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Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen today we are doing another mini food if you have missed any of the mini
foods already you can check out the playlist there should be a link here or in the description
box down below loads of you have asked for a mini fish and chips that good old seaside
classic and I am going to try and make your mini food dreams come true today without further
ado we have all the tools here lets get cracking. It is fair to say folks we are building up
quite a stash of mini food utensils many of these things including the cocktail sticks
randomly have been sent in by you guys so thanks for that as always the rules are very
simple we must fit the food on this teddy bear plate. The rip off winnie the pooh plate.
The first ingredient is the humble baby potato we have a knife here and what I am going to
do is turn this baby potato into chips. Which sounds a lot easier than it is but we will
get there I am going to square it off first. Alright that will do but this knife is not
being the most cooperative but I am just going to cut thin squares down like this ok cool
and then across like this will give us our chips there we go.
I will put these chips to one side I have patted them dry to get rid of any starch good
times, this is a pack from some fish mix ok the smallest amount of fish I could get so
I do have fish for dinner tonight randomly within this pack I found this bit of fish
which I do not even need to cut to size so it is kind of like the runt of the litter,
it is perfect so we need to make our beer batter next.
Oh my gosh it is not even 9 o clock in the morning and I am drinking beer I feel like
I am on a stag do that I had to do that so it will not spill when I pour into this shot
glass just a little bit of beer there yes about half full that is perfect and if it
was past midday maybe I would have some more but that is enough for now.
Ok so what I am doing is adding an eighth of a teaspoon at a time into our beer to make
our beer batter so we are going to need a bit more than that you know what I actually
ended up adding eight one eighths of a teaspoon so should have just used a teaspoon so lets
mix this together what should I use lets use this toenail thing so we are going to push
the flour into the beer you can see that foamy look you get in there that happens normally
just thicken it up so it coats our fish when we dunk it in there. Oh here we go getting
a bit of a mix on now. I think it is quite thick but just to make
sure and to make it worthwhile using the eighth of a teaspoon we are going to add one more
in there, mixing it all through and that should coat our fish amazingly.
For mushy peas this is a teeny speck of boiling water from my kettle I am going to plonk my
peas in there which should cook it, and this mint this is a sprig of mint right here one
leaf I have got these things that I think are things to cut off scabby bits on your
feet. I am just going to cut teeny pieces of mint, and just put it in like that wow
they really are teeny bits in there I am not going to need all the leaf, waste not want
not all that stuff about half of it so we will just get through this.
Turns out I do not have a device for mushing really so I am using the back end of a chop
stick to mash down the peas and puree them. And we have made mushy minty peas look at
that, cool. Lets turn that down a bit right folks this
is the bit I am most scared of ok, and on the complete off chance you are trying these
at home be very careful, we are going to fry both the chips and the fish in here separately
I would normally oven bake my chips but this seems like too good an opportunity.
So we will start by grabbing a chip with the tweezers, I wonder if these tweezers ever
thought yeah I am going to be on youtube videos and stuff, here we go lets put it in the oil.
Alright it is not coming off oh there it goes ok it is in there this oil is not red hot
at the moment I want it to be quite slow so it will cook if it was piping hot it would
just cook instantly and we do not want that. We want to give it at least 30 seconds.
There we go chips away and as I say 30 seconds would be a good time to aim for want to get
them nice and browned, it is on a super low heat and is cooking away like a dream.
Look at that folks like a baby potato Jacuzzi they are starting to brown I have got my big
tablespoon to hand that I am going to scoop these chips out any minute now and will rest
them down. Amazing check out those fries, that is great.
For the fish it needs a slightly larger pool of oil to sit in so I am warming this up again,
so we will keep it low again but it is time to dunk the fish in the batter and then in
there. Ok so it is time to grab the runt of the litter our fish into the batter, is it
coming out yes, haha oh wow lets get it in the pan that looks weird.
In it goes folks it is cooking away the batter has clinged on to the fish, in true fish and
chip style the beer being carbonated makes bubbles so it should have that awesome fish
and chip effect. It is starting to spit a bit so have turned
the heat down the actual shape of it looks like a fish. An actual fish in there anyhow
all we are trying to do now is get that nice brown colour.
Look at that fish folks I am not sure where to place it no fish pun intended so lets serve
it up straight away. Alright our rip off winnie the pooh plate
is ready I have to say I love doing these mini foods I do find them quite a challenge,
but lets get the chips down, just try and do a bit of styling on it look at that, flashy
or what, one more chip. We will bring in our fish, look at that it just fits the requirements
we are ok. So with the mushy peas my trusty one eighth of a teaspoon is going to help
us out again, yes loving that a little bit more just because you know, why not.
There we are then folks our mini fish and chips done, there is the beer bottle lid just
for scale lets see what it tastes like. You are the cameo do you know what that is,
it means you are making an appearance at the end, so this is some mini fish and chips do
you want to have a try, you have to eat it in one big go, it is not a drink you are supposed
to eat it I did say drink, what does it taste of chips even though you ate the fish that
is good, can I finish it off, ok, oh my gosh, I was going to have some, oh whoops, tastes
so good identical to a large scale one. There we are then guys another mini food done
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her you guys probably know if you have not already seen it, that is it guys say bye chloe,
thanks, thanks I said thanks but you can say thanks if you want,

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