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Minecraft Tutorial l AFK Fish Farm l PC PS3 Xbox360 PS4

Minecraft Tutorial l AFK Fish Farm l PC PS3 Xbox360 PS4

What is hip happening guys, it’s your boy trekker one gaming here And today I’m gonna be showing you guys how you can auto fish or afk fish So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna place a block pretty hopper into that block You’re going to place a stone brick slab on That block that you have placed then you’re going to go one block like so and then you’re going to go out another block again like so Okay, and then do the same thing on the other side? Now this block right? Shoot. Okay this block right here Is where you’re going to be placing? your Your tripwire hook I believe we have we have a Mess up here Bobby. We’ll just fix that real quick Like so okay. There we go Now you’re gonna place the tripwire hooks right there now I’m not gonna hook those up yet just yet because what we’re gonna do is we’re actually going to place an iron door and We’re going to place a stone slab and then another stone slab On that stone, slab of that second stone slide. We’re going to place the note block on either side of the door place a block With a redstone dust on it, and then you’re going to place the water bucket inside here and then you’re going to place a string and I have messed up Like so and then what you’re going to do is then break this block you’re going to place the chest like so and now you have your afk fish farm and It does work and I will show you that it works Basically what you’re going to do with your controller to? Afk is you’re going to take a rubber band? Put the rubber band around the controller to have the rubberband sit on the button that triggers your ear fishing It’s hot it’s better than basically I left my um my game on all night and I got like six Six dubs pull with the Val. I want to say 30 hoppers worth of items In which steps a lot of items and I’m not even wanting to go through those so also before we in this video, I want to say thank you for a hundred and fourteen subscribers of right now and I I honestly am astonished I Never thought that I would even reach a hundred subscribers. Let alone I would okay I never thought I would let I would reach 50 subscribers let alone 114 so I want to say thank you if we can reach Two likes on this video, that would be amazing if this did help you out in any way and you want to see more of my Tutorials on how to do things and get better and get easier loot just subscribe and put notifications on I’m posting these quite a bit and Go check out my other videos. Alright, I love y’all Take care You

10 comments on “Minecraft Tutorial l AFK Fish Farm l PC PS3 Xbox360 PS4

  1. When you use share factory remove the stinger clips it looks better other than that I just subbed👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I subbed! Also, I need some help. I don't get any fish when the bobber goes down… Am I doing something wrong? I've checked my build, and it doesn't seem wrong. Feel free to add me on Discord. TMKnight#1666

  3. When I hold down my trigger the iron door doesn’t stay open, it just open and closes and doesn’t work right. what do I do??

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