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Mini Casting Jigs pescam Carapaus? – 4K

Beautiful horse Mackrel fish on first is a Mackrel nice Mackrel at daybreak, vibrator easy how do I remove the hook? is hard to remove the hook like that fish on, second fish Mini casting jigs always catching fish, incredible I’ll try to fish here on these rocks. this side here need to fish top water because there are some rocks there, I am trying to see if there is any sea bass there even smaller here is another one what is this? is mad let´s see if the line don´t touch in this rocks and break another beautiful Mackrel easy release smile they: you are very known me: I arrive now they:We see your youtube me: I made like 6 casts and got 3 Mackrel me: Mackrel all the fish is Mackrel me: with mini casting jigs they: we start to fish because of your videos me: thank you me: thank you very much they: we buy that jigs to try to catch ne: got another me: in previous video here I got one Sea Bass me: I will do that video they: very nice to meet you in person Thank you, it’s very important for me. I meet now… a group of fishermen who started fishing because they saw my videos, this is very prestigious I love when a subscriber meet me makes our work worth it it is not because we become known, it is because we can help get more people in touch with this nature and respect the sea fish one more she is running to me fish look how many people is there friend you don´t need to be there I have all of this space to me there she goes I am fishing to 1 meter from me did you saw? look, did you saw? want to see again? let´s see if you can see again I will try to bring them to the top is attacking look at that in top water let´s see if we can see them they were right here I will try to bring them to top water so you can see them was there fish he: Can I ask you something? me: good morning he: you got a youtube channel? me: yes, I am João Pinto me: do you see my videos? he: Yes, I see them all, you fish near Ferreira river he: my name is Filipe me: do you want to try some sea bass? me: they got two there with high tide fish beautiful horse mackrel let´s release

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