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100 comments on “Michael Fisher is MrMobile

  1. Michael Fisher is awesome. He could do all the reviews of Pocketnow alone. Of course….he is 2nd to MKBHD, no offense.

  2. Qui aurait cru que tu serais allé aussi loin dans les topcharts de Youtube à propos de tech ? Moi ! J'ai toujours aimé le style différent de tes vidéos ! Absolument sublime niveau production, une voix reposante ET toujours à la pointe dans les commentaires ! J'aime que tu ne cherches pas à {tout le temps} faire la course pour sortir tes vidéos et ton avis réfléchi correspond souvent avec ce que j'attends d'une critique tech !

    Merci d'avoir lancé cette chaine et de m'avoir fais découvrir le top du Youtube Game : Technology !

  3. I've been a great fan of your work. Right from the PocketNow days. The After The Buzz videos from PocketNow is not going to be the same. Also writing this post so that I get a chance to enter your sweepstakes to be honest with you 🤞🏽. Wishing you 🍀 Mr. Mobile and as always stay mobile.

  4. oh god yessss, finally a source of your videos and not "lm Jaime, did you hear Jaime, this is very Jaime Rivera"

  5. Man did you ever join those guys for this channel at a PERFECT time! hopefully you got guaranteed money and signed a contract.

  6. THE BEST CHANNEL INTRO EVER MADE. I ve seen it like a hundred times… still I love to watch it every time…… the reason is u Micheal fisher . the script writing , the voice .. Ur style…. awesome ..

  7. i am your fan from the philippines. i was looking for you in the youtube channels in pocketnow. you are my favorite in reviewing mobile phone. you influence me in what to buy. i am very happy that you are back and i found your YouTube channel.
    i subscribed to your channel.

  8. i think u should do vlogging,,u will definitely get millions of views,people come here to watch u,they mostly dont care about what ur reviewing,,,at least thats the case with me

  9. Coming from reddit! I heard about your reviews being technical and opened your link in a second tab. By the time I moved it the tab – the video was at: SOLD!


  10. I wasn't following the previous channel for long time till I found out you had joined another company. Glad watching you performing your unique reviews in new channel

  11. I went into a depression when Michael left pocketnow, I was contemplating suicide but he " resurrection" in the form of Mr mobile has given me reason to live. Jk love his charisma and voice

  12. Can you give me the star wars sphero i can't buy it cause it is not available in India can you send it to me please and i was your 5 subscriber

  13. Michael Fischer means perfection… Nobody is perfect except Michael Fischer… Really if you liked my comment please reply me. I will be very glad to see a reply message. I will be shocked that a perfect man has replied to a command man like me. Really you are the best out there…..

  14. Problem in technology today is not about progress anymore. It's about making big amount of money. I know it's costing, I know everything is connected with money but last big step in mobile technology was touch screen and after that only work on that in small steps for big prices! Years by years. I think we are mislead from big corporations. We love progress and they love our money. That's is the point. I personally not going to buy shit anymore! Got lots of devices for next 10 years so I am going to watch the ride from economical safe place. Hopefully something is going to change in the future.

  15. Definitely a writer. i had this video minimized just to listen to the audio, when u mentioned u are a writer. . u got some serious content. without seeing the visual contents of the video. i have subscribed. 1 follower gained

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    Up to 15 feet wireless charging – more from San Jose office

  17. i like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  18. You look familiar… Did you own another channel before? You sound and look like someone I've seen in the past.

  19. Michael, your voice is quite wonderful, you make your videos so interesting. So glad I stumbled across your channel. Keep up the fantastic, informative, funny videos.

  20. Four years and still going strong. I promise you will never lose any of us, so keep and carry on.
    We'll keep cheering!

  21. What the heck took me so long to find this channel? This guy is probably one of the best tech reviewers I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He’s way better than Jaimmme Riverrra. 😂

  22. I am glad I saw this video, I came across this channel by this video!!! And I never regret subscribing Mr Mobile!!

  23. And still, some people are not even close to being as "bright" as they evidently think they are. So sad. I wonder what they think they're gonna tell God Almighty on Judgement Day… So very sad.

  24. Mr. Mobile, You have a unique style brother. Not only the background blueprints and suit but the way you understand and present technology. I usually don't get impressed easily unless the channel has some kind of value to add and here i didn't only subscribe but i felt compelled to applaud you and ill recommend your channel to my friends. You are my new favorite alongside MKBHD, Mr. Whosetheboss and Unbox Therapy. Best of Luck!

  25. It was funny because for the longest time I was so upset that I hadn’t seen Michael Fisher I’m parking now for a good long while but as I just discovered today he has his own YouTube channel and which is now going to be my primary channel all the greatest things pocketnow had to offer was with this one guy #Subscribed

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