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Hello everyone and welcome back to the crazy Minecraft video where today, I’m gonna be showing you guys something really cool Now Marcus invited us to his business meeting where I don’t really know what’s going on mark my friendly zombie Why are you guys having a business meeting? What’s going on? What is this all about? Okay seems a little bit too quiet Well mark what’s happening hello Naveed welcome to Shark Island We are figuring out if we should add sharks into the game. We need to figure out It was too dangerous for the world go and see what you can find. Thanks mark. Oh So you guys are figuring out what to add to minecraft? This is really cool, and you’ve even invited the king how awesome is that hello King? I am so happy you’re here. Well. I hope you guys can add sharks the game because I really love them and I’m guessing mark wants us to go and figure out. What is like to be a shark. So are you guys ready for this? Huh let’s jump into this water here. We go three two One and whoa I can’t believe we did this. This is insane Mark we turned into a shark no This is crazy mark here. We go wow This is insane. I never thought would ever become a shark huh, I love this so much well, let’s go look around the island because I’m guessing that’s what mark wants us to do being a shark can be really cool or really Dangerous, so I’m not really sure what I want us to do well. Let’s do this Let’s go swim around and hopefully we’ll find out what this island is all about and look. There’s even like some sort of weird Shark face going on over there. That’s really cool. Okay. Let’s keep on swimming and Let’s see what we can find the sea is a little bit too quiet Is this what it’s like being a shark like you don’t find anything around here, and everything is always so quiet hmm, okay Let’s go to this boat and let’s see what we can find quickly Keep going hello any pirates any pirates in this little ship This is really cool. I never would even become a shark to be fair. Oh, this is amazing This ski swimming good because sharks can’t stop swimming. They have to keep on going wait Um should we go figure out what that whole pirate ship was about actually let’s go quickly. I hope we go mark Keen turn us back into a human real quick. I want to figure out where the ship is all about Thank you Mark. You are amazing Ha but being back into human is definitely really awesome But do you want to figure out where the ship is all about so how do we get onboard? Is there any sort of entrance I can’t see any entrance from where I’m standing But hopefully there was an entrance somewhere we have to break our way through okay, so I’m ready for this. Let’s do this Let’s jump in the water good and let’s try and find an opening if not we just gonna have to break our way through Hello, can anyone throw down like a rubber ring or something Oh an entrance okay? Be quiet guys be very quiet Hello Anything inside know what? This pirate ship sucks. There’s nothing in here Okay, so keep on looking and hopefully we’ll find something up above keep going keep going keep going Hello It all looks so empty from here. Hello. It looks empty Hmm, I don’t think there’s anyone here It’s it’s a shark captain elder more. I’ve met you before haven’t I? Well well well, would you look who it is? Welcome Naveed was that you being a shark. You are really good Well, thank you. I’ve never done it before actually it’s my first time being a shark Maybe you can help me with something. Can you go in the village and kill anything that isn’t Mark’s friends um? Okay, I guess I can do that. How do you want us to do it do we just like? Go in like the way. We are or can we become something else can we become a shark again? Can you make me a shark wait? What happened? You’ve made us ensue a shark. Oh as well you were so cool evermore This is amazing and look how many hearts we have So I am now ready to go ahead and pretty much go inside that village and kill anything that isn’t Mark’s friend Do this So what’s the best way up to this village? I’m guessing just going straight through and seeing what we can find is the best choice good keep going now I don’t think I’m gonna be able to fit through many doors, which is gonna be a problem actually we can’t fit through here So let’s go around the side. We just have to find an entrance which it’s gonna be almost impossible. Oh wait I found some stairs keep going good round here we go This is so crazy. I never thought we would actually become a shot today, and then now we’ve become a shark Oh, this is so cool keep going keep going Ah Okay, I think we’re gonna have problems fitting fool. I look recording fit through here. This is insane come on Can we fit I just want to get through let’s jump over good and good, huh? We need like three out of three blocks to get through everything good keep going round here we go Where are with these evil monsters? I want to kill you all especially with all of our hearts good keep going We can’t fit through there. Okay. Let’s go around the side. This is insane I don’t think we’re gonna be able to fit through anywhere to be fair. Good rounds here. We go excuse me coming food I am a giant shark That’s ready to kill everyone, and I no longer need my gills because I breathe air good good We found the entrance this is perfect. Okay now. Where are these evil monsters I do think the amount is somewhere, so just keep on looking and we might be able to find them wait I Didn’t even see you you almost like blended. Whoa. She’s got a crazy sword stand back stand back. No we can’t do it We can’t I we can’t I work on tide good If we just keep on doing this maybe she’ll stay away stay away crazy lady I don’t know who you are, but stay away stay away good. Oh, I don’t know how strong She is she looks really strong especially with her sword This is not the great monster to have as a first fight, and they can hit some sort of weird with a cow or something keep going good ah She’s so strong everyone else. I look does it with a cow no we have with her. We’re gonna die Keep going they’re following us. They like get out of our city shark. Oh, I need your help whoa Such a throwback look there. We go good. Ah Pinnock back, it’s so strong and the only way can killer is if I spam to think whoa there it goes again Good keep going keep going keep going Ha no, we’re gonna die we’re gonna die we’re gonna die ok um no no no No, yes ok one away good and here. We go good. Let’s try kill. This cow it’s a win win the cow ah We’ve died. I don’t think I can do this huh I want to be a human again I want to go back to a shark This is the only way we can do this huh I want to be human mark make me a human Thank you mark. That was so crazy. Well guys. I don’t think I can do this It’s so hard being a shark, and it’s so hard being a Shaka as well It’s just the craziest thing in the world so guys. Thanks so much for watching and would you become a shark? I think I would become a shock again, but just not today so guys Thanks so much watching and don’t forget give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe and I will see you soon We’re not a crazy minecraft video so guys peace out You

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