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Pannell lobs it up top to Rabil. Long one, easy catch and save. And there’s a late hit on Rabil. And now you’re going to
come protect your star. Westervelt and Rabil, I don’t
know you need to drop him. You’re double jeopardizing
your power play. Rabil throws the stick
at Scotty Rogers. Now Rabil wants to get– oh! Rabil should get a penalty. I don’t care if he’s the best
player in the league or not. Rabil just cheap shotted him. Yeah, well, he got it high too. Yeah, but they got called. You don’t go right back
at the guy in the groin. But you know, when
you’re a player– And there it is. There’s a late flag. Paul Rabil might have
just cost his team a power play or someone
on the Lizards did. Westervelt? Westervelt’s going
to get something because he came in and– I mean, look. I know Paul Rabil is
your Wayne Gretzky. But is Drew
Westervelt now a goon who’s got to go protect him? I mean, you just cost
your team a power play. Yeah. I mean, there’s no doubt Noone
hit him and hit him high. The right thing to do was
to walk away, of course. But there’s emotion
there’s adrenaline. And you know what? Look, you’ve got to
protect your star. I understand. You got to. I’m OK. I’m OK with
Westervelt doing that. All right. Now, if this was
college lacrosse, no. But professional lacrosse,
you know, he’s your guy. I get it, but it’s the– Right. [INTERPOSING VOICES] You have to send
the message that you can’t do that to Paul Rabil. I get that. And we’ll take another look too
and Noone got him high, man. There’s no doubt. I mean, his helmet was up
near his nose when he got up. Coach Spallina
looking to make sure that his team gets
the better of us. I don’t know if they are. I’d have a serious
problem with Westerville. Just, if Noone came in
and he cleaned him nice. and– Oh, right. But that was not– Now I’m curious
if anyone saw what Rabil did really late to him. Because there’s no doubt Paul
Rabil went in with the stick to the groin area, so to speak. And the refs are having quite
a conversation over this one. All right, so let’s take a look
and see how this all went down. Rabil shoots. Dude, that is ridiculous. That– that hit is ridiculous. 1000%. I’m OK. Westervelt should come
every time and clean him. That is ridiculous. So Noone– And he took a floop too. He definitely– He took a flop. So Noone, shame on
you on both falls. Westervelt didn’t
come in and like, clean him clean
him– grabbed him. That was a total cheap shot. He should be ejected. Noone should be ejected. [INAUDIBLE] on black. I got 26 black, unnecessary
roughness, one minute. I’ve got 91 black, unnecessary
roughness, one minute. 91? What did Spallina do? One minute unsportsmanlike plus
a five minute conduct 30 white. We’ve got 91 black, unnecessary. We’ve got 26 black, unnecessary. They’re locked in
for the full tie because we’ve got
simultaneous fouls. And because of the sequence,
we’ve got white ball. You’re locked in because– That did not go the way– There’s a sequence
and the retaliation. That’s why it’s Ohio’s ball. Right. Well, it’s a dead ball. Yeah, but they’re– Their penalties were dead ball. Yeah. But I didn’t see what– Retaliation, though. Either they got
their number wrong, or Spallina did
something we didn’t see. So you hear Donovan saying
the ref, you had the foul and you had the ball. But then you had the
two other guys come in. Right, your two fouls relate. Here’s what Spallina
did in the scrum. Come on. Ah, that’s not a big deal. I mean, come on. We’re grown men here. I mean– Please. Really, we’re going
to foul him on that? I mean come on. They don’t even–
they don’t even. I’m the first one if
Spallina gooned someone, I’m the first to
say throw a foul. Not there, come on. They don’t even take
exception to that– Stop They don’t even take
exception to that when you do that on line at
the division in New Delhi. I mean, come on. I think, yeah. I mean, that’s a joke. Noone should be [SOUND EFFECT]
on the sideline. And he took a flop, too,
when Westerville came in. So– Do we have any time
remaining on the hold? 11– so we got four
on four for the 11. Four on four for 11– –the 11 seconds. Then we’re going to
be five on four donw– Because there was a
penalty prior to all this, yeah because the Lizards were
a man up when Rabil got jacked. [INAUDIBLE] look. 1000% [INAUDIBLE] the street. Westervelt was right. Look, shoots. Oh yeah. Come on, dude. That’s– I don’t doubt it. It’s ridiculous. Then he puts his
hands in the air. Come on. I’m shocked he’s
still in this game. Shame on you. I’m shocked he wasn’t
tossed– shocked.

100 comments on “MICHAEL NOONE’S BIG HIT ON PAUL RABIL | Major League Lacrosse

  1. I know it's a little harsh but Paul Rabil needs to man up and understand that he plays a physical sport professionally and things like this are going to happen

  2. Come on these guys are pros and this is lacrosse not soccer. Field lacrosse needs to toughen up if it was box and your star player got high sticked there would probably be some punches throw. But here just a little shove and everyone looses there minds

  3. Im a Rabil fan but all they talk about is Rabil's foul even though there were other fouls. All they do is mention the late hit.

  4. Westervelt really didn't do much to protect Rabil. Noone deserved a lot more than he got from Westervelt. If you are going to come at Noone after that – and Westervelt was right to come at him – at least do something to the guy.

  5. Hit was considered late by literally a second it was high and his hands were wide. All around bad form on the cross check by Noone. I thought they were professionals.

  6. Wow. That Noone guy is a cheap shot pussy. Then he falls like a bitch. If I was a New York attackman, I would have beat the shit out of that guy. Rabil is like both Gate brothers combined.

  7. I respect the original flag for it being late but I think Rabil needs to stop being a little bitch and take it like a man

  8. The difference of opinions between the two announcers is crazy! I agree with Paul, these guys are professionals. Noone should have been ejected, Rabil came in way too late after the fact. But the rest of the stuff is fair game in PROFESSIONAL lacrosse. 91 getting a foul for that push in the pile was stupid and I wouldn't ahve given a foul for the guy minimally protecting his guy. It wasn't like the guy came in and decked Noone, he simply pushed him a little.

  9. To me it looked like he was throwing the stick to get it out of the way. He shouldn't have taken that cheap shot though

  10. This is so funny cause I’ve met Michael probably one of the most humble and nicest guys I’ve ever met, I’ve had friends that have met rabil and I’ve heard he’s a complete douche lmao

  11. I am not for retaliation at all I could careless how bad the initial hit is, be the better sporting team and walk away. The announcers are wrong in supporting any after hit action.

  12. Looks like middle school lacrosse, who gives a fuck that it is Paul…. Who don't hot high period and you don't cup check someone after the penalty already

  13. Rabil protect star. That's whats wrong with the NBA NFL. I guess no defense. Rabil did a cheap shot and threw stick. He got nadda. I guess just move over since he shouldnt be touched. Rabil its a physical game suck it up or go play lingerie football weak sap.

  14. I dont know how field players have the restraint to not start ripping the helmet off of a skid like that.

  15. I get it was a very high and dirty hit but if the announcers weren't so biast toward rabid in think it would have been a much different story.

  16. Dude shut up about 1 lame add power play. Standing up for yourself, your teammates, and having team toughness trumps 1 PP any day of the week.

  17. I love Rabil but this is nothing but a case of protecting a superstar. The bias from the refs is a joke. It was a bad hit but swinging at a man’s balls in retaliation is unacceptable in itself.

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