want there’s eye, there’s cheek that sweetbreads there’s intestines all sorts but I want
to show you the huge pot of bubbling meat so come over here with me look at this meat so braising in liquid and fat and it just smells heavenly there’s also some longaniza so that’s spicy sausage there’s some nopales some cactus paddles in there I think we’ve got to get into these tacos so all of the different bits of beef
are hiding underneath each other so he had to dig through to find the tripa which is
the intestine so we ordered a intestines tongue brains and also a spicy
sausage one longaniza I’m gonna eat the brain taco and also
the tongue taco so so the sesos and the lengua now I’m going to put some salsas on here
the salsas came with a bit of a warning so this is super super picante so very
hot a little bit hot not so hot so I think I’m gonna go medium because I
don’t want the salsa to overwhelm the brain so a few drops of
that the tacos came with onion and also the cilantro and then of course the
requisite squeeze of lime so we’ll go with the brain taco first chuck a ton of
lime on top of that okay now double tortilla it’s been crisped up on the hot
plate and then the brain is just simply steamed holy moly that is impeccable brain when
brain is cooked correctly it is melt in your mouth it is creamy it does not
have a really strong offal taste and that is cooked to perfection
it is so so creamy it just melts in your mouth
that was the perfect salsa for it gave a little bit of vinegary-ness
and chilli heat but didn’t take away from the flavor of the brain
okay this tongue taco so it’s a whole piece of tongue the boiled tongue was just sliced
and then popped onto the tortilla onion cilantro and then I think what I’ll
do is go for the really hot salsa so chuck that on there few drops and them some
more lime all right this place is awesome we’re standing
right on the street tucking into these tacos people are wandering past the
guys are really friendly perfect street food again the meat is so beautiful super-tender that
salsa is pretty hot a very sharp heat onions and cilantro add a burst of
freshness oh this is so good I am desperate to try the intestine one so
it was braised but then they took it out and put it on the hot plate and you can
see all these beautiful little crispy golden bits I’m gonna do that medium
salsa so the nice dark red one all over there I’ll get a whole lot of it though
and definitely some lime that is totally a must so let’s get that lime in there nice
and juicy all righty these look like really good intestines they also put the tortilla on the hot
plate and dipped it in the braising liquid so that’s got a beautiful little
crispness on it and the intestines they’re so perfectly cooked and they’ve got that
beautiful little crunch from where they’ve been put on the hot plate
crisped up not chewy at all not offal-y at all that is one helluva taco we’ve come full-circle we’ve come back
to the neighborhood that we started in where we ate the torta and we’re here to
visit an old-school ice-cream parlour it’s been around since the 1940s it
looks pretty nostalgic this type of place is probably not what
you think of when you think of Mexico an old-school 1940s ice cream parlor which
is really old fashioned it’s really popular with the locals it’s great that
you can find this type of establishment in Mexico City it’s it’s neat so what
we’ve ordered we’ve gone the whole shebang I’ve got helado which is ice
cream so a scoop of ice cream it’s rompope flavor which is eggnog and
then I’ve also gone for a scoop of nieves which is tuna flavor so nieves and helado
differ in that nieves is like artisan type water-based
ice cream so it’s mainly water based and fruit so this is tuna flavor and tuna is
not the fish it is the prickly pear so the fruit of the cactus plant and then
Thomas went for the bananas split so he’s got I think strawberry chocolate
and vanilla obviously sandwiched between a banana
and then nuts and a wafer I really love how they’re still using glass ice
cream dishes it’s just really old fashioned it’s got a great feel about it
this place I’m gonna start with the tuna so this is the nieves the water based
almost akin to sorbet really it’s very icy and soft and very sweet
the tuna has a really fresh flavour it sort of tastes to me a little bit like
a pear I suppose it’s prickly pear so tastes a little bit like a
Buerre Bosc pear let’s give this rompope a try so this is the eggnog so
there’s eggs and vanilla flavouring and also I believe milk it’s very creamy but it also has a little bit
of an icy texture as well which I really love it’s really good I love how classic this banana split looks I just felt like
a banana split when I saw this place and like Sheena said it’s definitely
not what we think of when we think of Mexico so hopefully for you as well
you’ve seen something a bit new that you didn’t realize Mexico has and you
see quite a bit of this sort of thing here with real nostalgia that’s got a
real sort of old-world feel about it I really love it it’s such a neat city to
explore for the true street food like we’ve had today
interesting stuff like the Dorilocos in the park and then things like
this which are so interesting and so different I’ve got to get into my banana
split before it melts

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