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Mexico restaurant serves tacos with INSECT toppings

Mexico restaurant serves tacos with INSECT toppings

Now, it’s not a dish for everyone, certainly
not for those afraid of bugs, but one small Mexico restaurant is offering up a new food
challenge – tacos with insect toppings. Yeah, La Cocinita de San Juan even has a full
list of Mexican style tacos, with wild menu items such as scorpions and spiders. And they
really are wild says restaurant owner Pedro Hernandez. It’s really hard to catch them. They’re wild,
so there are people in charge of going into the hills to go and lift up the rocks and
cover them in weeds. You have to be really careful when you grab them because the scorpions,
if they sting you, those little scorpions will send you to hospital. So how do you get your customer to eat something
they would normally send back to the kitchen? Well, apparently some of the dishes are easy
to disguise. A scorpion doesn’t have a very characteristic
flavour really. It’s the preparation that really gives it a characteristic flavour.
Then they’ll eat it because otherwise they’ll say no way. I’m not going to eat a scorpion.
Then seeing it all prepared, they eat it and say well it’s good. Well we don’t know about you, but we’d rather
stick to a burger.

9 comments on “Mexico restaurant serves tacos with INSECT toppings

  1. If people started eating more insects than other animals, it would end world hunger. 
    Most of the food produced is eaten by the animals we eat, rather than by ourselves. 
    Insects consume much less food to grow than bigger animals. 10lbs of the same feed will get you 8lbs of crickets, but only 1lb of beef.

  2. I got that in my Chinese restaurant and when I complained, they offered that I should keep quiet and they wouldn't ask me to pay extra.

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