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Michigan’s Best Tacos

Michigan’s Best Tacos

We’re the Michigan’s best team and this time we’re talking about a search that’s pretty close to your heart John, tacos! We enjoyed traveling the state of Michigan looking for Michigan’s best taco. Coming in at number five, Jose’s Cantina in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan located in St. Ignace. I don’t know where else you can go in Michigan and have a scenic view of Mackinac Island while you’re eating a fresh fish taco caught in the waters that you’re gazing at. Jose’s Cantina delivers super fresh tacos that are uniquely built and spiced. Chef Roberto Gayo one time worked at the Grand Hotel, is now showing off grand style Mexican cuisine at one of the most unlikely locations. Number four is Chilangos Mexican Grill in Jackson . I loved walking into Jackson’s Chilangos because I felt like I was in Mexico City. Chef Carlos Perez who is originally from Veracruz brought together all the flavors of Mexico into a delicious fusion. All the tacos were Mexican style and with distinctive flavors including my favorite the pork carnitas, the shrimp and fish tacos were excellent. The fish had parmesan breaded tilapia that just flaked when you bit into it. The portions were also large. A staple in any Mexican household. Grand Rapids is home to Donkey Taqueria which comes in at number three. And how committed they are to freshness? They have no freezer. the corn tortillas and chips are made by hand every day. Salsas are made fresh every day including the guacamole. We love the pork shoulder and belly braised lamb and taco de papas Verdes which included potatoes and onions. Get the fresh horchata, a rice drink with almond and cinnamon. Or try a tequila from one of the best selections in West Michigan. Coming in at number two Chela’s Restaurant and Taqueria in Ann Arbor. These guys opened in May 2012 who built a solid following its last two years. Amy you will feel right at home in Chelas, which is the goal of the owners. And that means you feel comfortable to explore street style tacos that Adrienne learned to make in Mexico City. We tried the corn on the cob, pork rinds, chorizo carne asada, oh my gosh I’m getting hungry! Barbacoa and tacos as well. Coming in at number one it’s Cuatro Amigos in Bay City. My favorite was the fish taco which featured honey lime marinated tilapia topped with a jalapeno coleslaw, chipotle sauce and a fresh slice of avocado. Make sure to ask for the hot sauces that go with individual tacos. It’s a perfect pairing. We recommend coming in for Sunday brunch. It’s a great time to try several smaller servings of the many items on the menu. We found the tacos so fresh, so tasty, and so memorable we would love to spend the whole week there trying everything on the menu. Owners Freddy and Maria Gomez and their family have a great restaurant you must visit.

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