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Minecraft 1.12: AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (From Hermitcraft)

Minecraft 1.12: AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (From Hermitcraft)

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Minecraft tutorial In this video, I’ll be showing you how to build the AFK Fishing farm That you’ve seen me and some of the other Hermits using on the Hermitcraft Season 5 server. This was a heavily requested tutorial and finally I’ve found a little bit of time to prepare and record it for you. Now, if you don’t know what an AFK Fishing Farm is, well, it’s a farm that you go fishing at but you can do it for long periods of time using an AFK trick. We’ll come back to that in a moment. This one is musical; you can place a block on top of that to disable it. And from this you will get loads and loads of fish and lots of other cool loot as well, like books, even mending books you can get from this farm. It is very overpowered if you haven’t seen it before. I’d highly recommend checking out the Hermitcraft videos to see how much loot you can get. In fact, I’ll show you some of the loot from Hermitcraft right now. Crazy amounts of loot is what you can get from this thing. So in this video, I’m going to show you how to build it, before we do that though, I do want to mention that this design is not my own. I saw some of my Patrons on the Patreon server using this and I decided to use it myself. I have no idea who the original author is, but one thing I will say about this design and why I like it so much is that it’s very server, and very lag friendly. If you have a poor connection to a server, you can increase the delay over here, and it gives you much more time to cast your rod and to have this little trick right here work. And this trick is to continuously hold down right click and do all of the different functions of fishing in order continuously. The way we do that is mostly with this iron trapdoor right here. We can actually click on it because it is below this string you can see this doesn’t come all the way to the bottom of the block so there is a gap that we aim at. Now, I’ve deliberately aimed at the wrong spot on this trapdoor, but what you can see is that we are casting the bob over and over again. And then when the bob is cast, if we were aiming in the right spot, it will stay there. So then the next part of fishing is for the fish to catch on the bob and then we would have to right click to bring it in like we’ve just done there. And then the thing resets itself. So let’s simulate that again. We catch a fish, we hold down right click, the trapdoor then shuts but we are still clicking in the same space, so then it casts, the trapdoor then goes up, and the process repeats itself. Now the next thing to do is to trick your computer into thinking that you’re holding down right click, whether you’re using the computer for something else, or you’re not even at the computer. I’ve already made a video showing you how this is done, so there will be an image of it on the screen, but because they have removed annotations, the link is in the description box. So after you make this farm, make sure you go and watch that video, so you understand how to do this AFK. We shall now start the tutorial! 😀 And there is a reason I have left this glass block here, It is to remind me to remind you that above your water, you want to have direct access to the sky. So if you are underground, dig a hole up to the surface and put a glass block here just in case anything falls down. With that direct access, you will actually do your fishing faster, which is really cool. So, at the top of this chest are all the things you need to build this. You can pause the video, gather those materials, and then we can build this together. Now, I’ve already placed a few blocks: this hopper, those chests and that back to front upside down stair block. They are all in the same position. and they are level with the ground that the player stands on when they use this farm, which is nice and easy. So, we start off by placing down a few blocks We’re going to have a slab at the front here, put our water in the middle, then we’re going to place some temporary blocks, which are these two, so we can remove those now. And one over here at the back, we’re going to put a note block above it then remove that. If you don’t want this thing to make any sound, just put a slab or something; a block on top of the note block. And then we place this iron trapdoor here on the side of that block. Very important that it’s on the side and not on the note block. Then we place in our tripwire hooks and a piece of string in the middle. Because I’ve placed it over there, it’s actually over here. You could also place it against the iron trapdoor I guess, as well. And then we need to place in some redstone. So just a few blocks over the side here, a repeater there, facing outwards. A repeater here, facing inwards. And then three pieces of redstone. I believe you need three ticks of delay minimum for this thing to work, and then if you are on a server you can adjust this and add more if you need more delay. I also feel like mentioning that you can kinda re-arrange the redstone a little bit if you wanted it to not stick out to the side you could also put it back here which is a little bit more compact, to be fair. Last thing to mention is that this is the best type of fishing rod that you can use. Lots of people will debate which enchantments you should have on it, and a misreading or misunderstanding of how the math works with fishing may make you think you don’t want Lure on there, or Luck of the Sea, I can’t remember which one it is. But this is actually the best way to get the most loot. Now, having mending on there might sound pretty crazy ya know, getting a Mending book, but you’ll find that when you start using this farm, after you’ve gone through a couple of fishing rods, it won’t be long before you get more fishing rods with Unbreaking on, and eventually you’ll end up with Mending on it, and, you know, you get XP from using this thing anyway, so then you can use the anvil to combine them together. So, basically, when you start out, frequently check up on the drops that you’re getting, and you’ll soon end up with a fishing rod like this. Now you may have noticed when I showed you the loot from Hermitcraft that there were these heads in here as well. These are additional loot that we have on the server, and these heads are now available for you to have in your world as well. If you didn’t see my More Mob Heads video, then be sure to check that out; there will be a link on the screen for ya. And if you go to the website, it now includes the fish as well. So that’s it from me this fishing tutorial, I do hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, leave a like on the video. Thanks for the support. And I’ll see you in the next one. Chow for now! Bye, bye.

80 comments on “Minecraft 1.12: AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (From Hermitcraft)

  1. Can i use something else that is not a Note block?
    I'm playing on a Modded server, In which when right clicking Note-Blocks it opens a interface breaking the whole Auto Fisher.

  2. I've tried it, It works awfully! Even with an AutoHotKey bind and the right aiming, whenever i catch someting, the trapdoor goes insane for like 30/60 seconds and then it comes to normal.

  3. It's not working. The bobber for some reason is leaving the water but triggers the tripwire still. It doesn't catch anything when it's reeled in

  4. Ok so if anyone still wonders how this works follow Megans instructions.
    Youll have to re-adjust it a few times even if it worked the first time.

  5. For the first repeater he placed down what where the ticks? And for the second d repeater. Yh having some trouble working it :/

  6. to the people saying it’s not working, try aiming right at the note bock until the trapdoor moves up then slowly move down until you’re at the border of the trap door and noteblock

  7. So you cast the rod, the bobber lands touching the string, the trapdoor opens, then what? Nothing happens and it's like casting into water and just leaving the bobber there. no different

  8. No idea why, but I built this block for block, yet when I try to fish it don't do nothing, the float will bob down every so often but when I pull the trigger to retract the line nothing drops, nothing in hopper, inventory or chest.

  9. this still Works on ps4 edetion perfectly fine if you flip the redstone signal so the door starts activated and the you have to aim at the activated trap door, and stand on a slap to be taller than the string, just ask if anyone got questions

  10. Does it work for bedrock 1.12? I can’t find a bedrock farm and I’m just looking for 1.12 farms now.

  11. Trying this on the xbox version which is 1.12 and its just not working. On the video he says there's a little gap below the string hitbox, whereas on the xbox there isnt, its completely flush against the bottom.
    Doesn't seem to work on xbox, theres no gap to cast into.

  12. This is very effective and I love it
    Dont have the enchantments but got pufferfish for to raid the rest of the ocean monument after killing the elder guardian.

  13. get rid of the repeater, and then it was fixed for me. the problem was hat it would take to long to show the noteblock, making me retract and recast a ton without ever actually getting another fish.

  14. I'm on 1.12 and it wont work so I cast it into the water then I try to hit the note block but the strings hitbox is in the way do i try to do it higher up and it looks like it's working the bob is staying still while the pole looks like is recasting but when a fish bites the hook and the bob goes down it wont catch anything while (afk) i have to manually push it again like normal fishing to actually ctqch the fish. I have 1 repeater on both sides on 3 ticks like he said. Can someone help me fix this issue? I'm on minecraft for xbox one, not the xbox edition.

  15. Note to everyone who is struggling to get it to work:
    If you are on a server like me, replace the redstone circuit with a pulse extender, instead of just a delay.

  16. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition: v1.12

    I'm pretty sure they patched it at least in Win10 version. There is no gap under the string hitbox anymore. It's just corner to corner with the block below.

  17. What used to work flawlessly for weeks no longer works because the bobber doesn't want to stay in the water, no matter what I do. Nothing has changed with it so i'm not sure whats wrong.
    Any suggestions?

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