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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mouska Train Express Playset!  Fisher Price DISNEY NEW TOYS!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mouska Train Express Playset! Fisher Price DISNEY NEW TOYS!

Kid Friendly TV Hey guys, it’s Pete from Kid Friendly TV and
I’m here with my friend Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse: “Hi everybody, it’s me Mickey
Mouse” To show you this new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mouska Train Express Mickey Mouse: “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse,
say it with me…” Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mouska Train Express
looks like so much fun Mickey is going to get in his train and go around
the track and discover all sorts of surprises This looks like so much fun, are you ready
Mickey? Alright, let’s go and open the box Check out Mickey Mouse on the Mouska Express,
choo, choo Mickey is making deliveries and he has this
envelope in his hand, so that looks really cool and what’s really awesome about this
train is that it is motorized, watch this Go Mickey The train also comes with this green cart that Mickey
can pull behind him to help him make the deliveries Let’s build our Mouska Train Express track Check out our Mouska Train Express track set
all put together I really like this part here, it’s Minnie
Mouse on a mailbox, that looks really cool Let’s put Mickey on the train set and see
how he does, go Mickey Woo Mickey, he’s zooming around that track I love all the colors of the track, red, blue,
green, and yellow Check out the track from this angle, look how Mickey
goes through the tunnel and hits the handy hand Great job Mickey, are you ready to start delivering
some packages? Let’s start delivering some packages, we have
these two packages that Mickey can deliver, and they have a secret surprise inside them,
let’s see what they are Let’s load them up on top of the handy hand,
we’ve gotta balance them, because look it swings, so let’s balance this package up here Let’s see if Mickey can deliver his package, here we go
Mickey pick up your package from the handy hand Whoa, that is so cool, great job Mickey Now we need to deliver the package, we have
these stop buttons on each side of the track, and when we raise these Mickey will stop so
he can deliver his package So we take our package and we place it on
this peg here and let’s see what our message is Let’s see what was inside this package that
Mickey just delivered Here we go, put it on the peg Whoa, it’s Chip and Dale, Ch, ch, ch, Chip
and Dale, that is so cool Let’s deliver our other package now Mickey,
here we go Great job Mickey getting your package Ok, Pete’s going to stop Mickey over here
so he can make his delivery He stopped, ok let’s place our package over
here and see what the secret message is Alright, now let’s see what was in this package
that Mickey delivered, here we go Whoa, it’s Pluto, how cool, hey Pluto Let’s take a closer look at how the helping
hand helps Mickey deliver packages First, we put our package up here, and you
have to balance it like we said, and then all you need to do is put Mickey on the track Here we go Mickey Whoa, did you see that? That was so cool Let’s watch that again Great, that is so cool I had so much fun playing with the Mickey
Mouse Clubhouse Mouska Train Express I love seeing Mickey going around town making
deliveries It was so much fun we’re going to do the Hot
Dog Dance *Hot Dog Dance Music Playing* *Singing* “Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot
Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog, Now We Got Ears, It’s Time For Cheers, Hot Dog, Hot Dog, The
Problem’s Solved, Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog” Thank you so much for watching this video
and please make sure to subscribe to Kid Friendly TV We have a new toy video every single day and
all you have to do is click on subscribe down below so you don’t miss out on all the fun We’ll see you guys soon Bye

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